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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Evenprime, Feb 15, 2011.

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    The thread says it's for 1138, the website says it's for 1118, and the files themselves say they're still for 1060. What the eff is going on?
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    It's a technical limitation. For the files I can't enter anything above CB 1060 (I've requested a change for that, but still waiting), and I have to enter something, so 1060 it is. In the download description/changelog I write what the actual tested version of bukkit is.

    The website says it's 1138, it just has an additional warning that beginning with v2.04 you have to use at least 1118, as 2.04 is the first version that works with MC 1.8.x servers exclusively. I hope this phase goes over soon and an RB is put out, such that I can start to just use that RB number everywhere.
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    Actually, sprinting now works. I have ranks on my server and one of the ranks is mod. I added nocheat.* to the mod permissions (I have permissions 3.1.6) and for some reason when he tried to fly this came up and NoCheat shot him back down to his normal position. When I had CB 1060, this didn't happen. I reloaded permissions but he still couldn't fly XD I'm not sure why. Maybe I did something wrong...
    Whatever u need just tell me
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    You'll have to use a "SuperPerms" supporting plugin with all versions of NoCheat starting from 2.00. I stopped supporting the "nijoku/Yeti"-type Permissions plugins with that version.
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    So your saying I have to copy all the permissions to use SuperPerms?
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    Depends on which plugin you want to use. There are multiple plugin that can do "SuperPerms": PermissionsEX, PermissionBukkit and bPermissions. For instructions on how to use them you'll have to go to their sites and look there.
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    And btw how come when I used the CB 1060 ver. of NoCheat it worked...

    I really prefer using Permissions becuz most of my plugins rely on Permissions. Anyway you can make the next build have support with Permissions?

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    Version 1.xx of NoCheat has supported nijoku/Yeti type "Permissions". I just stopped supporting that in favour of bukkits now official permission framework "SuperPerms.

    I won't bring back the support for the old Permissions plugins. I stopped supporting them for development/technical reasons. Sorry.
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    i have a 2nd request :)

    Can you kick players if they use a flymod?
    Now they only will blocked and I get a message. But many players exploit it to stay in air to build buidings or if they fall down. So they have time to warp to another location etc...

    So maybe a tru/false option or permission to kick the users if they use flymod?
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    You can do that in v2.xx already. Read and "default_actions.txt" to find out how.

    In short, you can freely define your own commands like e.g. "moveCancel". I already provide one such command called "kick" as a reference (if you are satisfied with that, you can just use it directly, by adding the word "kick" to the list of other words like "moveCancel" in the config file) that you can expand on.
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    Ok thanks a lot :)
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    Little status update:

    I'm currently working on a "nofall" check. Progressing well. Started testing now. For those who don't know:

    "NoFall" is a very old hack that has been used and is still used a lot to avoid getting falldamage. It works by simply telling the server with every move you make that you are on the ground and therefore can't be falling. The same trick is used to bypass Minecrafts builtin "anti-fly" feature, because that uses the same (wrong) information about the player being on the ground.

    I will provide you with the usual options (logging and custom commands) and the option to just deal the falldamage to players, even if they use that hack (maybe even with a multiplier, such that you can deal e.g. twice the damage when people cheat like that).
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    EvenPrime, I wanted to personally thank you for creating and continuing to work on this plugin. It's a real godsend, and extremely useful.
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    How do you get SuperPerms? Is it the notepad file called permissions?
    Or do I have to donwload it (If so please link it)
    Thanks for the help =D
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    You will need to use a plugin that can set SuperPerms. Three I know of are "PermissionsBukkit", "bPermissions" and "PermissionEX".

    Version 2.06 is online:

    It contains the previously announced "nofall" check, which will monitor if a player is avoiding getting damaged when hitting the ground by using one of the "nofall" hacks that seem to be widely distributed.

    You can choose to only log those incidents, or to deal the fall damage anyway, despite their hack. NoCheat will usually underestimate the real fall damage, so I added the option for you to set a multiplier that increases the damage that NoCheat will deal to that player. The damage will be dealt as "FALL" damage, such that other plugins get noticed about it and may modify/cancel it.

    The "nofall" check is only active for players that are in survival mode. It is deactivated automatically for players in "creative" mode.

    It may conflict with Spout because it has to dig really deep into minecrafts code to collect all the necessary information for this test. I couldn't test that yet. If you use Spout, please tell me if you get any strange exceptions thrown at the console in combination with NoCheat.

