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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Evenprime, Feb 15, 2011.

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    Great plugin, but i need to configure it so it handles obvious cheating by itself.
    Problem; i dont understand much, and i cant find sufficient information about setting it up.

    Im trying to set up so that obvious cheaters are warned twice (w/kick), then banned.

    If someone could just point me to a document / page that explains everything in details.

    E.g. actions: log:drop:0:1:cif cmd:kick
    Where can i read what it all means in this combination?

    another example:
    vl>400 log:movelong:0:5:cif cancel
    So after violation level 400 (meaning just what?) it logs "movelong":0:5:cif <- what does this last part mean?

    #2263 Ok so i = ingame message and f=logging to file. Where are we suppose to learn this without askin on the forum about every letter?

    Where can i see wich violation levels are minor and severe without waiting for people to cheat and then write it down?

    Thanks for any help on the matter! and /bow to you evenprime
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    blameless : You should normally get a text file called Instructions.txt next to the config.yml that contains most info. You can also find it online here:

    As for the "violation levels". I think I've never documented how they are calculated for each check, beyond "big = bad". I'll try to give a short overview:

    moving.flying/running/walking/sneaking/swimming: VL is total the distance in 1/100 blocks that the player moved beyond what NoCheat allowed. So a vl of 400 would mean he wanted to go 4 blocks further than NoCheat expected, either in one step or distributed over many small steps. The running/walking/sneaking/swimming share the same vl value, so failing any of these variants adds to the same vl.

    moving.nofall: VL is the total fall distance for which the player tried to avoid damage, in blocks.

    moving.morepackets: VL is the total number of packets that were sent beyond the limit. Normally people send 20 packets per second.

    blockbreak.reach, blockplace.reach and fight.reach: The total distance between maximimum reach and the targeted enemy, in blocks.

    blockbreak.noswing, fight.noswing: Total number of broken blocks/attacks that were made without moving the arm first.

    blockbreak.direction, blockplace.direction and fight.direction: The total distance that the players line of view went past the target, in blocks.

    inventory.drop: Total number of items dropped beyond the set limit.

    inventory.instantbow, inventory.instanteat: Total time that the player shot the arrow before he should've been able to, or finished eating before he should've been able to, in 1/10 seconds.

    chat.spam, chat.color: Total number of messages that were sent beyond the limit or contained color codes.

    nocheat.checks.fight.speed: Total number of attacks that were made beyond the set limit.

    nocheat.checks.fight.godmode: This one is hard to explain. The total number of ticks that the player tried to stay invulnerable. There are 20 ticks per second.

    For all of these the VL gets reduced over time when they pass the corresponding checks. NoCheat only keeps track of player data for 1-2 minutes after the player left the server. So the kick twice, ban on third time will probably not work (very good).
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    There's an exploit which is used through some clients to regenerate health instantly/very fast if the food bar is full, which allows for some sort of semi-godmode, I'm not entirely sure on how it works yet though, also I have some reports of people being able to speedhack while inside boats, although I don't have much info about that and how it would even work.
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    I love your plugin to start and I thank you for all the hard work I have been using this ever since I started a server.

    Now to the reason to brought me here =/ I use STAB stop talking auto ban. I'd like to remove it so I did along with the folder/jar etc... Now I was hoping your chat spam would remove players for spamming I set it to 1 msg and set the spam to 2 in the yml and players can just spam all day without anything happening. I have mchatsuite but it doesn't offer and anti spam and that's the only chat plugin I have. Was wondering what could be the issue or why this isn't kick spammers both on command spam and normal chat thanks.

    Running latest bukkit 1.1.R3 and the latest nocheat.
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    I know how it works, so don't bother searching for the answer to that.

