[SEC] Orebfuscator 2.1.7 - Anti X-RAY [CB 1.4.5-1.7.10]

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    Orebfuscator - Anti X-RAY:

    Bukkit-Dev link here:
    All important information available here:


    Configuration guide and performance optimizations:

    Orebfuscator 2.1.7 for MC 1.4.5-1.7.10

    Legacy versions:


    CPU testing (open)

    Engine modes (open)


    Support the developer: [​IMG]

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    That thing doesn't work as well as (not even close to) the real x-ray, so you have nothing to fear.

    They might be the hackers trying to get you to uninstall the plugin? If you're 100% sure that it's a problem from legit players, then you can change InitialRadius to 2, though this gives slightly more room for x-ray hackers to see.

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    This doesnt seem to work with Nodus's Xray
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    No x-ray can completely bypass Orebfuscator. The most they can achieve is a a texture-pack xray which is very ineffective to find things like diamonds.
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    Well from what people are saying on my server is they see everything like any non-protected world would, some of my admins use nodus on another server and they came on my server with nodus still on and I asked them to try it out and they said everything looks like any other world.

    I just tried it out with nodus and yep I can agree with them, I can fully see where every ore is. It doesnt look like Engine Mode 2 which it is in fact set as (yes I checked).

    But! the first time I tried xray it did work but when I warped to another location and tried it, it didnt work. I warped back to where I first used it and it didnt work their anymore either.

    I would show you some screen shots of what it does look like with xray on, but I need a URL and I dont use any website to store pics.
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    Maybe you have the permissions node bypass? On Login, do you see a cyan colored message?
    Or you could be OP.
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    How do I make orebfuscator more tolerant of lag? I am seeing fake ores, not all over the place, but just momentarily after mining, when a block is exposed it takes a bit to update. The more lag I have the more this happens. So I don't think there is any bug but hopefully there is a way I can tweak the config so it doesn't keep scaring my players.
    Here is my current config sans block lists:
      EngineMode: 2
      UpdateRadius: 3
      InitialRadius: 2
      ProcessingThreads: 3
      MaxLoadedCacheFiles: 64
      ProximityHiderDistance: 9
      ProximityHiderID: 1
      ProximityHiderEnd: 128
      UseProximityHider: true
      UseSpecialBlockForProximityHider: false
      UpdateOnBreak: true
      UpdateOnDamage: true
      UpdateOnPhysics: true
      UpdateOnPiston: true
      UpdateOnExplosion: true
      UpdateOnHoe: true
      UpdateThread: true
      DarknessHideBlocks: true
      VerboseMode: false
      NoObfuscationForOps: true
      NoObfuscationForPermission: true
      UseCache: false
      Enabled: true
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    InitialRadius 2 is supposedly enough for counter lag, unless you have lag for more than something like a second (i.e. break block, drop comes 1 second after). Then in that case there's nothing that can be done... Though that kind of connection is kinda unbearable to play with in my opinion, even without orebfuscator.

    I THINK I JUST FIXED THE PROBLEM WITH Orebfuscator 1.4.6+ where ProximityHider turns chests/furnaces/etc into stone until clicked!

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    I have this problem... it dont save the cache, i only see 128Kb of data in the orebfuscator_cache folder...

    Is it normal? the cache is activated. i use the Orebfuscator 1.5.2 for CB 1.2.5-R4.0
    Im using this config:
    Show Spoiler
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    That only appears if VerboseMode is true.
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    Yes, i have the verbose activated because im testing the cache, but, this message is normal?
    I had a old orebfuscator cache folder (805,2mb) and the new version uses only 128kb of cache... the cache folder only contens 5 chunks... my server have 50-60 users online. The cache is activated, is something wrong?

    Sorry for my english, im spanish.
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    Did you try restarting the server? (i.e. a full restart)

    EDIT: Also, check folder access permissions and disk space.
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    Yes, im restarted my server now but it only increased to 340 kb.
    The permissions are correct but it seems that it isnt using the cache... im using the 2222 bukkit version. All plugins has been updated this day.
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    When it said Cache not found, it means that the chunk was not found on disk.

