Inactive [SEC] NoCheat v3.5.0 [CB 1.2.4 R1.0][ABANDONED]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Evenprime, Feb 15, 2011.

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    Any spoilers ?
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    Nodus client has a "heal" hack.
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    Well, hopefully the Bukkit devs will code some solid security into whatever they wind up making :/

    Thanks for all of your hard work, EP. This is a thankless job in a never-ending war....
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    Hats off to Evenprime, if anyone does even a slightly better job than he has on this, they should be considered omniscient and all powerful.

    But seriously man, it's going to be a rough ride if no one takes up a continuation of this, there are alternatives but so far they look lacking.

    Good luck with your social endeavours!
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    Dear Evenprime! :) Thank you for your great work! We will miss you and I really appricate your work and even today to have the will and power and reserve time to keep updating this even when you want to stop! I just love how you do it and make the time for it! I used your plugin I think any serious PVP server did! I'm also glad to see that there is kNohaxx now, and that you are actually asking for some competition from other developers. Because competition is always great! ​
    Now someone go make a plugin copy his code, make a anti-door glitch hack, anti block break hack, disable enderpearl glitch hacks, fix 8 blocks build hack in 1 click! And make an check-texture-pack-name? (xray), and with a blacklist! MANY IDEAS! You can all come up with them!
    Do what Evenprime wants you to do! Be creative! Be the spirit! Be Evenprimes pupils and followers! Screw these cheaters! Continue what Evenprime wants!!!! You are the one!! YOU CAN DO IT!
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    Anti-Door Glitch Hack(So You glitch inside a door? That is caused by the lag of the server as I know...)
    Anti-Block Break Hack(Never Heard of this.)
    8-BlocksBuildHack (?)The Towering one you mean?(Possible)
    CheckTexturePack, Not Possible.

    Copy? No... Kind of 'Remake' Using his Code.
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    Yeaa i ment that ;) I mean it ina good way :3 haha, Anti-Block Break Hack = Break block logout, login = on top of the wall :) <3 :)
    BlocksBuildhack, correct :)
    CheckTexturePack ok, I believe there are some force texture pack plugins right?
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    Love the plugin! We don't want you to go.

    Side note for the new plugin release on 1.2.3 Minecraft. Having issues with players not able to climb vines.
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    The Wizard

    This plugin is 3rd in my must have plugins after bpermissions and xauth.
    Without it I don't konw how I'll run the server.
    Good luck, I hope you'll come back sometime.
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    Version 3.4.5:

    - vines climbable

    That is all, actual update probably tomorrow
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    One of the #1 Plugins out there
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    NoCheat 3.5.0:

    * fight.instantheal check: Prevent players from artificially speeding up their life regeneration due to food saturation

    What the changelog says. People that have a full foodbar are able to artificially increase the speed at which they regenerate their health due to it. This should identify and block that behaviour, limiting players to normal regeneration speed.

    This was the last feature update that you'll get from me. I'll just stick around to see if there are some bugs left that need fixing.
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    Dude, Don't leave! D:
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    PS: Minecraft server 1.2.3 (and probably earlier) kicks players that try to use color in their chat messages automatically.

    That's nothing NoCheat does, so don't get confused why deactivating "chat.color" check of NoCheat doesn't fix this.
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    OH NO! He's leaving.

    Damn... I've seen this plugin rise and now I'm seeing its fall...
    Rest in peace, NoCheat, and goodbye Evenprime. Hope everything goes well in your life :D

    The only fear that I have is that after you leave, anti-cheating plugins will go wild, and several versions will come up (like permission and economy plugins), some lacking features while others are buggy, and infinite chaos...
    Got anything for that?
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    Players can't climb on Vines.... Can you fix this?
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    Update NoCheat. It works in latest version.
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    Oh...^^ i don't see the update, thx :D
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    Hey, I know you just said you quit but... NoCheat does not seem to work for me on bukkit build #2037. (using Nocheat 3.5.0)

    Even with bare minimum plugin setup it does not seem to disable flying for regular players.
    Here's the plugins I have running and am failing to make NoCheat work successfully:
    - Essentials / Essentials Chat / Essentials Group Manager
    - NoCheat

    Heres a pastie of my config for NoCheat:
    And here's a pastie of my groups.yml in Group Manager:
    And lastly, just in case, here is a pastie of my server log right after performing a /reload command.

    Is there something I am doing wrong? Or will NoCheat simply not work with craftbukkit 2037 yet?

    If it isn't working with build 2037 and this is the plugin's error, will you be updating NoCheat when new builds come out at least? The way you worded it, it just sounds like you're not going to be adding anymore features. I hope you keep updating, because I don't know if you realize but there are like thousands of servers that NEED this plugin, and wont function well without it. Mine included.
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    Just tried that combination (NoCheat 3.5.0 + build #2037) and it works for me. Maybe the players are in "creative mode" and therefore allowed to fly? You can also do a quick check if the permissions are setup correctly by typing in the console "nocheat permlist playername". It should show you what permissions the player really has (or better said, what permissions NoCheat sees).
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    I figured it out, i specifically had to go to the default group and add
    Default group
        - -nocheat.checks.moving.runfly
        - -nocheat.checks.moving.flying
        - -nocheat.checks.moving.swimming
        - -nocheat.checks.moving.sneaking
        - -nocheat.checks.moving.nofall
        - -nocheat.checks.moving.morepackets
    To my knowledge thats not how nocheat is supposed to work as it says in the instruction file that anybody with the nocheat.checks permissions will be ignored from checks. Specifically adding those shouldn't be required. Its weird. But thanks for you input anyways Evenprime I <3 you :).

    But are you going to keep this plugin updated with new bukkit builds? Just not adding new features? If you're gonna drop this plugin completely you should look for a successor to continuate it.
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    Uhm. Will you keep it working for newer Bukkit builds, are do you plan to drop it all together?
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    Thanks for what you have created, dude. I hope you know that hundres ( if not thousands ) of servers would be gone already if they didn't have NoCheat. imo it is a must-have nowadays and I'm looking forward to the continuation(s) :) They have big footsteps to step into :)

    I hope you never get bad feedback for taking your priorities. Everyone in here is hery voluntarily and every dev should understand this decision very well. :)
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    Depends on if it breaks before alternatives are available. But I think Bukkit will be stable for some weeks now, enough for others to build alternatives to NoCheat.

    People are disappointed, but take the news overall pretty well. It's probably because I didn't just disappear from one day to another. :)


    I've a homepage now. It's still very experimental and lacks a lot of content, but whatever. It will be Bukkit related, but not exclusively.

    EDIT: Forgot why I posted here in the first place. I updated the BukkitDev page to explain that I've stopped NoCheat development.

    Due to a request, NoCheat is now dual licensed GPLv3 and MIT.

    That means you can choose which one of these licenses you want to obey when you take all or parts of NoCheat and use it in your own projects.

    If you simply use NoCheat on your server, this doesn't affect you at all. It is only interesting for other developers.

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    not climbable on my server.. using 3.5

    oops, works now
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    I still don't know why you set yourself as "inactive" for this plugin, your like the most active plugin maker that ik. U update like once a week.. Most other ppl update once every 2-3 months. Your a lifesaver from a world of hackers <3
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    Best post ever.
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