Inactive [SEC] Ore To Client Obfuscation v1.9.1.1 - Anti X-Ray (xray) [1.2.5-R4]

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    (They're already doing it ahhhh!)
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    Good day. I have a quick question.
    When using the plugin on setting 1 the stone blocks underneath beds and the stone blocks directly next to full grown wheat appear as diamond ore blocks. When the bed or wheat is removed the diamond ore block turns back to stone block.
    I wanted to know if this is a normal side effect or if there's something else.
    I really like the plugin and can live with it...I'm just curious. Thanks.
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    I've tested it with both the recommended Spout build and the dev build #52, and haven't been able to replicate. It's probably related, but I have no idea how or why at the moment. What version of Spout are you using?

    The default transparent ids for recent versions should include both beds and wheat blocks, but if you have an older generated config, changing transparentIds= in oo-engine-mode.txt to
    will take care of that. Mode 1 doesn't do what you described though, since it turns ores into stone, not stone into ores. Sure you don't have it set to 4?
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    I figured the problem out, I was trying bukkit dev build #46 which spout apparently doesn't work with
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    okay i have now setup a test server only for this problem:
    the new version of this plugin does NOT work with spout.jar
    even with the special spout-version of Ore-to-Client-Obfuscation!!!

    Installed is ONLY
    - spout
    - Ore-to-Client-Obfuscation_spout
    - craftbookit from the Ore-to-Client-Obfuscation_spout ZIP

    blackbinary@Gabriel /var/mc/test-env $ ./
    151 recipes
    16 achievements
    17:52:32 [INFO] Starting minecraft server version Beta 1.7.3
    17:52:32 [INFO] Loading properties
    17:52:32 [INFO] Starting Minecraft server on *:25566
    17:52:32 [INFO] This server is running Craftbukkit version git-Bukkit-0.0.0-945-g73697a4-b1000jnks (MC: 1.7.3)
    17:52:32 [INFO] Preparing level "blackmining-world"
    17:52:32 [INFO] Preparing start region for level 0 (Seed: 3216441685450237792)
    17:52:33 [INFO] Preparing start region for level 1 (Seed: -8473822156925709836)
    17:52:33 [INFO] Preparing spawn area: 0%
    17:52:34 [INFO] RawcriticsOreObfuscationPluginSpout plugin enabled
    17:52:34 [INFO] RawcriticsOreObfuscationPluginSpout connected to the Ore Obfuscate Engine and turned it on! Using Engine: 4
    17:52:34 [INFO] RawcriticsOreObfuscationPluginSpout: No Packet Manager, assuming Spout version is 1.0.1
    17:52:34 [INFO] Spout 1.0.1 has been initialized
    17:52:34 [INFO] Server permissions file permissions.yml is empty, ignoring it
    17:52:34 [INFO] Done (0.163s)! For help, type "help" or "?"
    17:52:43 [INFO] blackbinary [/] logged in with entity id 426 at ([blackmining-world] -394.65023750370085, 64.0, 121.75508888264909)
    17:53:14 [INFO] blackbinary lost connection: disconnect.endOfStream
    - NO Log error,
    - only one chunk is loaded to the client
    - cant change somthing (destroy/place block)
    - after some secounds the client disconnects

    How can i make this plugin work with spout ??
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    Nathan C

    Oh my godddd...........................FINALLY!

    And it does work on the Xray hack!!!!!


    Thank you, you are truly amazing!

    Pshhh, this IS the anti-xray, the other looks like a joke compared to this.

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  9. I can confirm this... or at least water cant be endless anymore with the new version installed. No other bugs found until now.

    Looks like you're either using a modified CraftBukkit,jar or using a CraftBukkit version later then #1039
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    The problem is Spout, when I change terrain with World Edit the terrain didn't change and I had to update with rick click of the mouse and in the linux terminal I see a lot of errors of Spout, then I tried changing (updating and downgrading) Spout but.. nothing.
    I've SOLVED using Regular Version and removing Spout.
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    very usefull but, it totally overloaded server where I played .. and for some plaers game started chocking ..
    and when was small lag i was happy that I found iron / diamonds but it was only stone :( very frustrating!
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    Thank you.
    It was indeed set to 4 and I was using old ids.
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    It anyone else seeing chunks loading in a weird order ?

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    Suggestion: Blocking xray textures as they can still see hidden chests with them:(
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    Are there any commands to reload the config?
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    What Priority are you detecting BLOCK_BREAK with? I'm using Otherblocks, which cancels the event to replace it with its own thing, and I'd like to give OtherBlocks a higher priority so Xray can run first. I've slightly changed stone drops, and its a major PITA: my players are in the middle of a huge excavation project and the entire bottom of the pit shows as iron ore. Please help! or let me look at the source....

    EDIT: Nevermind. I just read the changelog and updated my jar. Thanks for the awesome way to hide chests!

    If you don't mind, I'm a nosy admin, and I like to see what my players are up to. I ROFL excessively to myself when a raider skips the best chests because they are well hidden. Would it be possible to add permission or OP support, so I can still use Xray? It's not a priority, just something I think would be cool. Don't do it if it would increase CPU load!

    Thanks again for this Ore to Client Obfuscation mod!
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    Please, fix chunk compression uncomtatibility since CB 1040
    It's really needed. Thanks a lot
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    Any word/eta on the chunk compression updates? Having to move to 1041+ and its killing me not having the anti-=xray stuff in :(
  19. Sorry this was a false alert. Water IS endless just forgot is has to be only one block deep ;-)
    Spout version finally works.

    Reporting: Engine Mode 5 does not do anything at all!
    Is there a way to get rid of the Cave-Mode from x-ray mods? It shows only sides from stone/ore that have air next to it.
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    for the spout version to work does the client have to have the spout client?
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    I'm hoping to get it done tonight.

    Not really, unless you opt for hiding all ores regardless of the block next to them (which makes cave mining harder for regular players too).
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    I eagerly await!
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    how do i set the engine mode to 1?
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    any update on a #1046+ version ?
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    We're waiting for it as well ;)
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    How to install this whit Spout ?

    You have to download the Regular Version ( then add the net file to CB jar file. then download the plugin file of
    Spout Version ( and it to the plugin dir?
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    Requesting #1045+ support.
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    he said he was working on it.
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    Having a problem with this. It shows iron ore blocks and diamond ore blocks on blocks under the ground even if you dont have x-ray. Is it supposed to be like this or is there a fix?


    Running CraftBukkit #1000

    Added two pics to show how it looks.
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    Was testing 1046 compatible version this night, and seemed to not have any problems. Releasing tomorrow after a bit more testing.
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    Thank you so much for your work on this project, I just switched over from AntiXray and this is a wonderful alternative. AntiXray was a great plugin, but with this new functionality your exploiting this is definitely the better option so far as I have seen it. I am still testing things, but certainly I enjoy the fact xray modders can no longer even see gold near lava and other openings where light is present. Fantastic stuff!

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