[SEC] Orebfuscator 2.1.7 - Anti X-RAY [CB 1.4.5-1.7.10]

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    Orebfuscator - Anti X-RAY:

    Bukkit-Dev link here:
    All important information available here:


    Configuration guide and performance optimizations:

    Orebfuscator 2.1.7 for MC 1.4.5-1.7.10

    Legacy versions:


    CPU testing (open)

    Engine modes (open)


    Support the developer: [​IMG]

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    You're being tricked by the plugin... get the permissions or do "/ofc enable op"
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    lishid, what about Xray Texture packs?
    I want to use this plugin but when I know that there is a bypass ...

    When you fix that about texture packs to can't see diamonds that stay to air?
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    i am an OP and its not a trick i mean i ve seen it b4 in other servers where im not an OP i see diamond.gold.redstone and lapis ores and as soon as i hit them with the pickaxe it turns to a regular stone and drop cobble like it should be but this time in this server im OP and i see a lot of different kind of ores and they drop diamonds gold lapis etc i also have foundboxx 1.7.8 btw or something like that so its no big deal if this happens only to OPs since im the only OP there XD just wanted to know if there is an incompatibility with another plugin :) THANKS btw for this pluign :)
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    If it drops the actual ore, then it means that it has nothing to do with orebfuscator. Orebfuscator does not interact with the world data, which means that stone is still stone but clients receive scrambled ores instead of stone. BUT the real world data still says stone, which means that if it was to break and drop, it will be a cobble.

    Well, if you can't see ores that are exposed to air, you won't see ANY ore, until you hit the blocks around them. BUT it's doable: InitialRadius=0 with EngineMode 1
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    U know what prolly happend ? i think //schematic save copied the orebfuscator info:p or something cause what i did was i went to a server were im NOT OP so i created a nice house but since i couldnt save the house as schematic i used World Downloader to download the world ofc remember this server has the default settings for orebfuscator so in the single player downloaded world i did /schematic save myhouse after selecting the area with WE SPC so i then copied the /schematic to my server where im an OP and loaded and copied the //schematic and since it had a basement i copied the ground too so when i was expanding the basement i had all this OREs gold.diamond,redstone.lapis.etc all making drops so it might have been the //schematic save that gather the orebfuscator info no ? lol if not the idk wth happened :p but yeah it seems its only that area the afected one :)
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    Hey ive installed this all correctly, however i can still use a texturepack too see through all of the land?, is texture packs suppose to be anti xray as well?

    Actually it does work, because it hides diamond ores =], but u can still see enemy bases and lava, Awsome plugin!, love for it to be able to hide factions claimed based land bases!
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    LOL that explains it...

    kinda hard to say just 'hide' bases... how the hell can the computer know what is a base?? how much processing power would it take to hide/show each block of a base? as much as i want it, there's too many unknowns and the algorithms to implement such things are too taxing on the CPU to be of use.
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    Yea i have no clue how to code or make plugins, however a different mod , that lets you lock pick Lockkete chests dosnt aloow you to in /f claimed land,

    So only /f claim land should hide blocks, this should if possible to help cut the cpu process by coding it so it only hides bases underground.

    I say again im totaly new to this :p and people who have no idea alwasy try to say impossible things :p

    P.S if u need me to paste you the different mods made already ill edit this post
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    can some one tell me the most effective but least intensive settings possible
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    You'd have to define what's an underground base for the computer to know... which block to include in the base, which not? match patterns? too resource intensive...

    Go to the bukkitdev page and see the configuration guide in the description
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    i noticed when i used this plugin walking around normally had changed the ores, id be walking around and seeing stone as ruby/diamonds and such, but when i tapped it would disappear.
    shouldn't it only activate to those who are using xray?
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    no its supposed to all be underground but ive noticed to that sometimes that happens where surface ones are ores. The blocks are all ores (if this is your config) until someone taps them they turn to their actual block once hit
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    You don't know who is using x-ray from the server side, so it's active for everyone. Though you're not supposed to see any exposed fake ores. Try increasing InitialRadius in the config and/or disable Cache.
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    a ok, thanks.
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    it there a way to allow ops use x-ray
  17. Ops can use xray
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    New version! 1.4.8 should have less problems than 1.4.5.

    By default, OPs can use X-ray like if Orebfuscator is not there.

    New version again! 1.4.9 has a better default config.

    1.4.9 has been re-uploaded with a slightly different config. Please re-download it if you have downloaded it before this message is posted. Please also delete the config file when re-installing 1.4.9.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

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    i have multi-core processor...which value for my ProcessingThreads? sry for my bad english
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    your number of cores (x2 if you have intel HyperThreading) minus one.
    Example: quad core intel i7 (with HT) is 8 virtual cores, so you put in 7.

    New version: 1.5.0, Cache folder path is now configurable! It's either relative to the running directory or an absolute directory.

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    Hey Lishid! I love your plugin so much. I have a fast question. My Mods are saying they are able to X-ray with the Nodus Client and confirmed it.

    Would there be a reason for that? maybe I have something configured wrong? have you heard of this issue?
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    WoW, this Plugin works great! It's a must have :rolleyes:
    I love it. ^^

    Thank you
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    Just to add to my previous questions - I am using the engine mode that makes everything look like stone.

    Should I be using the other one that makes a pile of random fake ores?
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    They probably are OP or have the permissions node that bypasses Orebfuscator. There's a cyan color message at login telling them about it.

    Yes because it's more effective.
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    1.5.1 should fix the proximityHider lag from 1.5.0
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    Live or Die

    Hey, first off, this plugin is amazing.
    i have a server (about 30 pepole) and i used this plugin, when i open my server and the players came in i experienced a massive FPS drop (with /lag command about 50% to 10%)
    i think i am running a server that can hold a lot of plugins and players (if you need more details i will detail)
    is anyone else have this problem? if you did how did you fix it?

    thanks in advance :)
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    Yes, when everyone connects at the same time, server loads up quickly, though it shouldn't affect TPS since it's running on a separate thread. The only case where it would lag the server is if your server runs on a SINGLE-core processor. In that case, all the threads gets stacked up on the same core and the main server thread gets lag. I would recommend you to upgrade to at least a dual-core processor in that case.

    Though if it wasn't the case, you might want to check the number of ProcessingThreads allocated to Orebfuscator (in configuration file). This should be the number of cores minus one (i.e. 3 if you have a quad-core processor).
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    Teh Kitteh

    So I have Dual Quad Core Xenon E5620's, so 16 threads total, so should I set it to 15? Also, what is the benefit of using this plugin over OTCO? Say I had a 2nd server running on the same box, would I see better performance then if I set both servers to use 7/8?
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    This plugin works... You can set that value to any reasonable amount you want, but 7 for 2 servers on the same box sounds fine.
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    I love this plugin, works great for stoping x-rays. But players on my server are telling me they are randomly seeing Ore's that aren't there. like they will be mining and see Diamond, they hit it and it turns to store or coal. Is this a bug or do i have the config setup wrong?
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    Hi. Is there a "Xray texture Pack". It's to bad for my server. Can you make a update? If you can talk to me. Thank you :)

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