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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Evenprime, Feb 15, 2011.

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    Like looking down and placing blocks below you while jumping? I'll look into that.
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    Yeah, especially with half blocks, you glitch and have to either:
    a) reconnect and spawn ontop of it
    b) break the block.
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    Is it poosible to turn this spam message Off "Moving violation: [player] from [world] [from] to [to] distance [distance]" everytime somebody moves ing and in the server logg and still detect cheat?
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    Hi, I've programmed a small plugin that blocks player movement, but since I've updated to RB1060 and NoCheat1.13 NoCheat thinks there a movement violations as long as a player is locked.
    I think this is the relevant part of the code.
        public void onPlayerMove(PlayerMoveEvent event) {
            if (!(event.isCancelled())) {
                Player player = event.getPlayer();
                if (plugin.LockedPlayers.contains(player) && !player.isDead()) {
    Does someone know what I've to change that it works properly with NoCheat?
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    are any options of nocheat especially cpu intensive?
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    please add autokick when a player use flyhack with "severe" message...
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    I had two of my players get stuck in moving violations. I know one of them was building a tower a jumping on top of it in an area he didn't have permission to, which causes moving violations quite often. But for some reason with 1.13, that player got stuck in violation mode and any time they walked at all they got a moving violation. They had to log out for 30+ seconds to get it to go away. Awesome plugin, by the way!

    And now it seems to be happening for almost everyone randomly. I've had to disable the plugin because it was so annoying >.<

    CB 1060 and NoCheat 1.13

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    Yes. Go to the config file. Search for "logtoconsole". Set it to "off".

    At least the fence problem is really my fault. The tower problem seems to be due to clientside lag.

    I've no idea why it wouldn't work with NoCheat. Either NoCheat gets executed first and (in worst case), changes the "to" location of the event, then yours should cancel it altogether and everything should be fine. If yours gets executed first, NoCheat will ignore the event, as it respects the "cancelled" flag of events.

    Most cpu intensive is the "moving" check, because it gets executed many times per second. You can type the command "/nocheat" to see how much time per event and in total was spent by NoCheat doing moving-checks, since it was loaded.

    Will do eventually, but first I need to get rid of these false positives.

    Strange, such "deadlocks" shouldn't be possible anymore. Maybe the changes I made now will fix it.

    Version 1.13a (for CB 1060)

    • Fixed fences and probably most of the "place a block below you while jumping" problems, as far as they can be fixed

      That means fences are treated now as 2-block towers in most cases, plus there are more situations that are accepted as valid positions for the player, if the get stuck in blocks (e.g. while towerbuilding).
    • made "enforceteleport" option active by default

      Just to avoid people asking why there are still flyers on their server. When you generate a new config file (delete the old), the option "enforceteleport" will be true instead of false in the new config file.

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    tha d0ctor

    how come right when I join my server, before my map even finishes loading, I get kicked for moving too quickly even though I'm an OP and have all the permissions?
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    Don't know. As you pointed out, it can't be NoCheat, because it would ignore you (OP and permissions) anyway. The "moving too fast" message comes from Minecraft itself. You get it when the game believes you moved more than 1o blocks distance within a single move,which is only possible if people actively manipulate the game or if you encounter a bug. It may also happen if a plugin modifies player positions on a very low level directly (NoCheat doesn't do that), or you use an outdated version of plugins like "Spout" or "BukkitContrib", which overwrite parts of Bukkits functionality.
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    Still seems to be happening D: It happens consistently on my server, if you want to come on and check it out just let me know.
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    What plugin does the protection that you spoke of?
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    WorldGuard, but it also seems to happen with LogBlock's "log block" item, which it removes after recording the position. If one of my mods jumps on the block it gets stuck in violation mode.
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    I'll definitely try that tomorrow.
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    tha d0ctor

    awesome, thanks for the clarification and to narrow down the problem for me! keep up the good work
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    I've found the problem now that prevented NoCheat from working together with your plugin. I'll upload a patched version of NoCheat later today. The problem is some detail about cancelling move events that I wasn't aware of.

    He is jumping into water above him? I surely didn't expect that was possible. I will fix it, of course. Thanks for the image, that really helps a lot in understanding the problem.

    @seventoes : As for the worldguard violation loop. It may be the same problem as pcgames3112 experiences, as it is the only situation I (now) know of where a loop could occur. But anyway I'll add some additional safeguards to prevent that from happening. Expect a new version this afternoon (GMT+1).
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    Thanks alot, this plugin and NoCheat a both necessary for my server!
    (It prevents players with a cracked client to login with other players names, during to ask a player specific password on join, without that password nothing can be done)
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    Heyho @Evenprime
    In future, could nocheat detect the blift-plugin?
    I always get speedhack Infos if anyone uses a lift.
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    What do those lines say? Can you give an example? Also, if you are on CB 1000, that may be your problem and upgrading to CB 1060 may fix it.
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    I use this plugin on my server as well, looking forward to a fix for this looping issue!
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    Fixed the water problem of "Kaosvf", and the problem of pcgames3112 should also be fixed. Will upload new version later. Now let's see if I can reproduce the elevator problem.

    blift is a great plugin.

