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    I only have one question, why is it neccesary for this plugin to be dependant on MySQL?
    it seems to make it alot more complicated than it should have to be.
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    i have exactly the same problem and to be honest, i don't know what to fill into the config.yml
    i have a raw installation of MySQL server 5.5 but don't know how to use it. I tried to fill the config.yml with the ROOT user's name and the root password, but it still can't connect with the MySQL server. I don't even know how to properly create and handle a database
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    why di i ge FAILURE! massage when i try to register?

    why do i get FAILURE! massage when i try to register?

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    Hello.Can you add locales to texts and function that would disable register on the server.(I want users to register on website).

    Sorry for bad english;)
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    Well ohai there. Shame I didn't get emails for all of these.
    MySQL isn't hard work. If you can't easily set up and use MySQL (or variants), maybe you should reconsider running a server.
    You sure you have the URL correct?
    Is the config.yml set up correctly?
    Dev version (not sure if the newest one does) for sure has locale support. If you can translate, you can change the messages.
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    By now, the problem is solved. One should run MySQL with some server enviroment like wampserver or reactor server or something like these.

    And also when will be a release out for the newer bukkits? 1.2.5?
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    Look here (dev versions). I'm about to release the next version.
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    Players without nicknames(blank) can enter to the server.Please fix it.
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    Check the dev builds at
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    When I try to register it just says "Failure"
    Here is my config, btw theres no errors :confused:

    # See the BukkitDev page for config explanation
    # MySQL address (leave trailing slash)
    host: jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/
    database: db_name
    user: username
    password: password
    table_prefix: ra_
    userdb_name: users
    locationdb_name: locations
    - /login
    - /l
    - /register
    disable_if_online: false
    encryption_type: RAUTH
    force_register: true
    check_names: true
    allowed_regex: '[\w\d\-\.]*'
      enabled: true
      length: 1
      expand_session_on_quit: true
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    Oh god, you didn't change you username, password, or database name for MySQL? You sure you know what you're doing? Try making sure that you actually edit those values.
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    nice work, but can you add permissions?
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    me gusta plugin
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    Why would you need permissions for /login and /register? The only command with perms is /rauth, I believe. I figured I'd keep it simpler rather than more complicated.
    Thanks. Me gustan usuarios.
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    I mean for: /unregister, /changepass.
    and what is the permission for the admin commands?
    and can you add connection with mysql?
    sorry for my english, I'm bad at ...
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    MySQL should already be working... That's the only way you can use the plugin. /rauth uses rauth.rauth
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    im sorry...

    thank you!
    but how can i encript the password in php?
    I like to make a login system for my site but i must check the password for the login...

    You can drop items!!!!!!!!!!!
    fix that pleaz???

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    Item drops are disabled for anyone not logged in...
    Depends on the encryption system you're using in rAuth.
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    but it may, I have again tested.
    You can choose which one you used?
    I have never seen an option ....
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    hmm, why my post was deleted?

    I have post some example code about CookCraftHD ask (html and php)

    oh, and about the encryption, you have "encryption_type: RAUTH"
    there is: md5, sha-256, sha-512 nad rauth(how the last encrypt, can be seen in source code on GitHub)
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    I cant register or login. When i type /register and my password in chat appear " Failure! " , but why? And when i type /login and my password in chat appear " Incorrect Password! " . Can someone help me with this? I searched a tutorial but i dont found one , i will search again.
  23. Can someone please help me with MySQL database, i don't understand any of it, can someone give me a download link (i got windows 64 bit), and tell me how to install it so i can use tthis plugin called royalauth. i would really appreciate some help, and sorry for my English, English isn't my default language

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