Inactive [SEC] Ore To Client Obfuscation v1.9.1.1 - Anti X-Ray (xray) [1.2.5-R4]

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  2. Perhaps i spoke too soon, sometimes you can see ore blocks (one side visible) and then when you move closer it will change into stone. When you remove a nearby block it turns visible again. When one side of the block is exposed to air it should stay visible, right?
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    Didn't help at all. I've installed it (put class file into server .jar, put the plugin .jar in the plugin server, restarted the server 2 times), but this still happens:

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    Donald Scott

    What are you talking about? It worked... There is far more ore visible if you turn this off.
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    I seriously doubt it. It did ACTUALLY work when I set it to Mode 3, which is the same as Mode 1, but leaves chests alone apparently. I want Mode 1 to work like mode 2 and hide chests too. Until then, this'll have to do i guess :/
    EDIT: Nvm I had set it to Mode 2 which hides everything. Even if people do see less ores now, it's actually even easier to spot diamonds and chests now when everything isn't cluttered with coal :(((
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    yes, and also my players are using F3 (debug mode) to find monsters/dongeons any way to turn that off too ?
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    Actually, how about lighting? Hide items that are in the dark? That would hide way more ores.
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    he said he's already working on that.

    but anyway, I don't think any of the modes should hide Coal, it will help obscure other ores and coal isn't very valuable anyway because it's quite common. maybe even iron too? or just have these as options in the config.
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    Mine is sort of urgent as well. I believe a moderator on my server is using the texture pack or the mod and I am about to freak out. I have no proof but after finding a hole straight down into a dungeon, I want to know for sure. If this is added, your plugin will be the "Go-to source" for anti-xray plugin choice. WIN-WIN
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    <Twisticals> sun, can I show you how the ore hidding tool is making ore invis for people who play legit?
    <paradox> @Ratchet
    <paradox> The "lag" on blocks appearing during mining depends on the individual user's latency to the server. If they're on a bad connection, or just plain have a high latency connection to the server, it can take a noticeable amount of time for the ore to appear. I'm going to tweak it next version to where ore is sent in larger amounts at a time around the area where a player mines, so that will make it not ap
    <paradox> pear as bad.
    <Twisticals> that would be great, but I currently have ore that is exposed but showing up as stone.
    <Twisticals> the anti-xray mod is hiding ore from legit players =(
    <Twisticals> basically, the ore shows for half a second and if you dont notice it stays as stone.
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    if this hid spawners too i would download and use it now, but it dosent.
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    Whoops! Remember to reinstall the class file when updating to a newer CB version.
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    Probably a stupid question, does this work with CB 1000?
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    It works for me. Mode 2.
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    Working fine for me in Mode3 :)
  16. Works for me Mode1.
    Almost got a full house here boys xD
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    omg works like a dream you are a GENIUS!!!!!


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    This happened the day after I installed this plugin. Not 100% sure if it is associated with the plugin but it'd be nice if you could take a look at it. Running version, not exactly sure what CB build this was with though...

    Here is the video, jump to 36:40 for the bug. Prepare for hilarious commentary as well.

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    I'm getting this whenever i try to start the server: "Invalid or corrupt jarfile craftbukkit-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar"
    What am i doing wrong?? Mac tutorial maybe?... But I have installed mods before in the minecraft.jar file, it just seems to not work the same way.
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    Update, added handling for creeper/tnt explosions, added a block radius option to make things nicer for players that have bad connections (though there is a really annoying visual issue that I haven't been able to fix yet, so the default radius is still the same as before, 1), and added Borch's edited mode to it.

    Still working on a light based mode, which may or may not turn out useable for hiding most dungeons. (The hard bit would be revealing the dungeon once someone tunnels into it.)

    F3 isn't something this plugin is going to work against.

    Fun fact: when I went to upload the new version, the previous version had gotten exactly 1000 downloads from the permanent download link.

    Thanks for the catch! I'll fix this in the next version.

    I'll look into it!

    That shouldn't temporarily appear as ore and then change back to stone under any normal circumstances. Could there possibly be any client mods affecting it?
    Actually though, the first thing I though was that Mode 4 sends stone as ore, so someone with latency could see what is actually a stone block as an ore block for half a second then see it as a stone block like it really is. Don't know if that would be the case.

    I think you might like Mode 4 now that it actually works.
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    i'm using mode 3.

    also could there be a config option to disable/enable hiding of chests rather than separate engines for it? for example I want to use mode 4, but I don't want it futzing with chests.
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    After some testing, I found that sometimes the ores don't convert but at least it gives you the ore drops unlike antixray that gives you cobble. I think i will just keep logores for now. Thanks
  23. could anyone please upload screens of how mode 4 and 5 work? thanks
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    can anyone explain more details on mode 5?
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    Lunar Delta

    Several people on my server are complaining about this plugin. They say it's unfair because it hides ores from legitimate users. I didn't know what they were talking about until it was explained to me this way:

    "But anyways he digs through an area, sees no minerals, moves on, then comes back, taps some blocks, and minerals show up."

    Several people are experiencing the same issue. Could this be a problem with latency? I am running CB 1000 with the plugin in Mode 3.
  27. i recommend using this list
    when using mode 4 or 5. it contains every block that does not fully conceal every block attached
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    I'm getting this whenever i try to start the server: "Invalid or corrupt jarfile craftbukkit-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar"
    What am i doing wrong?? Mac tutorial maybe?... But I have installed mods before in the minecraft.jar file, it just seems to not work the same way. Someone want to help me out?
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    is it possible that when you got already a config, with the update you dont get mode 4?
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    Should we do a complete update of all files or just the .jar?? Maybe put that under installation for updating?

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