Inactive [SEC] Ore To Client Obfuscation v1.9.1.1 - Anti X-Ray (xray) [1.2.5-R4]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by TyrOvC, Jul 12, 2011.

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    there is a difference between xray and ore xray (if thats the right name)
    this plugin is blocking you from using ore xray ...

    whats the differences ....
    xray just makes the blocks around you invisible so you can see through the ground
    ore xray marks all ores around you .... and depending on what you choose ... the ore xray will spam fake ores everywhere ... or remove them

    edit: or what gears just said before me :p
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    So does this plugin install like any others? Just put the .jar in your plugins folder?
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    if you use the spout version ... yes ... but then you also need the plugin "spout"

    if you use the other one you need to modify the servers main .jar file
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    I think plugin with last Dev build can't work.
    Can you recommend 1.1 bukkit #?
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    I really don't want to advertise here, but seeing how people are lost, and the owner of this plugin is always late with the updates...

    Here's my optimized anti-x-ray plugin:
    Fully updated to MC 1.1.

    BTW, to everyone out there wondering why I'm back here:
    Wait until you test my plugin, recent breakthroughs have made it bug-free, completely optimized and fully customizable. I see no more reason in using this outdated and unoptimized version that does not do merely a good job as mine can do.

    I really wished the dev (TyrOVC) kept developing and updating his wonderful plugin.
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    So if I do use the spout plugin, would people have to use the spout launcher for the ores to be hidden from them?
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    My plugin doesnt care if spout is there or not, you only need to drop the jar into plugins.
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    Thank you :D
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    no they dont
    this plugin just need some of the server items the spout plugin can do
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    Not true.

    I run 4 server with over 900 players on them. As you can see in this image:

    All servers powered by OTC.

    Well, today I give lishid plugin another test. I put his plugin on just ONE server. It was enough to make my CPU LOAD jump from 2.0 to ridiculous 35.0

    Swtiching back to OTC make the CPU LOAD decrease to 2.0 again.

    So, no lishid. Your plugin is way behind OTC. Also I tried to help you with some feedback and questions (you will probably NEVER have a server like mine to test your plugin) but your answer was short and rude. I will NEVER try your plugin again, first because OTC is fucking way better than yours, and second because you are a selfish egocentric person.

    OTC ftw :)
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    I am sad to hear that you think some less optimized plugin can be better than mine.

    CPU load from 2.0 to 35.0 is a good sign, as long as it doesn't take you like 80%, since my plugin tries to calculate everything as fast as possible, rather than keeping them in a queue and let people wait until they can use a share of the 2% of your CPU.

    Yes, my attempt at answering to you at 2AM was relatively short, but I am curious as in why you thought it was 'rude'. I thought it would be rude if I just ignored you at all?

    It's your choice if you want to try my plugin or not, but considering that people on HackForums are getting mad that they can't x-ray on MY plugin, I will let server admins decide on their own.

    And by the way, my plugin is way more optimized than his. I work hard on adding new features and improvements, while OTC's developer come less than once per months.

    If you think of me as an egocentric person, you are wrong. Why do you think I come to every day to answer questions? Why do you think I even bothered writting Orebfuscator?

    To conclude, I know you don't like my plugin taking your precious CPU, but I believe that serving the clientele is more important than conserving CPU that would have been idle anyways. There are a few ways of limiting how much CPU my plugin can take, if you really look into it.

    Here's your original message:
    Here's my reply:
    I have 3 people pm me their problems and concerns nearly every day. I try to answer them as fast as I can. I am not a formal guy, well at least not on bukkit. If your mention of 'rudeness' was referred to me not using formal writing, I apologize, there are just a lot of people on bukkit, and I can't satisfy everyone's needs.

    To end with this, I would really much appreciate if you would leave our differences behind, and solve our issue in a calm and civil way.
    I hope you forgive me and help me improve my plugin, just like many of those who thought OTC was better than mine, but who ultimately decided to abandoned it as my plugin improves.
    Some things you said were right, you have one of the largest servers I have seen, and I certainly do not own a server as close to that many players.
    I hope that some large server owners like you could co-operate in testing my plugin.
    I am very sorry for any inconveniences my plugin might have caused, if any.

