Inactive [SEC] Ore To Client Obfuscation v1.9.1.1 - Anti X-Ray (xray) [1.2.5-R4]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by TyrOvC, Jul 12, 2011.

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    We noticed the same. Just added ironore and goldore to the blacklist for placing. Problem solved.
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    ah crap why didn't I think of that? :facepalm:

    I saw some other people mention they've been getting lighting problems while using this and it seems I am too now:
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    That's an odd lighting issue. I've never seen it make grass glow :/ And yeah, it should improve server performance.
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    Gladly awaiting the magical version of this which will support bukkitcontrib ^.^
    Till then this is what will be running on the server. :D

    Thats a good thing, I think.
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    CB1029, OtCO, Mode3

    Still seeing random iron ore blocks where they shouldn't be. Even established tunnels (not new diggings) have iron ore pop into it. Digging nearby makes it disappear. Is another mode more stable? Default Mode3 still seems too buggy to run on a productions server.
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    I use method 2, it works wonderfully. Thank you, very much.
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    I had glowing grass too a few days ago.
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    My server just crashes as soon as its powered on when i set up the new craftbukkit.jar and the plugin.

    My host says they think its because they use TCAdmin, and that it is a customized version to support it. Is there any way i can upload my craftbukkit.jar before i modify it to see what can be done to get it working?

    I am using CB 1000
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    Hey! bed is also transperent! (26)
    Also pressure plates (70, 72)
    Also wheat (59)
    Also portals (90)
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    Oh yeah, anyone reading this who had trouble in earlier versions from snow when they had weather enabled, try it with weather again. Should be fixed.

    Mode 1 always make a difference, although a bit less so, and will have no affect on normal players in almost all cases.

    I messed with mcMMO a bit last night, and couldn't get that to not happen. Guess you'll just have to blacklist placing the ores right now, sorry.
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    Thanks. I'll try out mode1 and see if it has fewer problems than mode3.
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    I first ran the plugin in mode 4, but the iron/diamond "stealth" ores got really often not correctly replaced by stone/the right ore again, even after mining an adjacent block.
    Im now running in mode 1 and players are telling me they are finding less ressources than normal and with a popular cheat mod i can still see the ores in the ground, even if they dont have an adjacent transparent block.
    Maybe im doing something wrong.

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    This plugin wont effect at all how many ores there are.

    With the thing about still seeing the ore, players are able to see ore that is in caves (ie beside a transparent block) so with mode 1 at the moment it is impossible to hide all the ores. things such as dungeons and ore in caves will still be found
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    Any chance of getting permission support with this? I can think of a few scenarios where having xray would help with administration.
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    Shaun Bennett nailed it. Ores in caves are still viewable so as not to hide them from legitimate players, but all ores that are completely surrounded are hidden. It makes quite a difference actually, if you compare before and after. I'm working on make Mode 4 less annoying though!

    No, simply because there is no way to see which player the packet is going to from the packet class, so a bunch of other servercode would have to be changed.
  17. Wait Wait Wait!
    How I understand it I can choose wich blocks are transparent?
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    That shouldn't be too hard to tell the player with the packet listeners though... just mentioning. ;)
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    Well, the problem seems to be that the stones are not changing back to ores, even if someone destroys the block next to them. I know it doesn't change anything on the map, but i guess the players are just passing diamonds without knowing, because they still look like stones. Players are telling me they haven't found diamonds for days now.
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    Sincerely hoping this is the case.
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    With mode 1 and cheaters can still find diamonds but not near as fast like before
    mode 2 players whining on the server becouse they dont se anything in caves
    mode 4 and 5 to process intensive.

    But i think mode 1 is the best just wish it was some way to make all ores invicible for cheaters
    great plugin and thx
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    Oh and uh you can see the fake ore behind beds too.
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    Got an error:
    27.07 16:36:39 [Server] INFO [SEVERE] Ore Obfuscation Plugin Cannot Attach To The Engine:
    27.07 16:36:39 [Server] INFO RawcriticsOreObfuscationPlugin Wrote default config.
    27.07 16:36:39 [Server] INFO RawcriticsOreObfuscationPlugin plugin enabled
    I've did like it was said in the installation guide, replaced files in craftbukkit-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar and uploaded it into server. Its not working.

