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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Evenprime, Feb 15, 2011.

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    but the version 2 is better performance than 1.14?
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    They are about the same when it comes to CPU usage.


    I've uploaded v2.01a to BukkitDev. It fixes a bug that prevents some files from being created if you don't have the "NoCheat" folder already. (A /reload would fix the problem too).
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    I only see 2.01
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    Yeah, the BukkitDev thing requires every uploaded file to be "approved" before it can be downloaded with that fat "DOWNLOAD" button in the top right corner.

    You can go to this page (also reachable via a link on the main page): to get the newer version earlier.
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    I still see people running around with speedhacks after I put this on my server, no they don't have permissions or op
  7. wow, the defaults settings must be mess - more packets of 30-50 are common so nearly every player gets reset with their moves! This needs to be fine-tuned, plz, and I really dont understand all new settings!
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    I've rewritten that check now. In some cases it would show wrong numbers in the logs (too high). And it now should be resistant to serverside lag (e.g. when the server does a "save all", which causes big lag).

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    how can i close the messages in game and in the console?
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    Read the descriptions.txt file in your "plugins/NoCheat/" folder. It contains explainations about what each setting in the "config.txt" means and does. E.g. by setting:

    logging.consolelevel = "off"

    nothing is logged to the console anymore.

    Going to bed now. Please leave comments about the latest version 2.01b, if it fixed/reduced your problems with false positives by the "more packets" check.

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    Your Plugin, is one of the top plugins on my server, its in my "high priority" section, Thank you so much for having the time to keep this running and being so responsive! I wish you luck for 1.8 with the sprinting (uh oh) Thanks.
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    Im op and i get that notify, is there any permission that disable it for me, i got every signle permission so it's different for ops.. :)

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    This guy can hover quite a bit off the ground using a flymod. I triple checked, he doesnt have any nocheat permissions. If he goes too high it'll drag him back, but he can go about twice the normal jump and hover. Here is a screenshot and my config file.
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    03.09 20:54:06 [Server] SEVERE NC: nastynizzle failed morepackets: Sent 79.0 more packets than expected. Total violation level 57.00.
    03.09 20:54:06 [Server] SEVERE NC: supteehee failed morepackets: Sent 62.0 more packets than expected. Total violation level 39.00.
    03.09 20:54:06 [Server] SEVERE NC: Wildfan19 failed morepackets: Sent 82.0 more packets than expected. Total violation level 59.00.
    03.09 20:54:06 [Server] SEVERE NC: erinhartje failed morepackets: Sent 76.0 more packets than expected. Total violation level 49.00.
    03.09 20:54:06 [Server] SEVERE NC: iToony failed morepackets: Sent 75.0 more packets than expected. Total violation level 54.00.
    Any have any input on this error?
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    justin shulman

    Great plugin, however how do i set it to kick people who fly, also how do i make it more sensitive? Thankyou
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    When I start up nocheat, the plugin spams the chat with '00:46:43 [INFO] test' over and over, every time someone looks around or moves. Is there a way to disable this, or is this a bug in the plugin?
    I am running bukkit 1060 with NoCheat 2.01b
    The other plugins I have installed are:

    All plugins are up to date as I have been redoing the entire plugin folder this weekend

    Any help is greatly appreciated
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    For NoCheat 1.xx: Remove the permission "nocheat.notify"
    For NoCheat 2.xx: Remove the permission "nocheat.admin.chatlog"

    This happens when your server has a long lag (~ 2 seconds in your case). If you were running a version older than 2.01b, try the new version. It has a new server lag detection and should avoid this kind of false positive.

    Depends on which version you use. If you use version 2.xx, take a look at the file "default_actions.txt". It has instructions on how you can define your own actions that will be taken in case of a violation. There is an example of how to issue a kick command in the console.
    # E.g. Kick a player
    consolecommand kick 0 0 kick [player]
    This will issue the command "kick [player]" at the server console. You can do any command you want. If you want to define your own command, just open "actions.txt" (an almost empty file) and copy the line there. Now you can edit it, e.g. make it:

    consolecommand kickafter5times 5 0 kick [player]
    Which means that a player only gets kicked if he does more than 5 violations within one minute. When you are satisfied, copy the name you gave your personal action (in this example "kickafter5times") and put it where you want it in the "config.txt" file, e.g.

    moving.running.actions.400 = "moveLogHighShort moveCancel kickafter5times"
    Editing the file "default_actions.txt" directly is pointless, it will be replaced on every start of the plugin. That's what "actions.txt" is for.