    First of all, try changing MaxLoadedCacheFiles to 64. It might be that "too many files open" problem.
    If chunks are not being written to disk, it means that there must be some problem with writing files to disk. Orebfuscator used to log all the errors but due to a large number of complaints, I hid them.
    Now, it's either disk-space low, or the orebfuscator_cache folder cannot be accessed from craftbukkit. Otherwise, it could be a general disk error.
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    I'm using a ramdisk, the size of the ramdisk is 3gb, and 2,2 gb are free.
    Ok, i will try with 64 files.

    The server tick rate only decreases when Orebfuscator is actived, i think that the cache isn't working and the orebfuscator is calculating every chunk for the 60 players instantly. At night the server will restart and tomorrow the changes will be aplied.

    On one hand it cant be a disk space problem, i have very much free disk space (1300Gb free).
    On the other hand, it cant be a general disk problem because all the server (maps, plugins, craftbukkit...) are on ram.
    Thanks for your help.

    Edit: Nothing happened, cache is activated but it only manages 3 chunks... for 50 players (500 kb)
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    is there a way o make it work for ops?
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    /ofc disable op to disable No-Obfuscation for OPS
    /ofc disable perms to disable No-Obfuscation for permission groups
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    New version, 1.5.3: Fix a critical bug where in rare cases some chunks have ALL visible blocks shown as ore.
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    New feature! Anti Freecam and Anti Texture Pack! Finally!

    Be sure to update the plugin to be protected against hackers!

    Here are the pictures of the new features:


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    hey how is this doing is it a good 90% ready to use, like is their any sort of big problems? should i use it yet?
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    Works great :D
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    It's always ready lol. There's really no big problems that really affects gameplay (maybe on rare occasion small annoyances). Hackers have already acknowledged that this plugin is impenetrable :D Just make sure you configure it to your server needs.
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    This plugin is REALLLY REALLLY Shitty.

    When using this plugin your Crafttable, chests, furnace are so buggy, they become stone and you need to right click to get them back into what they are.
    When you mine or destroy block they respawn and you need to destroy it again.
    Last thing, sometimes stone becomes diamond and tnt without being it for real.
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    NO YOU JUST SUCK AT CONFIGURING IT. And your server is shit.
    There's a reason why this plugin is used on 10k servers daily.

    Actually, now that I think about it, it's possible that you're just one of the angry kids who plays with x-ray hack, but a lot of the servers have Orebfuscator. :p Too bad, kid.

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    I am extremely curious... what would you say are the MINIMUM specs that a computer would need to have this with VERY little to NO lag at all?
    EDIT1: Don't figure in internet speed with this... =/

    Operating System
    MS Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1

    Intel Mobile Core 2 Duo P8700 @ 2.53GHz
    Penryn 45nm Technology

    8.00 GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 531MHz (7-7-7-20)

    Dell Inc. 0J503P (U2E1)

    Generic PnP Monitor (1600x900@60Hz)
    ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650 (Dell)

    Hard Drives
    313GB Seagate ST9320423AS (SATA)
    Optical Drives
    TSSTcorp DVD+-RW TS-T633C
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    It really depends on how many players you have on average and at peak times, and your view-distance in server.properties.

    Other than that, CPU is the one that is most important. Using your dual-core, I'm guessing 20-30 players on view-distance=5-6 shouldn't be much of a problem.
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    Please update to 1.3. Love this plugin
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    Will do when a beta build of Bukkit is out.
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    Love this plugin!

    Though never really used it... yet. lishid, please keep up the good work! :D
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    New version!

    Download here:

    What changed?

    Fixed ProximityHiderEnd not working.
    Fixed ProximityHider causing ConcurrentModificationsException.
    DarknessObfuscate now only works on Chests and Monster Spawner.
    Anti-hit-each-block xray hack.
    Reorganized code.
    Removed obsolete code, resulting in much smaller package size.
    Changed the way configuration interprets integer lists.
    Removed verbose mode.
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