Inactive [SEC] Ore To Client Obfuscation v1.9.1.1 - Anti X-Ray (xray) [1.2.5-R4]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by TyrOvC, Jul 12, 2011.

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    Where is the donate button ?
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    Update coming soon! Fixed Mode 3, and moved whether or not to perform chest logic for all engines into a config (which means mode 3 is deprecated, by the way). Also added that donate button finally. I think I've also taken care of all the lighting issues @TerrorBite noticed.

    No, you can't set Ore Update Radius to 1.5. It's how many blocks away that updates are sent when a player mines a block, and there's no way to update half a block :p

    Thanks for the heads up. I've downloaded Zombe's Modpack and am planning on trying it out. I'd guess the method you outlined only shows ores with an airblock next to them, so for caves things would look like mode 1.

    Setting it to anything but Mode 2 should make it to where no exposed oreblocks show up as stone. There might be bugs that can cause them to otherwise (though I'm pretty sure I squashed them all in recent versions). Also be sure to update your transparent ids in the config to the better list in the installation instructions so that stairs and half blocks count for visibility.

    When the next version with packet listeners is officially released, I'll make a branch that runs off of BukkitContrib for server owners that already use it. Would it be safe to perform the logic in another thread on the packets (or the function call already being in another thread then the main one, such as a player's network writer thread) like the current version of the obfuscater does?

    I don't have exact numbers, but the thing is that it raises the amount used as players are mining, and it's in the main thread, so it can make a difference when you have large numbers of players. It's limited by CPU and bandwidth (although the later is negligibly small)

    @Andy Candyman
    There is actually already a config for that. See oreupdateradius=2
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    The map packets are already going to be in a separate thread, but so long as you are using thread safe calls, you are free to modify the packets in parallel.
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    I didn't realise mode 3 was broken, how is it broken exactly? o_o

    can't wait for the update at any rate.

    oh also, have you done any more testing with light-based checks, how is that coming along?
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    How is mode 3 broken as the guy above me said, and your download link is broken, was going to update :(
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    Update ready! Moved whether to perform chest hiding to the config file for all engines (this means Mode 3 is deprecated) and fixed the lighting issue. Donate button is also up now. Edit: Both the plugin jar and class files need to be updated.

    Mode 3 was 'broken' in that it was showing some ores that should have actually been hidden.

    Mode 1 for this version was actually going to have the lighting check enabled, but I ran into a problem using it where it would make some ores that should be visible were not. Coming soon though!

    I was probably still setting up everything for the update. Try it now.
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    Any fix for the random ore in walls and tunnels with mode 4 (radius 2 on cb1000)?

    Quite a few above ground walls made from stone are showing up with iron blocks in them.
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    That really shouldn't happen anymore! Investigating
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    Anyone mind pasting the line needed for hidechests?

    is it hidechests=true ?
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    Yes. It should be added to your config automatically after the new version is ran for the first time, actually.

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    Thanks for such an excellent plugin! I've been waiting for a more advanced anti X-Ray plugin; the others had too many drawbacks. Have this one working excellently with 45 people, haven't been able to test with more yet. :)
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    Appreciate it, I didnt see it get created and wanted to make sure.
  14. So, which mode is the most efficient and causes the least of problems ?
    Both for the server and for the users.
  15. hm still have some ore where it shouldn't be in mode4. Its exposed but it goes away when mining or placing a block near it. Shows up again if you walk away and come back. Dont know whats causing this.
    Bukkit 1000, OTCO
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    Yeah I'm wondering which one legit users don't mind so much. I tried mode 4 but it seemed kind of annoying (even with the stair fix). I'm all for screwing cheaters but I'd rather not annoy my good people if possible.

    I'm impressed by the ingenuity of it all, regardless :D
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    I've been using mode 1 with chests disabled and it seems to work decently, haven't had any complaints recently about ore, once it gets some light-based check to hide ore in caves aswell it would be the best imho.
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    Just made 100% sure.. I remade the cb1000 jar with and replaced the jar itself too. The ore is still appearing above ground in towers and walls. I havent checked underground tunnels yet but I expect the same will be true.
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    With the latest, I'm noticing a tad more hiccups and lower TPS on engine 2.
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    I just confirmed that the ore obfuscation plugin is causing mcMMO to give double drops from player-placed ore (effectively allowing people to dupe ore) is there anything you can do to fix it with your plugin?
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    AFAIK That's normal in mcMMO for having a high mining skill. Happens on my server without any Anti-Xray plugin.
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    it's not normal at all, you should never get double drops from player-placed ore
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    Make sure your mcMMO is updated. That was a issue in a version like 2 or 3 versions back of mcMMO.

    I wouldnt think this plugin would cause that, may need to do some testing
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    it is the latest version. and like I said I just confirmed it by testing it by removing this plugin.
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    That's not the way you test such a thing :O I'd say remove all other plugins and see if you still have the problem. Might be another plugin which is causing the problem. I'd do a test with CB 1000, latest version of this plugin and the latest of mcMMO and no other plugins involved. And then see if you still get the issue.
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    ok I just did that. it is this plugin causing it.
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    By the way just like steps and stairs, you can see the fake ore through leaves too.
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    You also get the bug if you remove mcMMO? I'm guessing not.

    I don't think this is something Oreobfuscator has to fix. But more of a thing for mcMMO to fix. Not sure though.

    Might be that mcMMO relies on some files which are changed when installing oreobfuscator and therefor behaves strange. I'd report the bug at mcMMO as well.
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    the bug occurs in mcmmo, so removing it... removes the bug :p
    but yes, I imagine it has something to do with the ore packets that the obfuscator changes. anyone using this and mcmmo might want to disable the mining ability permissions of it until either plugin can get out a fix.
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    It's probably really an issue with the way mcMMO handles ore removals, possibly not checking whether the ore removal was actually caused by a player. I can probably make a compatibility change for it though. I'll look at it more closely later tonight.

    Are all of your server's cores maxed out? It shouldn't be able to affect your TPS otherwise, I'd hope. Everything about this plugin is completely threaded now, and it even threads gzip compression on the map chunk packets which Bukkit does not do by itself at the moment (although there is a pull request active for that change already).
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    okay cool thanks.

    also will this change to bukkit improve server performance ? sounds like it might.

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