    I'm very sure that this message isn't mine. Must be from another plugin.
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    Everything is removed, but there is still same issue.
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    Then NoCheat probably looks at the wrong permission system.

    If you use v2.xx of NoCheat, you must use "SuperPerms" (that means e.g. PermissionEX, bPermission or PermissionBukkit).
    If you use v1.xx of NoCheat, you can use "SuperPerms" (but then you'll have to use "newpermsystem: true" in the config.yml of NoCheat), or the old permission system (but then you'll have to use "newpermsystem: false" in the config.yml of NoCheat).

    If you are not interested in getting those messages ingame at all, you can completely deactivate them in the config file. Nobody will receive them anymore then, no matter what Permissions they got. The option is called "logging.chatlevel" in v2.xx of NoCheat and you can set it to "off". In v1.xx of NoCheat I believe it's called "logtoconsole".
  20. I can guarantee that the false positives are not from lag of our server! There is no lag on our server!

    @Evenprime , sry, but at the current state nocheat is completly unusable here! Can you please add a download link for the 1.14 version? thx!

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    Have you tried the Nocheat 2.01b? There are download links in the OP for older versions.
  22. *facepalm* I was wondering where those DL links are, cos I was sure I saw them before, hehe!

    And no, I havent tested 2.01b - our players already got very annoyed by the 2.01a experiment so I will wait a bit till this version matured a bit more before we unleash it again on our playerbase ;)
    Also, the info 2.x gives makes no real sense to me... packets, levels? No idea how to read that...
    And btw, we are using spout in case thats an issue.
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    Can't help you then, as the 2.01b version was made to prevent those "all players fail the morepackets check at the same time".

    I haven't had time yet to write proper documentation. But in general: "violationLevel" is an arbitrary number that reflects how bad a players fails a check, e.g. how far he tried to fly, or how fast he tried to run, how many times he tried to break a block that's not in his line of sight, etc. The number increases with every failed check, and decreases by itself over time.
  24. I will check into the latest version soon and do a few tests with it, but as I said - i cant annoy the players with more live tests right now or they will jump on me throat! ;)
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    Understandable. I'd have used the old version of NoCheats "speedhack" check for the new "more packets" check, but that proved to be bypassable by a neat little trick. So I started from zero with the new one.
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    is it possible to allow fly-mod in one world and deny it in an other?
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    I've now finished a guide to the new "Actions" system of NoCheat 2.xx, which should hopefully help you understand what the system does and how you can customize it to your needs.

    Documentation of NoCheat 2.xx is work in progress, I add to it whenever I feel like typing walls of text.

    I have a policy of not running any clients random people send to me, because too many people try to infect me with a trojan or virus. But if you can tell me how it is called, I'll likely know which client you mean and probably have it lying around somewhere on my computer already.

    Yes. But in 1.xx versions of NoCheat, you'll have to use a multiworld capable permissions plugin to give players permissions for each world accordingly.

    Version 2.xx of NoCheat support multiple worlds directly. Read here
    It's very easy to do.
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    AHgpeu this document is russian. use google translate :) this client include all mods for bugs.

    o - weather
    u - protection
    f6 - cave finder
    f7 - hide chat
    f12 - reach
    f4 - clumb
    f9 - megajump
    z - sneak
    r - fly
    y - full bright
    x - wallhack
    l - rentgen
    p - nuker
    c - free cam
    b - torchpick
    n - slow fly
    m - speedhack
    k - ESP
    v - insta mine

    ooo! i have the idea! use virtual mashine. no virus after reboot :)
    sorry for my english again :)
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    Just use virtualbox maybe?
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    nosheat dont work after restart server. client not disconnet ))) its more bugs.

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