    Version 1.13b (for CB 1060)

    • Fixed water above player behaviour
    • Fixed behaviour in case of cancelled move events

    For the blifts, I don't know why they won't work. I tested with a lift that's about 60 blocks high and it worked just fine with CB 1060 + NoCheat 1.13a and now 1.13b. I'd really be curious about the error message you get, because I believe it's not a message of NoCheat (the elevator works by player.teleport(), and NoCheat supports teleporting by other plugins). The lift works basically the same as the "elevators" plugin which also broke with 1060, causing "moved too fast" messages (those are minecraft errors, not NoCheat errors).

    For the worldguard issue, it may be the same problem as pcgames3112 had, that some plugin cancelled move events and NoCheat didn't like that. I added some other safeguards and removed stuff to see if it happens again. I couldn't reproduce the problem though.

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    Hi, I just tried NoCheat 1.13b there's still a false positive on player join(players get blocked on player join) after they're unlocked there are no more notifications at all, but they get stopped from flying an speedhacking(with larger steps; tested with Zombe-Mod, speedmodifcator x2.0)
     pluginManager.registerEvent(Type.PLAYER_JOIN, playerListener, Priority.Lowest, this);
            pluginManager.registerEvent(Type.PLAYER_QUIT, playerListener, Priority.Normal, this);
            pluginManager.registerEvent(Type.PLAYER_MOVE, playerListener, Priority.High, this);
            pluginManager.registerEvent(Type.PLAYER_INTERACT, playerListener, Priority.High, this);
            pluginManager.registerEvent(Type.PLAYER_BUCKET_EMPTY, playerListener, Priority.High, this);
            pluginManager.registerEvent(Type.PLAYER_BUCKET_FILL, playerListener, Priority.High, this);
            pluginManager.registerEvent(Type.PLAYER_DROP_ITEM, playerListener, Priority.High, this);
            pluginManager.registerEvent(Type.PLAYER_CHAT, playerListener, Priority.High, this);
            pluginManager.registerEvent(Type.PLAYER_COMMAND_PREPROCESS, playerListener, Priority.High, this);
            pluginManager.registerEvent(Type.ENTITY_DAMAGE, entityListener, Priority.High, this);
    This are all events my plugin uses, in most cases it just cancels them.

    This is the relvant part of the serverlog:
    2011-08-20 17:24:18 [INFO] [NoCheat] version [1.13b] couldn't find CrafTIRC plugin. Disabling logging to IRC.
    2011-08-20 17:24:18 [INFO] [NoCheat] version [1.13b] is enabled with the following checks: moving speedhack bogusitems flying fastswim
    2011-08-20 17:25:44 [INFO] pcgames3112 [/xxx] logged in with entity id 1059 at ([world2] 170.5906095652655, 71.0, -92.61911676254697)
    2011-08-20 17:25:44 [INFO] connect from ip xxx
    2011-08-20 17:25:46 [INFO] pcgames3112 used command "/zombe-icon"
    2011-08-20 17:25:47 [SEVERE] NC: Moving violation: pcgames3112 from world2 (170.6, 64.4, -92.6) to (170.6, 71.0, -92.6) distance (0.0, 6.6, 0.0)
    Until to this point, every movement event gets cancelled
    2011-08-20 17:26:00 [INFO] [Protector]pcgames3112: Entsperrt mit korrecktem Passwort. <--- My plugin has unlocked the player
    2011-08-20 17:26:02 [SEVERE] NC: Moving summary of last ~15 seconds: pcgames3112 total Violations: (0,0,1)
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    Hm, the missing notifications afterwards are likely because those are only "low" or "med" violations, and the console by default only shows "high" violations. I'm afraid I can't really fix that last error you get, as I am not sure where that comes from, and it doesn't happen always for me. But I have a proposal to make anyway. Could you try to completely remove the "event.setCancelled(true)" and see if your plugin still works for you that way? Technically just setting the "to"-location should be enough to make it work, as that will result in a teleportation to that "to"-location anyway. That may also fix any jittering that you experience (I at least did) with your current solution.
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    Thanks alot for your help, now there are no more false positives on player join ! :D

    But the notifications were sometimes missing. I tested it on a local test-server(huge lag), took myself all admin permissions and gave me "nocheat.notify"(using Permissions 3.1.6). Every violation got stopped(even floating only one metre over the ground), but some of the notifcations were missing.
    The notifications aren't really important for me, because I know NoCheat stops every (move-)cheating.
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    Ah, then you'd have to set the option "logtochat" to "low" to get all the notifications ingame (it's default set to "med" to hide the real small ones).

    PS: I found out the problem now. It's a bug in CraftBukkit. I'll submit a patch to the team.

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    For some reason, I just installed a new version of Nocheat, and ops can fly, but those that are not ops with the flight permission cannot. Help?
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    Do you use the new "SuperPerms" system for permissions? If so, then you'll have to tell NoCheat about that by setting newpermsystem: "true" in the config file "plugins/NoCheat/nocheat.yml"
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    Scratch that, not even ops can fly, but for some reason I can fly, the server owner. wtf

    And no I just use groupmanager

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