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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Evenprime, Feb 15, 2011.

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    You're permission nodes are broken, /nocheat -p tells me I can fly, but the game wont let me. Running permissions 3.1.6
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    Turn flight 'ON" in the MC configuration.
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  5. I have a suggestion, time the duration between each block break event. It should have lasted at least X ticks since the last block break, where X is the expected break time for the NEW block being broken, with the current tool in hand.

    We could look at is as a duration scheme:

    [duration it takes to break block A] [BlockA] [duration it takes to break block B][BlockB]

    So if blockA is a cobblestone and blockB is a obsidian block, and the player is holding a diamond axe, the duration between a event is fired "BlockA was broken by Player0" and "BlockB was broken by Player0" should be at least 300 ticks (15 seconds). If its shorter, just deny the breaking of the obsidian block. This will force the player to wait the expected time, regardless of he having any client side cheats installed.

    Of course, the player could cheat by instant-breaking the first block he mines. But that doesn't really matter when the player still have to wait the expected duration for subsuquent block breakes, so he would only gain advantage for the first block of his "mining session".

    This would also prevent any "nuke" mods and such things. In the same time we could also check so the player cannot break any block further away than expected. (I know that theres a option for such a check, but it dosen't have the option of only cancelling the event, it instead kicks the player and I don't like that)

    I don't know if its possible to fool the server that you have a diamond axe in hand when you really not have any in your inventory, but in that case, just check if the player has a diamond axe in server inventory, if he dont - just treat it as he is punching with his hand.
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    I have detected a user who use a run fast mod but is not detected by the plugin.

    How i can configure the plugin for that? (i use the default parameters)
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    It due to the fact he leaves a bit of room to the fact he knows mc is buggy. You can make it more sensitive and that may help
    Bukkit protects already. No more then 6 blocks way, and you cant break too fast
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    You can instabreak/build, there is nothing that stops it, as long as you are doing it within your reach.
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    Please make this Mutliworld supported so that I can disable flying on Survival and enable flying on Creative.

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    You can use a Multiworld-supporting permissions plugin to do that. Simply use that give everybody in "Creative" the corresponding permissions and you are good to go. Real multiworld support will only be in NoCheat 2.0, which is currently in development (ca. 70% finished).
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    is there any way to prevent inventory hacks?
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    Any form of falling is now being detected as flying. Not sure how it logics it out, but ever since the last couple versions when I have players going down staircases or 3-4 block dropoffs no cheat starts spitting out some massive movement violations.

    this is an MC issue in how the suffocation code works. Been like this since 1.6, I hear the bukkit team is looking into a fix for it.

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    That's been in the code since alpha, possibly before.
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    when people travel on longer minecart tracks they are getting kicked for moving too fast... any way to fix that?
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    Do you get any log messages from NoCheat if that happens and if, can you give an example? (with default settings every message should be written to /plugins/NoCheat/nocheat.log ). The "moved too fast" message is a message from bukkit/minecraft itself. Please also make sure that you use a version of NoCheat that matches your CraftBukkit version:

    NoCheat v1.11 for CraftBukkit RB #1000
    NoCheat v1.10a for CraftBukkit RB #953
    NoCheat v1.06b for CraftBukkit RB #935
    NoCheat v1.05c for CraftBukkit RB #860
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    Rich Boos

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    I used, and uninstalled. It had no effect on my server. People who didnt even have mods installed, would go afk, then when they move, appear underground getting hurt, then die.
    Any word on this?
  19. Is this multiworld? For some reason ppl can fly in skylands
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    Question time:

    Won't help you, the chat command ".down 5" and similar doesn't reach your server, so you can't look for it and filter it. But you could look for misspellings of the command, like "down 5" (no dot in front) which may be treated as normal chat messages. I'm going to fix that problem soon.

    Currently I'd say no, because I never looked at Canary's API and therefore don't know how much work and if even possible a porting of NoCheat would be. But I'll look into it soon and keep portability in mind when writing the next version.

    Fall damage is something I never really understood (or bothered to). Currently not a priority for me, but will look into that eventually.

    It's compatible with all "Permissions" plugins and only uses the most basic "permissions.hasPermission(player, "nocheat.something")" to check permissions. Therefore if it doesn't work it is either an ill-configured permission plugin or something else blocking you. If the Permissions-plugin doesn't work (or stops working at some point), NoCheat will usually give you a console message saying so.

    I heard about that before, but I haven't checked why it happens and if a plugin could do anything about it.

    If "/nocheat -p" tells you that you can fly, then NoCheat won't prevent you from flying, unless you try to fly with higher speed than normal walking speed(!) - If you want to do that too, you'll have to deactivate the moving check completely by giving yourself the "nocheat.moving" permission. But maybe something else is blocking your flying. If NoCheat blocks you, you should get a log message from NoCheat (to the logfile /plugins/NoCheat/nocheat.log) about it.

    Reach further can be detected as part of the experimental "nuke" check (has to be enabled first). Instantbreaking only if the player turns away before the block really breaks (depending on how these mods are written, that can be possible and will be identified).

    I'll see if I can do that in a nondisruptive way for legitimate miners that just have lag.