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  17. Is there a way to make it so NoCheat defaults to op even if there is a permission plugin installed. Some of the plugins I use do not work with perms. Help will be great appreciated.
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    Versions starting with 2.00 default to OP if you don't explicitly set permissions somehow (explicitely giving or taking away permissions related to NoCheat from players). It also doesn't matter if you have a Permissions plugin or not in that case.
  19. You sure it defaults to op? My ops can not even fly on the server..
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    I figured I would post here in addition to my dev ticket.
    Deep water should cancel falling damage. 2.06 flags deep water as a hacked fall and kills the player. Players are sad that they can't fall into water.
    Maybe you're just trying to enforce realism, but this isn't how minecraft physics work!
  21. Could we limit NoCheat to survival and make Creative compatible with tools like Worldedit and Voxelsniper ?
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    Yes, I'm very sure of that. NoCheat 2.xx defaults to OP in all cases. Unless you get some message from NoCheat, it may be something else that stops you from flying.

    Unless the players used a client with "nofall" feature, I can't explain why that would happen. It is totally possible that the use of "nofall" hacks causes players to take damage when falling into deep water. I'll have to see if I can change that, if that's the problem.

    Anybody else got problems with the "nofall" feature?

    NoCheats latest versions deactivate all features that would conflict with players in "creative mode" automatically. E.g. players in creative mode are automatically allowed to fly, have further reach for block breaking, aso.
    So you really just have to set NoCheat up for the players in survival mode.

    Ok, I just verified that this only happens for me if I use a client that has a "nofall" hack in it and it is activated (some clients even have that kind of hack active by default and it can't be deactivated). So any additional input about the circumstances under which you had problems is appreciated.

    PS: I'll modify the check to treat water the way Minecraft does, such that people with "nofall2 hacks aren't unfairly disadvantaged when jumping into water.

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    Not sure what to tell you. I had three separate people try jumping into water from that same height and every one of them died upon touching the water and threw a nofall detection message. I might have believed that one of them was using such a hack but not all three. (In addition, is the permission the only way to disable the check so far? I tried adding an entry in the config consistant with the other options for movement checks and it was still active.) Anyway, once I put in the nofall permission to disable it, the same fall was no longer lethal.
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    I see your plugin mentioned in this thread. Its a few days old but im a little unsure if NoCheat has this fix already? They weren't very specific in saying if it is implemented in NoCheat.
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    I've implemented a different way to fix that duplication bug in NoCheat. It is always active for all players.
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  27. I think its because I am using group manager but it should not matter because I am op and it should just let me fly? Well it doesn't matter guess I will just use the old versions and stuff like that.
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    I don't believe GroupManager would be a problem. Hasn't development for that stopped a while ago? Afaik it doesn't do anything with "SuperPerms", so it should not cause any problems with NoCheat v 2.xx. Unless you have some plugin that sets permission nodes starting with "nocheat." to false, it should work, as all those nodes get initialized with the value "op".

    So, uploaded a new version 2.06a:

    Only some changes to the "nofall" check: Let the game itself decide if and when to deal damage to the falling player, instead of trying to decide ourself. This will 100% prevent players from accidentially getting damaged by falling into water.

    However, it will still damage players that use a "nofall" hack when they land on water. That is not something that I could easily fix, as the players lie to the server, claiming they are landing on solid ground. I also think don't want to fix that. The players could just turn off their hack if they don't want to get damaged from falling into water...

    btw. please take a look at my todo list:

    Feel somethings missing or have some ideas for one of those things? Feel free to message me.

    Oh, for those that are wondering about that. The "nofall" check is part of the "runfly" check, that means it's configuration options are located there instead of getting a seperate section in the config file. This is because the "nofall" check only makes sense if the "runfly" check is active.

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    Alright. Thanks again for your work on this plugin. I will try the new version tonight and hope it fixes my issues. It's just that I've had people I know die from falling damage all the time getting killed by falling in water so I don't think they have any falling hacks installed.

    I mean I can edit permissions remotely and turn the detection back on. You could theoretically check my claim in person if need be.
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    first thanks for a great plugin, second i would like some help on actions.

    So for example how do i define an action kick a player if spamming, or try to fly to oftent? I didnt get much from the docs.

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    Simple, copy this line:

    consolecommand mykick 5 0 kick [player]
    in your actions.txt file.

    Replace the "mykick" with whatever name you want, and replace the "5" with how often a player is allowed to fail the check per minute, before he gets kicked. If you need different types of kicks, just add additional lines and give different names to each.

    If you have a plugin that handles the "/kick" command and allows for additional information, e.g. a message to the player that gets kicked, you can append that at the end of the line, e.g.:

    consolecommand mykick 5 0 kick [player] Goodbye, [player], it was nice to meet you!
    As you have probably guessed, the "[player]" gets replaced with the users name.

    Now that you have your personal kick commands, you can add them to any of the "actions" lines in the config file you want. E.g. for spamming it could look like this in the config.txt:

    chat.spam.actions.0 = "spamLog spamCancel mykick"
    PS: The zero in the line would be the delay in seconds between two executions of that action. Because a kick is an action that doesn't have to be repeated, it doesn't matter what number stands there.

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