    The whole log below:
    27.07 16:38:49 [Server] Startup Done (0.352s)! For help, type "help" or "?"
    27.07 16:38:49 [Server] INFO Server permissions file permissions.yml is empty, ignoring it
    27.07 16:38:49 [Server] INFO Found Diamonds STARTED
    27.07 16:38:49 [Server] INFO [iConomy] hooked into Permissions.
    27.07 16:38:49 [Server] INFO [iConomy] Developed by: [Nijikokun]
    27.07 16:38:49 [Server] INFO [iConomy] v5.0 (Eruanna) loaded.
    27.07 16:38:48 [Server] INFO [iConomyChestShop] LWC version 3.3 loaded.
    27.07 16:38:48 [Server] INFO [iConomyChestShop] Permissions version 3.1.5 loaded.
    27.07 16:38:48 [Server] INFO [iConomyChestShop] EssentialsEco version 2.2 loaded.
    27.07 16:38:48 [Server] INFO [iConomyChestShop] version 2.75 initialized!
    27.07 16:38:48 [Server] INFO [Residence] Enabled! Version 2.3.5 by bekvon
    27.07 16:38:48 [Server] INFO [Residence] Loaded Residences...
    27.07 16:38:48 [Server] INFO [Residence] Successfully linked with iConomy!
    27.07 16:38:48 [Server] INFO [Residence] Found Permissions Plugin!
    27.07 16:38:48 [Server] INFO [HeroicDeath] enabled.
    27.07 16:38:48 [Server] INFO mcMMO version 1.0.49 is enabled!
    27.07 16:38:48 [Server] INFO [mcMMO] Permissions version 3.1.5 found, using Permissions.
    27.07 16:38:47 [Server] INFO Loading Config File...
    27.07 16:38:47 [Server] INFO [mcMMO] Permissions version 3.1.5 found, using Permissions.
    27.07 16:38:47 [Server] INFO Ore Obufuscate Engine is not installed, please add the required class to the server jar
    27.07 16:38:47 [Server] INFO [SEVERE] Ore Obfuscation Plugin Cannot Attach To The Engine:
    27.07 16:38:47 [Server] INFO RawcriticsOreObfuscationPlugin plugin enabled
    27.07 16:38:47 [Server] INFO WorldEdit: Permissions plugin detected! Using Permissions plugin for permissions.
    27.07 16:38:47 [Server] INFO WorldEdit 4.6 enabled.
    27.07 16:38:47 [Server] INFO Loaded EssentialsSpawn build 2.5.5 by essentials team
    27.07 16:38:47 [Server] INFO [Permissions] SQL Interface enabled!
    27.07 16:38:47 [Server] INFO [Essentials] Payment method found (iConomy version: 5)
    27.07 16:38:47 [Server] INFO Loaded Essentials build 2.5.5 by [Zenexer, ementalo, Aelux, Brettflan, KimKandor, snowleo, ceulemans, Xeology]
    27.07 16:38:46 [Server] INFO LWC: At version: 3.30-git-LWC-94b93dd42195692ed1823346544359d5917274a2-b69jnks
    27.07 16:38:46 [Server] INFO LWC: Precached 2 protections.
    27.07 16:38:46 [Server] INFO LWC: Using: Native
    27.07 16:38:46 [Server] INFO LWC: Loading SQLite
    27.07 16:38:46 [Server] INFO Using Permissions API
    27.07 16:38:46 [Server] INFO LWC: Loaded 135 locale strings (0 overrides)
    27.07 16:38:46 [Server] INFO [dynmap] version 0.19.2 is enabled
    27.07 16:38:46 [Server] INFO [dynmap] Dynmap WebServer started on null:8123
    27.07 16:38:46 [Server] INFO [dynmap] Loaded 8 components.
    27.07 16:38:46 [Server] INFO [dynmap] Web server is permitting symbolic links
    27.07 16:38:46 [Server] INFO [dynmap] Loaded 2 maps of world 'world_nether'.
    27.07 16:38:46 [Server] INFO [dynmap] Loaded 1 renderers for map 'class org.dynmap.kzedmap.KzedMap'.
    27.07 16:38:46 [Server] INFO [dynmap] Loading renderers for map 'class org.dynmap.kzedmap.KzedMap'...
    27.07 16:38:46 [Server] INFO [dynmap] Loading maps of world 'world_nether'...
    27.07 16:38:46 [Server] INFO [dynmap] name: world_nether
    27.07 16:38:46 [Server] INFO [dynmap] maps: [{class=org.dynmap.flat.FlatMap, name=flat, title=Flat, prefix=flat, colorscheme=default, background=#300806, textured=smooth}, {class=org.dynmap.kzedmap.KzedMap, renderers=[{class=org.dynmap.kzedmap.DefaultTileRenderer, name=nether, title=Surface, prefix=nt, maximumheight=127, colorscheme=default, background=#300806}]}]
    27.07 16:38:46 [Server] INFO [dynmap] title: world_nether
    27.07 16:38:46 [Server] INFO [dynmap] enabled: true
    27.07 16:38:46 [Server] INFO [dynmap] center: org.dynmap.ConfigurationNode@53623820
    27.07 16:38:46 [Server] INFO [dynmap] Configuration of world world_nether
    27.07 16:38:46 [Server] INFO [dynmap] Using environment as template: nether
    27.07 16:38:46 [Server] INFO [dynmap] Loaded 2 maps of world 'world'.
    27.07 16:38:46 [Server] INFO [dynmap] Loaded 2 renderers for map 'class org.dynmap.kzedmap.KzedMap'.
    27.07 16:38:46 [Server] INFO [dynmap] Loading renderers for map 'class org.dynmap.kzedmap.KzedMap'...
    27.07 16:38:46 [Server] INFO [dynmap] Loading maps of world 'world'...
    27.07 16:38:46 [Server] INFO [dynmap] name: world
