Inactive [SEC] NoCheat v3.5.0 [CB 1.2.4 R1.0][ABANDONED]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Evenprime, Feb 15, 2011.

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    Hello Evenprime,

    First of all, thaks for your hard work on this plugin. It's present 24/7 on my server for months now.

    On the past, the plugin recomended that Bukkit has the Allowflight string as "true". This is still recomended nowadays?

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    I've fixed this some time ago. Please update NoCheat to a newer version.

    If you want to allow some players to use mods for flying, then yes. Else the builtin fly protection of Minecraft may kick them from the server when they fly. If you don't want to allow flying for anyone anyway, then you can set it to/leave it at false.
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    Thanks for your quick feedback.
    The only ones flying will be the mods if the have /gamemode 1, no exceptions.

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    I both hate and respect you, but anyway good job with no cheat. Minecraft servers would all be fucked without no cheat.
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    My last two weeks started right now. Sometime in the middle of March I'll be practically leaving Minecraft and Bukkit and Plugin development forever. You'll only get answers to questions and small bugfixes on weekends (if at all), no more new features and as soon as I got the feeling that someone else is capable of providing similar service as NoCheat does, I'll retire completely (unless I feel like retiring earlier). NoCheat is Open Source and has a nice License that allows you to do pretty much everything with it, so if someone feels like making a clone - use a different name then to avoid confusion (!), go for it.

    This is no joke, although I initially planned on leaving on April 1st, effectively making an April fools joke that isn't one - therefore actually fooling people. ;) (damn, so close).

    I'm leaving for personal/private life reasons. And because there will be someone that tries to use my leaving as an example of how "X" is destroying the community, here are some things that are NOT the reason for me to leave:

    - Lack of donations: I'm not stupid, I never expected to make even remotely enough money from this in comparison to the time and effort that I'd have to put into it. And I was right. For those that are curious, I got ~200 $ in donations for over a year of work (at least 10 hours a week spent on "customer" support, information gathering, reading through source code and programming, that's 50 weeks * 10 hours = 500 hours for 200 $ - or less than 50c per hour).

    - Lack of appreciation: I got nice comments from time to time about people liking the plugin, also I could clearly see that it gets used a lot by servers. I never felt like people didn't respect my work or were "ungrateful pricks". Also, the occassional "I like your plugin" or "Thank you" really did lighten up my mood and motivate me when I felt burned out a bit (HINT: "Thank you" is ridiculously cheap to say and really has a positive impact on developers, so be sure to use it from time to time).

    - "Stupid" users: Minecraft is for many people the first time that they host a server or have such close contact to software, software developers and configuration files, therefore it is just to be expected that they ask "stupid" questions. And that they ask the same questions over and over and over again. I (at least hope that I) have never shot such people down and always tried to help them. And I liked helping them, 99% of the time. If I had a bad day, I tried to not answer at all than be insulting to someone who didn't really do anything wrong.

    - "Bukkit": Bukkits limited API, the slow development process, new features that take ages to implement. All of these did never really bother me. And all of these things did vastly improve over the last few months, so there is really nothing I could complain about here. To the contrary, I really like where the project is heading now and wished I could participate longer in the ride into to future. I don't see Bukkit ending anytime soon. :)

    - Curse, BukkitDev": I never had problems with these. Except for Curse destroying my "Evenprime" account (it's somewhere in Nirvana) which (I have to admit) was partly my fault. But hey, I simply used "Evenprime85" instead and all was well.

    - "The Community": I didn't participate in the community here at the bukkit forums over the last few months, because I've used others that were a lot more fun to me, because more specialized in what I'm interested in. So I can't say "the community" did influence me at all, neither in a positive nor negative sense.

    - "Spout": At first I was exited about Spout becoming its own Minecraft server project. But now that I've seen where they are planning to go I've to say I don't see them as a competition to Bukkit anymore. I'll get my glass sphere and predict the future for you: Spout will never be able to provide the "vanilla" gameplay feeling of the original Minecraft, because a lot of that gameplay comes from design flaws in Minecraft. Either Spout would have to implement them too (which they won't, that's the whole reason for writing a server from scratch) or somehow try to emulate them (which is almost impossible). Trust me, I've had to work around those flaws for a year, I know them very well. So I expect Spout to become a platform for total conversion "mods" of Minecraft, that don't even try to give you the vanilla gameplay feeling, while Bukkit stays the number 1 in providing the "original Minecraft multiplayer experience". Long story short, "Spout" had no influence on my decision.

