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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Evenprime, Feb 15, 2011.

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    All that mod does does is send the message: "no-z-fly no-z-cheat" to players that join the game. So anybody that doesn't use Zombe (or modified it to ignore that message) will be able to still fly.
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    ah ok thanks :)
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    So, just wanted to thank you for this plugin, helps a lot. :)
    Now since you've asked whether we might answere these questions, sure:

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    Hi, could you add that NoCheat sends "§f §f §1 §0 §2 §4"(diasbling Zombe Flying) and "§f §f §2 §0 §4 §8"(diasbling Zombe Cheat) to everyone without the permissions "nocheat.flying" and for example "nocheat.zombecheat". Because I lokked into the Zombe source(its included into the Mod-download) and these strings does exactly the same, if they are sent before the first message containing "joined the game", and they are invisible for players.

    If you add it we havn't to install/code another plugin for such a simple function.

    Edit: I know that not everybody is affected by this, but I think its a great mass of the cheaters.
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    No. I just cought a user giving himself somehow ores and armor. I pilloried him and he said it was some kind of inventoryhack and left.
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    There are no known inventory hacks in Minecraft Multiplayer that allow the creation of items. It's pretty much agreed upon between hack writers that it is impossible. The only way to get items is to use the "/give" command or a plugin that spawns the items for the player. In most cases when players report somebody has a hack that creates items, they didn't set up their permissions properly (allowing players to use the /give command or similar) or a plugin had a bug that can be exploited to create items.

    But that would disable flying for these people for the whole game session, and therefore no longer allow to give them the permission to fly afterwards, e.g. when they switch worlds.
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    Now if you could please make an option so when someone tries to nuke the world it is announced to the whole server. I'd like to humiliate these fags :D
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    Hmm odd. BTW its called "TMI interface". TMI = Toomanyitems.

    Edit: I assume its this
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    TMI is just a fancy way to call the "/give" (or "/item", "/i" with some plugins) command by chat message. If a player can use TMI to create items, he can use those commands directly to do the same with a normal, unmodified minecraft client.

    @Morrolan : Thanks for the info :)

    Won't happen, because I completely overthrew the current configuration system to get it to work nicely, and backporting that would be a PITA.

    The "nuke" check won't be in the next version anymore, at least not in its current incarnation. It was just meant as a test to see if the idea works, and I'd rather not invest more time into it now instead of writing proper checks for the new version that will replace it.

    PS: Added "mxantipvpcheat" to the "complementary Plugins" list of the first post, because it looks very nice and deserves a lot more attention. :)

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    Then by any chance can you add in that feature that I suggested?
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    So if I want to enable flying on Creative I just need to put these permissions in the Creative config?

    nocheat.speedhack nocheat.moving nocheat.flying (don't prevent flying within the "moving" check) nocheat.fakesneak (don't prevent fakesneaking within the "moving" check) nocheat.fastswim (don't prevent swimming at walking speed within the "moving" check) nocheat.airbuild nocheat.bogusitems nocheat.nuke
    And to disable it on Survival I have to do nothing?
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    justin shulman

    how do i shut of the notifications that tell me whos trying to fly
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    I'll make it as configurable as every other thing, so yes, it will be possible to e.g. broadcast messages instead of kicking.

    @Drumpie :
    @justin shulman :

    You know, you could just read the file "/plugins/NoCheat/descriptions.txt" and find out the answer(s) yourself.

    If you want to not prevent people from flying, give them permission "nocheat.flying". If you also don't want to prevent them from moving fast, give them permission "nocheat.moving". Some of the features of NoCheat are disabled by default, so giving people permissions like "nocheat.nuke" won't do anything, unless you activate that part of NoCheat first by editing the config file "plugins/NoCheat/nocheat.yml" (again, explainations and hints to everything you can do in that file are in "descriptions.txt"). You can also just double-click "NoCheat.jar" (on most systems) to get a nice config wizard that will assist you with editing the config file.

    To get rid of notifications you have many possibilities:

    - set the option "logtochat" to "off", that will disable ingame notifications completely (same goes for "logtoconsole" for console messages and "logtofile" for messages in the logfile)
    - don't give people the permission "nocheat.notify" (people who have that permission get the ingame messages, those who don't have it don't get them)
    - Remove the actions "log***" from the respective checks. That will disable logging of messages related to those checks, while keeping log messages for other things.

    Again, read "descriptions.txt" for a more detailed answer to the question.
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    By any chance could it do both :D?
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    1. Freeclimbing
    - should be catched most of the times by NoCheat. There is a problem with my implementation where standing directly next to a wall can cause NoCheat to think you are already standing on a block of that wall and therefore it will allow you to stay there. I'm regularly thinking about solutions for that, but most potential solutions have drawbacks and break other stuff. But I'll keep looking.

    2. Crawling
    - as far as I can tell, that is only a clientside thing and already captured by Minecraft, if the player tries to crawl through 1x1 holes (the server console should show "xy moved wrongly" messages in those cases). If he tries to crawl through tunnels longer than 10 blocks, he should get kicked by the server for "moving too fast", because the server will always believe he is still in front of the hole that he tried to crawl into, and then suddenly see him on the other side of the tunnel. With NoCheat enabled he shouldn't be able to crawl through tunnels longer than 1 block before being detected.

