Inactive [SEC] Ore To Client Obfuscation v1.9.1.1 - Anti X-Ray (xray) [1.2.5-R4]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by TyrOvC, Jul 12, 2011.

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    After playing around with this mod make sure set to 1 or 3.

    2 is amazing but its really broken until a light feature can be added. If there is a light feature might consider options like daylight and torch light only. No lava light. It's just lava light is cheap.
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    Lunar Delta

    Lovely. Installed it the moment I saw it; works like a charm. Best plugin in an age.
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    I have found a big bug, if you use Lockette you can broke the sign with an easy way.
    1) Find a victim chest
    2) Place glass block below the chest
    3) Take a torch and right clic the glass with torch
    4) Break the torch, the sign go away...

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    Does this work with Multiworlds because its not for me. Ill check for errors.
    Edit also
    BroHoster doesn't allow me to edit the craftbukkit.jar file I can edit craftbukkit-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar tho?
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    I haven't ever tried it in conjunction with Multiworlds, but it has no issues with multiple worlds running on the same server.

    I'm working on seeing if I can make some sort of a light based check work too, so that might hide ores exposed in caves until a cave is lit once.
    Can't seem to replicate this, but if you're already using lockette, could try setting the engine mode to 3 and see if it still happens please?
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    I can still see the ores using XRAY-Pro.. but using MineFinder won't see the ores..

    It's not working on other X-Ray Texture maps..
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    Lunar Delta

    Tested with XRAY-Pro; ores are not showing. :D
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    I love you.
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    holy crap. best. plugin. ever.
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    you are our bukkit anti-xray god! :D
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    When updating with new features, is it always important to update Packet51MapChunk.class as well or just the plugin jar? Could you include in your change logs whether you made changes to the .class? Sorry I'm just lazy :(
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    I disagree - 2 is the way to go, I'd rather no nodes be seen than some in caves. Xrayers can die / leave :p
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    same. would be nice to know if we need to update the .class
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    How does Mode 2 work exactly? If there's an exposed ore, you have to right-click to see it?
  17. A light-based check would make more sense, as it could hide stuff like mossy stone etc..

    But wouldn't it be faster to calculate anyway? AFAICT, the chunk file format contains a precomputed 'blocklight' data structure for each block. Could this be used? Failing that, have you thought about caching the filtered blocks of each chunk in separate file(s) instead of filtering it each time it gets sent to a client?

    It occurs to me this would be a handy enhancement of the chunk file format which Mojang could add, if 'blocklight' isn't suitable enough...
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    You have to mine near / around it and it will pop back from stone to the ore. It's the way to go if you want complete xray protection.
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    Testing it now, but can anyone confirm that if I was to installa newer craftbukkit.jar later on, it would have no side effects (Removing the old anti-xray would delete all ores in the world)
    My understanding of the plugin is that it doesnt due to the way it works, but I don't want to be proved wrong in a epic way 5/6 days later.
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    so someone can go in a cave, light it up, and not see any ore unless they mine around it? seems pretty lame to me.
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    If you update to the latest RB - you will need to redo the fix - this plugin does NOT change map data at all - it handles it through packets.
    I think it is a necessary evil to prevent abuse from xray users. I gladly open my arms to this disadvantage for a fix for the issue completely.
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    If you are using the old slow Anti-Xray plugin. You need to turn it off before removing it. Otherwise your chunk files will not have the ore information in them and you will effectively delete your ore locations if you delete your old anti xray plugin.

    Steps to convert to this awesome plugin without loosing your ores.

    1. do a /axr off command
    2. wait for it to finish.
    3. shut down server.
    4. remove old anti xray plugin from dir
    5. update your craftbukkit.jar with new class file
    6. move new jar file into plugin dir.
    7. start your server.
    8. Come back here and thank the OP for his awesome plugin!

    Consider this post to be my #8. THANK YOU!

    Side note. EVERYTIME you update your craftbukkit.jar file to a new version you will have to repeat moving the .class file into the new craftbukkit.jar file.
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    The only thing called XRay Pro that I can find is a texture pack, and I can't see any more ores with it then anything else. Are you certain you have it installed right? If you could point me in the direction of what you're talking about if it isn't a texture pack, that'd be appreciated.

    @yuckfoooo @Ratchet
    I'll make sure to include whether that was changed in future versions. For the last update, you did need to update Packet51MapChunk.class

    It doesn't save any information about the chunks or edit the chunk data so that it can't ruin your world's ore data if it messes up or is uninstalled. I'm pretty sure what you described is how the other anti x-ray mod works though, so you might be interested in it if you haven't tried it yet.
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    Yeah, I have removed it ages ago as it caused massive lag, but I want to know if this will do the same thing, but it was answered above quite nicely. At the moment I have no lag whatsoever and there are no side effects. I honestly think this needs to be added to bukkit as a official feature very soon.

    Also, is there a way to donate to the OP. This plugin is so amazing.
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    Nice, you deserve a fukin reward for this!
    Well, maybe I will donate something ;)
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    yeah.. the Xray Pro.. I installed it correctly without a problem.. and tried using a texture MineFinding and it works.. but using XRAY Pro Texture.. i still see it..
  27. That's not what I meant. :) The other (dangerous) x-ray mod replaces actual map data and stores ores apart. What I'm suggesting for your mod is to remember the obfuscated blocks (perhaps a single bit per block - 1 = obfuscated, 0 = normal) so that it doesn't have to do the calculations again per player per chunk loading.

    I know your plugin is already quite fast and doesn't seem to impact performance on most servers, but a cache might be useful?
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    Oh, I see what you're saying now :p

    Might add an option to use a cache in the future, but it might be more trouble then it's worth to update the cache as players are editing a chunk.
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    Lunar Delta

    I can't see how one X-ray texture pack is different from another.

    For the record, I also tried X-ray pro, and could not see any ores at all.
  30. Maybe, but if you had a cache, you could also limit new calculations in areas that only need changing - i.e. just the one block a player edits, or - if using a light-based method - only everything within 16 blocks below/above. And not the whole chunk.
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    aww.. how did that happen :( anyway.. Ill just wait.. XD

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