    - Threats, Bribes: Some may think by writing a plugin like NoCheat I'd get a lot of threats from people or people that try to bribe me into stopping developing it (or adding some kind of backdoor). And you are right. I did get threats, but none of them could be taken serious. If e.g. I regularly got random people threaten me to find out who I am and to release that info (to "dox" me), despite me clearly providing that info for free to everybody that's capable of reading. Open your "NoCheat.jar", then the "Readme.txt". Tada, you've successfully "dox'd" me. *snicker* Also I regularly got money offers for adding backdoors to NoCheat. Highest (real) offer was 50$ for somehow excluding a username from NoCheats checks. I also got the offer of 500 $ for retiring immediatly, but that was likely a joke. Rest assured that I never gave in to threats or accepted bribes like that.

    Can't think of any other NON-reasons atm, although I'm sure people find something that they can link me to somehow anyway. :/

    Thanks for the nice time. I hope you liked what I did for Minecraft and Bukkit.

    PS: I'll try to squeeze some small new features/stuff into those last two weeks, but don't expect too much.
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    Quite a lovely plugin you crafted. Excellent legacy to leave behind.
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    Good luck in your future endeavors Evenprime you've left quite an impression on the MC Modding Community. Best wishes!
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    That was both the best and worst post I have ever read on this forum. Best because you are apparently quite awesome, and worst because I have two plugins and a server that depend on NoCheat. That's the same for everybody though.

    Very much so, without NoCheat the server I run would be a lawless crazy world. To be honest, I think most of the restrictions you put in place with the plugin should be made a part of CraftBukkit (would that actually be possible in some way ?).

    It would be a shame to see NoCheat die since it has become so iconic, and just the fact that it on the /pl list will stop a lot of people even bothering with any kind of cheats.

    Anyway. Thank You.
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    What fun is coding kNoHax if I don't have someone to beat?!?! Gah! I'll just have to battle hackers I suppose...
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    Thanks for the nice words and support everyone!

    Bukkit/Minecraft did already implement the things that can be safely used without interfering with other features of the game. NoCheat is conflicting with a lot of plugins and mods, so that'd would cause them a lot more problems than it is worth.

    It won't vanish immediatly. It just becomes a static target that you can aim at. :)


    I just read about Bukkit becoming officially part of Mojang. What an odd timing. I didn't know about that when I wrote my "farewell" notes, so I'll just comment on that now too.

    I think it is a great opportunity to make Minecraft better and also more secure. Most of the limitations of NoCheat come from the inability of changing the server and client directly. I do expect that now that Minecraft server and client get specifically changed to support modding, a lot of the bugs and design problems that NoCheat tried to fix can be fixed at their source, making many parts of NoCheat no longer necessary (or at least the work of whoever picks it up a lot easier).

    Also, this change to Bukkit (which essentially means Bukkit as a standalone project will die soon) gives me a perfect target for how long I have to keep NoCheat alive (only very basic maintainance on weekends if something breaks, as stated earlier).
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    I was just saying this, It's honestly excellent timing.
    So long, and thanks for all the fish. Oh, and hey, stay active on HF:)
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    Mini FAQ (stuff I got asked):

    What will I do now without NoCheat on my server?!?!

    The plugin is still here, it is already updated for CB 1.1 R5 and I will make the (one codeline) change to get it working on CB 1.2 if and when it's necessary (if it is at all necessary). So that should give you at least a few months of still working NoCheat goodness for your server.

    Who will take over? Who is your successor?

    I've thought about that and while I think there are a lot of people that could do it, I won't name an official successor/new developer for NoCheat or hand the project over to somebody. I'll also keep the "NoCheat" project page on BukkitDev for myself.