    Why would you remove a working plugin that does what you want it to do? NoCheats "spam" check is intended to simply prevent people from crashing your server by spamming a lot, not really to prevent people from annoying others by spamming. If you have found a plugin that suits your needs when it comes to spam, please stick to it and support its creator. :)
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    I would but the amount of CPU it takes is insane along with the amount of errors it has =/ If I could get a plugin such as yours that does the same thing that doesn't eat all my CPU and give errors why wouldn't I use that ;) Anyways I guess thanks for the reply and take care!
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    So i've been reading and i'll keep reading until i find the answer but maybe you could help. I have essentials and alot of the /warp /home and a few others don't work right NC reports a violation and ports them right back to where they were... in order for them to work do i have to disable that portion of NC's options? or can i adjust it so they work but people that hack and try to port will get a legitimate violation? Thanks for you hard work too I love everyone of you guys on bukkit =)
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    I have no idea why you would have problems like that. Unless essentials does teleport players in an unsafe way there shouldn't be any problems. Or maybe you use an outdated version of NoCheat, that could be the problem too. Latest version is 3.3.0, you can usually check the NoCheat version you have by typing "version NoCheat" into the console.

    @ everybody:

    I'm working on a solution for the spambot problem (people joining a server with an ridiculous amount of accounts at almost the same time and all are spamming) that seems to have increased over the course of the last weeks. I think I can finish it this week.
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    thanks for the quick response!!! i figured out im using an older version and i'll fix that, thanks for helpin out even if it was a stupid request on my part =\ and again thanks for an AWESOME plugin! =)
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    Hi there,
    since this latest version, the anti-spam doesnt work anymore?

    I have:
          active: true
          whitelist: ''
          timeframe: 3
          messagelimit: 4
          commandlimit: 12
          actions: cmd:ban:0:3:if cancel vl>30 cmd:ban:0:3:cif 
    but still people can do .spam without getting banned :(
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    This "cmd:ban:0:3:if" doesn't make sense. If you want to run a command, you would not have the ":if" at the end, because that's only a parameter for "log" actions (it sets where the message should be shown), not for "cmd" actions. You can also read about that here:
    This causes your "cmd" to not work at all. Therefore NoCheat only can work with:

    "actions: cancel vl>30 (nothing)"

    which means the first 30 messages get cancelled, but if someone spams even more than that, nothing happens anymore. You most likely wanted:

    "actions: cancel vl>30 cmd:ban cancel"

    which would be "cancel all messages. When reaching 30 messages, run the "ban" command (whatever it is in your case).

    Version 3.4.0:

    • new check "chat.spambot": Try to determine if players connect from public proxies and therefore are most likely to be used for mass spamming (multiple players connect and are remotely controlled)
    • improved fight.direction check to be adapt better to enemies of unusual big or small height (e.g. Endermen, Chicken)
    • REWRITTEN "Instructions.txt" file. Please take a look at it, it should be much more readable and informative

    New Check "chat.spambot": If a player successfully logged in, the check will start to query 5 servers (you can change the servers, how many, etc.) if the IP used by the player is known to be from a public proxy server, and therefore the player is likely to avoid IP bans and most likely tries to spam the server (such players join the server in big groups and spam them fully automated for a while, such that each player alone isn't considered spamming). The check will then:

    - if the IP is blacklisted at atleast one of the servers: Show a message in console, chat and logfile saying which servers have the player blacklisted

    - if the IP is blacklisted at atleast two of the servers: Use much stricter limits for message and command spam for that player for as long as he is on the server

    - if the IP is blacklisted at atleast four of the servers: kick the player

    You can prevent that players get checked at all by giving them permission node "". You can also of course just change the settings to only get warned about people using public proxies etc., as usual.

    PS: I'd really love feedback on the spambot thing, because I DON'T run a minecraft server myself. Almost all of my development comes from "this should work" thinking. So I'm interested in:

    - Did "normal" players have trouble connecting
    - When your server was under attack by such a spam tool, did it catch at least some of the bots at all or completely fail
    - How many of the servers (and which of them) seem to be especially (un)reliable.