    Unless you give me some info about which version of Bukkit/NoCheat you were using I really can't help you with that.

    Do you have an example for an Inventory Hack?

    Unless you give me some info about which version of Bukkit/NoCheat you were using (and any plugin that may influence how people move) I really can't help you with that. I can only say that I tested normal movement with a vanilla minecraft client a lot, including climbing, swimming, ladders, jumping off cliffs, ... and cozldn't find any problems with that.

    I heard a lot of things from first-time users, but "no effect" is usually not part of what they say. Which version of NoCheat and Bukkit were you using (The compatibility list at the beginning of the first post is not a mere recommandation, it's mandatory if you don't want a completely broken bukkit+plugin combination). Did any messages get logged when they appeared underground (You'd get them logged to /plugins/NoCheat/nocheat.log) and can you give me some of those log lines?

    It's only multiworld, if your Permissions-plugin does multiworld. Or if you have another plugin that prevents teleports in certain worlds (e.g. there is a plugin called "dreamworld" or something that will teleport players into a skyworld and prevent all teleportation while they are there, crippling NoCheat). In that case, you can enable the feature "enforceteleport" to make NoCheat override that plugins decisions and allow teleportation started by NoCheat to work again.

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    um im not sure why but in my permissions i have all commands but when i try to fly on the server it wont let me i even tried using the node you gave for people who want rights to fly
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    new hack out "PvP+":
    what do we can do against this?

    if you need downloadsource, PN me!

    this hack can following:
    - playernames enlighted red through walls visible
    - nightvision
    - autosneak
    - speedhack
    - walk on walls like a spider
    - watch chests trough walls (anti x-ray for this?)
    - break blocks without others can see
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    For some reason in the config file, I can't find how to disable the logging ingame where it shows the violation and the summary.
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    It's the option "logtochat" at the very beginning of the config file. Set it to "off" to turn logging to the ingame chat off.

    PS: I found a bug that could be the cause of the "going over a ledge = false positive" bug some of you seem to experience. I just need to test a bit to see if the bugfix doesn't create other problems, then I'll upload it.

    @MiHo :
    @Sleaker :

    This may finally fix your problems.

    Version 1.11a (for CB 1000+)
    • Changed block categorization. Unknown blocks are considered solid now, instead of nonsolid.
      Not sure if it does anything yet, but when Bukkit adds option for custom blocks it may help.
    • Changed "setback" behaviour for players with flying permissions
      Don't try and pull them completely back to the ground
    • Fixed a bug that could cause false positives when players simply walk over ledges (instead of jumping off them)
      Strange bug, but hopefully fixed now

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    Hm, do I turn this off? logtochat: "med" turn that into logtochat: "flase" or logtochat: "off"
    or is it a different one.
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    "off" is the correct value for it, if you don't want to see any more of those messages. The possible values for logging are "low", "med", "high" and "off".

    You might want to check out this new plugin:

    Haven't tested it yet, but it does what I would have done if I had the time to actually code it, and seems to be promising (caution, it's still WIP). If it works well, I might just recommend it as a complementary plugin to NoCheat instead of writing basically the same thing myself, using the free time for other things. Tell me what you think, if you test(ed) it.

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    Ahh yes, this may work, I'll test it out.
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    Last post for today: I made a big step forward with NoCheat 2.0 today, the most difficult part is done now.

    So far I've got set up and working:

    - SuperPerms support: I love how simple that was to do :)
    - Global and per world configuration files: Use only a global configuration or define configurations per world, or mix and match. Everything is possible
    - Logging: Now more advanced implementation, also allows seperate logfiles and logsettings for different worlds, if you want to.
    - Seperated running and flying check completely
    - Definition and execution of actions: That's where most of my time went into and the difficult step I mentioned. I wanted to create a system that doesn't have all the shortcomings of the current system (e.g. forced limitation to "low,med,high" violations, inflexible log messages,...), while still being managable by the "average" server admin.

    Still missing:

    - The configuration GUI still needs a little work (it already supports multiworld config file editing in an intuitive way, showing you what settings will be active in a world, after global and worldspecific configurations are merged)
    - Porting other checks from NoCheat 1.xx to the new system (shouldn't be hard, the most complex was flying and running, the others are dead simple)
    - Finish the implementation of the NoClip check (yes, NoCheat 2.0 will have a dedicated NoClip check and no longer rely on the server to do it somehow)
    - Adapt to the changes of Minecraft 1.8 (I'll likely wait till that comes out, just to avoid major problems in transition from 1.7.3 to 1.8).

    That's all I can think of now. So predicted release date is probably sometime within the next 2-3 weeks, if nothing major keeps me from working on it.
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    Nice but can't you just update only the multiworld configs? I really need it.
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    Is there any way to limit the speed of fly mod? Ie: I allow my donators to use it, but they have their speed modifiers too high and cause lag on the server. I'd like to limit the speed for them, or just all together if its not possible on a per group basis.

    Thank you.
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    Sorry I do not have the logs.
    Im using the latest ver of bukkit. and latest ver of your plugin.
    I Just want to beable to run my server, without people cheating. thats it ;\

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