    Two reasons:

    1) The last time I tried to hand over a mod to some other developer, it was chaos. Users were confused who they should go to for support etc. and I really felt bad about the whole situation.
    2) I always hated that NoCheat was (most of the time) a one of a kind plugin. It's great to feel relevant like that, but I think I've hurt the progress of AC plugins as a whole by being "the one" goto guy for combatting cheaters and therefore leaving little room to breathe for other devs that try to make themselves a name in that area.

    But if nobody takes over, what happens?

    If I could make a wish, it would be that multiple developers just pick whatever they liked about NoCheat (code, ideas) and made their own plugins out of it. Or just take everything as is, name it e.g. "NoCheat++" and keep going the direction that I went. But I definitely don't want someone to take the plugin and name it "NoCheat", because of the "confusing people" thing. I won't sue you or anything, I just think it's in the best interest of everybody to leave the name "NoCheat" solely associated with "the plugin that's 100% made by Evenprime and stopped being actively developed back in ...". Thanks for respecting that wish and burn in hell if you don't! (jk)

    Will there be updates? Will there be support?

    Yes, I will make ONE final update with a new feature this weekend/beginning of next week. The rest of the time I'll go through NoCheats codebase and add comments wherever I think documentation is lacking. After that I'll just check if something seriously breaks whenever Bukkit gets a new RB out. I'll try to answer questions, but I fear I won't have the time for proper support. I appreciate it when other users answer the common and simple questions instead of me.

    I want to take over NoCheat development!

    That's great. NoCheat is open source and you are free to use everything (ideas, code) for your own plugin. You especially don't have to ask me for permission to use my work, just do it. But as said earlier, please use a different name for your plugin if you plan to distribute it, such that it can be easily distinguished from mine. If you have a specific question about why I made something the way I did, please contact me via PM or on skype (evenprime85) to grab my attention.

    What happened? Private issues?

    Rest assured that nothing bad happened to me. But I was forced to reorder priorities in my life, and Minecraft simply didn't make it into the top spots of that list.
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    HackForums? I think so! xD

    Well, best of luck in life. Don't forget to talk about NoCheat on your resume! :D
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    A request:
    I think there should be two checks. One for the current system of teleportation to previous location. And then another, less sensitive check, which kicks when there is a violation. That way people get the point when being teleported back isn't enough.
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    Sad day to see one of the great plugin devs leaving bukkit.. Best of luck to you Evenprime
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    Thank you for the absolutely brilliant plugin. It has become one of those vital plugins for our servers and I appreciate the hard work you've put into it. Good luck with your life and I hope to still see you around on other forums and/or IRC.
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    @Everprime with you leaving lots of servers will have lots of trouble you have just made server owners able to detect and control it alot easier. And i thank you for that.

    We will all miss you.
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    Don't know how you guys got wind of this sooo fast, but thanks for all Evenprime !
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    It'll be sad to see you go, but I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors, and I thank you for the service to this community you have done.
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    It's a shame to see you go, and I wish you luck in overcoming any future obstacles. You've always had a great, positive attitude from what I can tell--and that makes all the difference in a community.

    All I ask of you is that you come back next Winter so I can make another santa-hat, if only to keel my boredom over.

    Also, as much as it pains me to say it, I feel I must since you've done so much:
    Rarity is -okay-, at best. ;)
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  23. Evenprime
    Thanks for all the work you put in to this. NoCheat is an essential part of any Minecraft server.
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    Hats off to you. Needn't say more, you changed server hosting for the better.
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    it Donse Not Work
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    It donse.
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    lol another person who shouldnt run a server. (not you, the person you quoted)
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    Thanks for such an awesome plugin! :)
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    I might continue this project.
    Or not.
    But it is possible.
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    Thank you for all the work you have done! You have made plenty of server admins's lives much easier :)
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    Thanks for the nice words. :D

    NoCheat v 3.4.4:

    • fix breaking of "cmd" actions in R6
    • make "flightheight" relative to world height instead of absolute (also got a new default value)
    • very extensive source documentation

    This version works for R6 and should work for 1.2 dev versions (at least it did for me). Also, as promised, this weekend you'll get a last feature update of NoCheat by me.
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