    NoCheat 3.4.1:

    • fix broken movement check of Nocheat. They'd detect flying, but not prevent it
    • fix new spambot check to really be disabled when set "active: false"
    • replaced two of the default servers for spambot check with alternatives, you'll have to delete that entry from your config file to get the new servers (delete the whole line "servers: ...", not just the actual servers from your config.yml)

    After some intial feedback I decided to use different servers now. Also, thanks to those that reported the two bugs so fast!

    Updating is highly recommended!

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    Great release Even! I love the new Instructions.txt =)
    Cant help you with the spambot thing though, have no clue how to set it up.
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    Hello could you make normal permissons supported would help me out very much.
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    For those that are wondering: NoCheat does already support the upcoming "1.1 R5" version of CraftBukkit. So don't fear the update.

    Want a plugin that can really block those spambots? Try this:


    It does a much better job than NoCheat will probably ever do, so I'll remove the spambot feature from NoCheat with the next version. If you like it, be sure to leave some feedback for the author or donate.

    I'm very happy that somebody else made such a plugin now, let's me work on the stuff that I'm good at.

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    Hey, could you please update to R5? :)
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    R5 hasn't been released yet. And NoCheat will work with R5 anyway, no need to update it.

    Oh yeah, 1.1 R5 will obliterate the Permissions 2/3 plugins. So awesome! /)^3^(\

    If you still use those (or explicitely support those in your plugin - why would you do that??), you should really stop now. There is no point in using/supporting a permission system that has no working plugins left that use it.

    Finally. /rant

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    For those that tried the link to "AntiPwnage" and didn't find the plugin that I talked about: It has been taken down by the author because of threats against him. I'm picking up the development of it now, expect to find the plugin (now called "NoPwnage") here: soon.
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    Why not?
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    Because the Permissions 3.1.6 plugin will no longer work with CB 1.1 R5 (it breaks completely).

    Please just stop using plugins that haven't been updated for over 6 months and update to either PermissionsEx, bPermissions or Essentials GroupManager.
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    ahhh man i gusse ill have to upgrade to bPermissions i have been thinking about doing it for a long time but havent had time to remake all permissons but i gusse ill have to do it then :( well thanks for the update didnt know it wont working in 1.1 R5
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    bPermissions has an import tool for the old Permissions 3 files. That should make it easier for you, just go to the thread of the plugin and ask how to use it, if unsure. :)
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    okay now im confused like it brings my currnet groups from permissions to bPermissons?
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    Yes, it should be able to do that automatically.
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    so if i have my old permissons in the same place as bpermissons it transfers?
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    Yes. You just leave the old config files where they are, install bPermissions and then follow the instructions here (scroll down a bit to find "how to import from Permissions 3):
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    dude im not gettin
    dude im not getting it working when i add a group or user when i reload the server it removes all i added do i have to use a sertent command? or waht
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    Have you removed the Permission 3.1.6 plugin? You need to remove that, add bPermissions, restart the server and then - Citation from the FAQ of bPermissions: do these commands: "/permissions import yml" or "/permissions import p3" depending on your case.

    I can't help you beyond that, all I know is that it works.
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    NoCheat v. 3.4.2:

    • Permissions explained in "Instructions.txt"
    • Removed "chat.spambot" check (will probably soon become part of my other plugin "NoPwnage" instead)
    • Fix walking/jumping on/over Nether Fence
    • Added ".silent" permission node for all checks. Don't log messages for that player and check, but still do everything else as usual

    Instructions.txt now includes instructions for permissions.

    I removed the spambot check thingy because I'll move it soon into my new plugin "NoPwnage" that's aimed specifically at spambots.

    Walking on nether fence should be possible now without problems.

    You can now use e.g. "nocheat.checks.moving.nofall.silent" permission node to prevent NoCheat from logging "nofall" messages for the player, while still doing everything else (e.g. dealing fall damage) as usual. The ".silent" will work for all checks.
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    I've noticed a bug, with consistent results. If you are sprinting and jumping on ice, it says you are going too fast and jerks you back. This is because if you sprint and jump on ice, you actually do go faster.

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