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    This is the second time you hijack OTC thread to discuss your own business. I really see your effort trying to improve your code and I really appreciate it, really. But we should leave this thread out of it.

    Also you are probably misunderstanding the difference between CPU USAGE vs CPU LOAD.

    Please read this to help you understand better why I've said "ridiculous CPU LOAD". You will agree.

    I was prepared to give my best helping you with your plugin, I'm still. I just think I should wait a bit more. Fell free to PM'me if you want. I'm done with it here.
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    I'll PM you over bukkitdev later tonight.
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    I can tell you for fact that on windoom otc is alot faster then your version lishid unless you get both your players online at the same time your hardly doing any real world tests are you? maybe post another ubergraph. The worst thing that happened to anti cheat plugins occurred the day that you made a fork of this plugin. because its not obvious that otc still works just fine and its also not obvious that your plugin is a far worse choice. I respect the fact you are trying to do something good but i can tell you that your posting here which i have warned you on before is not something that i respect. If you want to do anything at all then scrap your plugin then perhaps the developer of this plugin will get more encouragement to work on his "superior version".

    I give you challenge to get 50 players online with lower tps using your plugin vs this one.. it simply cannot happen.

    please continue with your work if your finding it hard to get motivated then perhaps i can pay for future updates?
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    First of all, my plugin is not a fork of his plugin. He did not provide any source whatsoever what I asked, so I made my own based on the packet manipulation idea.
    Whether you respect my decision or not, I repeatedly asked the developer of this plugin to cooperate, which he did not respond at all. He fails to update his plugin on time, and his plugin is not extensive in terms of functionality, nor is it conform to bukkit's programming standards.
    I then decided to make mine, offering a much wider choice on configuration and features, such as ChunkScrambler, multi-threading and much more.
    My plugin works on 50 players no problem, as I've tested, along with many others, with full 20 TPS.
    There are more than 1200 servers running my plugin in the last 24 hours, some allow hundreds of players.
    Most people have lag issues with my plugin because they wrongly play with the configuration.
    I have tweaked many aspects of my plugin since the 1.1 update that it should not interfere with the main server thread AT ALL, which means that it could not cause lag. (Unless the configuration is set in a way that it overpowers the capacity of the server)

    To conclude, please bring some evidence when you speak of your 'wisdom', and also please use proper syntax and grammar, as your post is very hard to understand.
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    He hasnt needed to update it since its not stoped working......... the spout plugin works
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    For now. During the Beta 1.8 update, it took him weeks to update it.
    Did you read the rest of my post, though?
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    Hello everyone, I would like to ask a question, how to change the iron (first floor) and diamond (second floor), with all filled random ores/blocks such as iron/coal/gold/diamond/wood/etc., i saw this at many servers, but I can't figure it out how to do that. I will check this every day, waiting for an answer, please. thank you.
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    when you start the plugins ... it should do that form the start
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    That's basically Orebfuscator.
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    Getting that on Latest RB and Spout version.

    Should use getNearbyEntities not getPlayers()
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    Its not workin with the lastest bukkit/ spout huh :( it runs fine on my server but it doesnt work, I also get no errors
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    Well, he was talking about my plugin for sure, I thought I should sort out the confusion.
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    Thank you, problem solved.
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    Quick question its this plugin compatible with noLagg? I get errors and and people can still see the chests :(
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    Can I ask what you have done differently in yours then in tyrs version? He has been using this plugin for a long time on the server he codes for and I see 0 performance issues, but on your version I see multiple posts about extreme lag or diamond ore being shown instead of stone.
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    Well, it's because people who have trouble with his plugin switch to my plugin, and people who had lag issues was using the older versions of Orebfuscator.
    To address the issue with fake ore, it's most likely hackers reporting it hoping the server admin would turn off the anti-xray mod.
    My version is a more customized, efficient and easier way of stopping x-ray. It also hides dungeons and chests. and can lag the hell out of hackers if they try. It doesn't need spout or modifications to the jar file.

    Btw, there are around 4000 servers using my plugin in the past week.
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    Filip Weiss

    same here
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    Read previous post.
    Exactly my point.
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