    27.07 16:38:46 [Server] INFO [dynmap] maps: [{class=org.dynmap.flat.FlatMap, name=flat, title=Flat, prefix=flat, colorscheme=default, textured=smooth}, {class=org.dynmap.kzedmap.KzedMap, renderers=[{class=org.dynmap.kzedmap.DefaultTileRenderer, name=surface, title=Surface, prefix=t, maximumheight=127, colorscheme=default}, {class=org.dynmap.kzedmap.CaveTileRenderer, name=cave, title=Cave, prefix=ct, maximumheight=127}]}]
    27.07 16:38:46 [Server] INFO [dynmap] title: world
    27.07 16:38:46 [Server] INFO [dynmap] enabled: true
    27.07 16:38:46 [Server] INFO [dynmap] center: org.dynmap.ConfigurationNode@1ed2e55e
    27.07 16:38:46 [Server] INFO [dynmap] Configuration of world world
    27.07 16:38:46 [Server] INFO [dynmap] Using environment as template: normal
    27.07 16:38:46 [Server] INFO [HeroChat] Permissions 3.1.5 found.
    27.07 16:38:46 [Server] INFO [Permissions] version [3.1.5] (Yeti)  loaded
    27.07 16:38:46 [Server] INFO [HeroChat] HeroChat version 4.10.3 enabled.
    27.07 16:38:46 [Server] INFO Preparing start region for level 1 (Seed: 5399819060722076879)
    27.07 16:38:45 [Server] INFO Preparing start region for level 0 (Seed: 696123038)
    27.07 16:38:45 [Server] INFO Preparing level "world"
    27.07 16:38:45 [Server] INFO [Permissions] (Yeti) was initialized.
    27.07 16:38:45 [Server] INFO Entities enhanced[0] subclassed[1]
    27.07 16:38:45 [Server] INFO SubClassFactory parent ClassLoader []
    27.07 16:38:45 [Server] INFO DataSourcePool [iConomyChestShop] autoCommit[false] transIsolation[SERIALIZABLE] min[2] max[20]
    27.07 16:38:44 [Server] INFO LWC: Native library: plugins/LWC/lib/native/Linux/amd64/
    27.07 16:38:44 [Server] INFO LWC: Protection cache: 0/10000
    27.07 16:38:44 [Server] INFO LWC: Loading shared objects
    27.07 16:38:44 [Server] INFO This server is running Craftbukkit version git-Bukkit-0.0.0-945-g73697a4-b1000jnks (MC: 1.7.3)
    27.07 16:38:44 [Server] WARNING To change this, set "online-mode" to "true" in the server.settings file.
    27.07 16:38:44 [Server] WARNING While this makes the game possible to play without internet access, it also opens up the ability for hackers to connect with any username they choose.
    27.07 16:38:44 [Server] WARNING The server will make no attempt to authenticate usernames. Beware.
    27.07 16:38:44 [Server] INFO Starting Minecraft server on
    27.07 16:38:44 [Server] INFO Loading properties
    27.07 16:38:44 [Server] WARNING To start the server with more ram, launch it as "java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar minecraft_server.jar"
    27.07 16:38:44 [Server] WARNING **** NOT ENOUGH RAM!
    27.07 16:38:44 [Server] INFO Starting minecraft server version Beta 1.7.3
    27.07 16:38:44 [Server] INFO 16 achievements
    27.07 16:38:44 [Server] INFO 151 recipes
    27.07 16:38:44 [Multicraft] Loaded config for "Craftbukkit 1.7"
    27.07 16:38:44 [Multicraft] Starting Minecraft!
    27.07 16:38:44 [Multicraft] Loading Minecraft instance properties
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    Mode 2 = best.
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    But people are used to see ores in caves and mode 2 makes everything disappear what should i set oreupdateradius to?
    Why are diamonds ores turning into coobel when mining them with mode 1?
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    @TyrOvC - I found an exploit in this to abuse WorldGuard Regions.

    Hit me up on IRC or find me on
    It involves certain blocks not obeying region rules (Namely snow and other blocks)
    Would love to work with you on fixing it.
    RawCritics doesn't return if OnBlockBreak is cancelled..does it?
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    It also registers it's events on Priority.Normal -
    OreObf should
    #1 Register all events on Monitor
    #2 return if the event is cancelled.
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    Fixed the issue @Kainzo and @Sleaker mentioned

    You probably caught me right when I was updating it. Should probably download the new version now ;)
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    @TyrOvC - Bug will still be present in extremely limited occurances when using TnT in protected Areas that also use Priority.Highest depending on which plugin registered their events first/how bukkit handles the event. Please use Priority.Monitor for all obfuscation events.
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    Why don't you just make all the ores stone until their revealed? Cos currently everyone that mines a bit of stone is seeing some iron for a fraction of a second...

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