    3. Artistic jumps, Swimming
    - there isn't too much I could do about that, because I always have to give a bit more freedom of movement to prevent legitimate players from getting blocked. Most of these things aren't visible on the server anyway, because animations and such are only clientside.

    4. Ladders
    - that's something I could maybe fix (a bit), but it would always be unreliable, because the players y-location (vertical position) intentionally differs between server and client a bit, which in turn can cause a player to be hanging on a ladder on the client side while the server would say he is no longer hanging to that ladder.

    I haven't tried the mod yet, but this is what I'd expect it to do/be.

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    Hm alrighty dude this guy was saying wen he used the mod he wasn't being kicked i watched him climb over a fence he sed he was only being kicked when he died but its kewl thanks for looking qat my post and replying :)
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    on my server my user has all permissions nodes making it so i can fly speedhack sneak ect. but for some reason i cant do any of those even though i have all of the nodes i dont know what causes this is there something in the config that makes it so you can fly ect.
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    Depends. Are you using the new "superperms" or the old Permissions system? If you use the new "SuperPerms", you'll have to tell NoCheat that you do so, by setting the option "newpermsystem: true" in the config file "plugins/Nocheat/nocheat.yml"
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    i delete the nocheat plugin but for some reason i still cant fly and in the i have it set as allow flight
    know of any plugin that might mess up flying?
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    Only one I can think of is "Anti-Hack" which has such functionality. EDIT: Oh, and if you use "Zombe's modpack" to fly: That mod reads messages from the server on login and deactivates itself if the MessageOfTheDay contains a certain sequence of characters.
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    yeah i use zombes mod but what should i do to fix? lol
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    If you have a plugin that sends/changes the Message of the Day (e.g. some part of "Essentials" can do that), then look through that message if you can find "no-z-fly" or "no-z-cheat" in it and remove those (there is also the possibility to use color codes instead of these two words, but I don't know which codes are used).

    There is also a plugin that sends such messages for you called . If you have that, then it's probably the one stopping you.

    In any case, after changing the message of the day you'll have to completely disconnect from the server, then reconnect to get rid of the usage limitation of zombe's (if it really was the cause of why you can't fly).

    PS: Might as well use this for another announcement:

    I was asked via PM what I plan to do against NoClip mods. As most of you are aware, NoClipping will work sometimes for thin walls and especially when going down through the ground in NoCheat. I've worked today a lot on my NoClip check and believe I've found a good solution for the problem, that doesn't have too much impact on performance. The only problem remaining is how should I treat people that manage to get trapped inside a wall by e.g. dropping sand on themselves. I'd go with not allowing them to leave the block they are standing in, but I'm not sure if that's a good way to do it.

    Can you (anybody who reads this) give me some ideas as to when people can legitimately get trapped inside walls and how the game reacts to it?
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    Can you (anybody who reads this) give me some ideas as to when people can legitimately get trapped inside walls and how the game reacts to it?

    When your trapped inside a wall minecraft reacts by shaking you up and down. The only way to get out is to delete the block under you and if you just relogin it teleports you to the top say your stuck inside a wall in the center of a mountain it won't teleport you to a cave if you relogin it'll just send you to the top of the mountain.
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    Last message for today:

    If it's that simple, then I'm pretty much done with the NoClip thing. It's not perfect, but it doesn't have to anyway. I'm currently checking if I can integrate it in the current version of NoCheat in a useful way without breaking a lot of other stuff, because it seems kind of urgent for many people to have this feature.

    And I thought about the "relogin to climb mountains" bug/feature/whatever thing and what I could do about it. Will test some things tomorrow and see if my ideas can work, before sharing them though.

    Plus probably also tomorrow I'll fix a loophole in NoCheat that consistently allows people to completely avoid NoCheats "move" check for a single move event in a very special situation. I'll give details tomorrow when I have the fix ready.
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    Simon Welker

    Is the bug known that airbuild protection will throw out a violation if someone tries to place a redstone torch on tnt, and it gets placed on the nearest block available instead? It says "tried to place redstone torch on air", or something like this.
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    I made this for the Moderators on my server to help them understand some of the flags that come up. I figured it might help a few people on here out.

    Note that with this video, NoCheat is not configured to block people from using hacks, so if your server is set up to stop them, the notifications may be slightly different. I have mine set up this way because it allows me to catch people who hack much quicker.

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    Version 1.11b (for CB 1000+)
    • Closed a loophole that allowed players to avoid NoCheats move check when leaving vehicles

    Hope it doesn't break anything. *crossfingers*

    So, technically I knew about that for some weeks now, and so did some other people. But it's still a rather obscure thing, therefore it wasn't my top priority to fix it. If at all, you'll get problems with people leaving vehicles. But I don't expect that to happen. *crossfingers*

    NoClip check got delayed by an unexpected problem, but nothing that can't be fixed.
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    Hello, thought I'd mention on my server I found a dupe bug that NoCheat doesn't prevent. I have a WorldGuard zone that forbids building. A player places a block such as wool and he can duplicate the wool repeatedly.

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