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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Evenprime, Feb 15, 2011.

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    I have really no clue what could cause that. That usually only happens in combination with plugins like hero-something (forgot the name) which gives players classes and skills, of which one is usually to hide their name by setting their sneak status on the server.

    I'll try to glue together a new NoCheat version that allows to set the limits for player movement in the config file, such that you can test if increasing them helps you with your problem.

    Version 1.10a (for CB 953+)
    • Added option to set maximum walking, sneaking, swimming speed of players in the config file.
    So, quick and dirty way to set the distances against which NoCheat will check player movement. If you read the "descriptions.txt" file after running the plugin once, you'll find out that the numbers don't represent any real units of distance. They are just numbers without any real meaning. Increase the numbers -> increase the distance. Reduce the numbers -> reduce the distance. That's it.

    Defaults are 22, 14 and 18 for walk, sneak and swim. Want something else, then its best to try it first alone/in a small group before using it for a 200+ player server. Just sayin... Also, these checks work heuristically, that means players can go over these limits a bit and only sometimes.

    Technically every player gets points. Each player starts with 0 points. For every 0.01 blocks a player goes over the set limit (distance or height), he gets a point. If he reaches 100 points total and goes over a limit, he'll be treated as a "low cheater", if he has over 150 points total and goes over a limit, he'll be treated as a "med cheater", and for 300+ points = "high cheater". Every move each player loses 3% of his points, such that they eventually end at 0 points.

    The limits 22,14,18 are chosen with that in mind. The limits are so small that normal playing will cause players to get points sometimes, but not enough to ever reach the full 100 points. So if you test your custom limits, be sure to walk and jump around for at least a minute to be sure that you really don't reach the 100 points with it.

    PS: If you are wondering where version 1.10 is, it doesn't exist. On startup Bukkit would write Nocheat version "1.1" instead of "1.10", and that would confuse people.

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    @Evenprime : will that also solve the fly problem i have?
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    do we need to change anything from default with 10a or will it function fine with defaults?
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    No. I don't know where your problem comes from.

    These values are the same that I've used in the previous versions. If you don't change them, it's exactly the same behaviour as before.
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    Just wanted to mention that 1.9e fixed the issues I was having, and it is working fine now for all I can tell. That being said, I suppose I haven't explicitly tested every check to make sure they are all working but it has been good about everything in the past.
  7. Some guy is succesfully flying around on my server. i got 1.09 NoCheat
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    @Evenprime : found my problem:
    2011-07-18 06:42:43 [INFO] NC: Couldn't parse custom action 'reset'
    2011-07-18 06:42:43 [INFO] NC: Couldn't parse custom action 'reset'
    2011-07-18 06:42:43 [INFO] NC: Couldn't parse custom action 'reset'
    2011-07-18 06:42:43 [INFO] NC: Couldn't parse custom action 'reset'
    2011-07-18 06:42:43 [INFO] NC: Couldn't parse custom action 'reset'
    2011-07-18 06:42:43 [INFO] NC: Couldn't parse custom action 'reset'
    2011-07-18 06:42:43 [INFO] NC: Couldn't parse custom action 'deny'
    2011-07-18 06:42:43 [INFO] NC: Couldn't parse custom action 'deny'
    2011-07-18 06:42:43 [INFO] NC: Couldn't parse custom action 'deny'

    what are the valid funtions to block actians like flying? cus these funtions worked first but then stopped working it seems
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    Use "cancel" everywhere instead of "reset" and "deny".
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    ty it works again now :D
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    Version 1.11 (for CB 1000+)

    • Added tips+tricks messages to startup (can be deactivated in config file)
    • Added support for new permissions system of Bukkit (can be activated in config file)

    1. Change:

    The new permissions-system is finally included in Bukkit, and I fully support it. You will however have to activate the support for it in the nocheat.yml config file (it will then be used instead of the classic Permissions-plugin(s)). Further reading material on the new permission-system:

    The new permission-system is imho easier to use (for me) and a lot more stable than the old ones (and faster). If you open the NoCheat.jar file and take a look into the plugin.yml file, you'll find a list of all permissions that are currently supported by NoCheat in the new system. There is one permission that is exclusive to the new system: It's "nocheat.all", which will give all permissions, but not "nocheat.notify".

    NoCheat 2.0 will exclusively support the new system, so better get used to it now.

    2. Change

    You'll now get some messages when NoCheat is loaded starting with "(NoCheat) Did you know? ...". This is the place where I'll put stuff that I think would be important for you to know (e.g. recent changes, upcoming changes, ...). If they annoy you, you can deactivate them in the config file. I added these because many people seem to download new versions of NoCheat directly or through other plugins and therefore never read changelogs.

    One of these messages is quite important: There will be a change in Bukkit sometime in the near future about how Movement works (sigh...) which will again break Nocheats movement checks (flying, running, ...) completely and cause tons of false positives (probably people won't be able to move at all). So if you are an early adopter, watch out for that change. You have been warned.
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    Quick question. I'm still on 1.07c but will likely be updating later tonight. Will the newer versions fix the false positives I get from people being moved/pushed by pistons?

    Actually just tested with 1.11 and still happens. My players have built some interesting things that move you around with pistons and sadly any of them pop in the logs.

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    Pistons pushing players around on the ground shouldn't cause false positives in NoCheat (but may cause "moved wrongly" messages).

    Only those that move players over nonsolid ground (e.g. other extended pistons) are problematic. Fixing that isn't simple. The problem is likely that pistons may already be retracted on the server, while they are still extended or moving on the client, due to lag. NoCheat however can only see the server side and will therefore see a player that is e.g. walking in midair, instead of falling down. But I'll have to read the code of pistons to see how the player really gets moved by them.

    Now that piston events are finally implemented in the game, I may also be able to use them to mitigate the problem by determining if a player got pushed or moved on his own.
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    What use is the nuke option? I myself have never seen an example of such a client.
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    Almost all clients have that now (may be called differently for some). E.g. Picka:

    I have to add that it only protects against current gen version of "nuker". There are ways around the check in NoCheat, but those ways need to be programmed first by the mod writers, so it buys you at least some time.
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    I'm having a different problem with these. When I hack in my arena, it spams me with "warping is not allowed in this arena" from MobArena, and all the mobs think I'm standing in the position I first started hacking at. I can then exploit this because they are too stupid to find me. Sometimes when I try to replicate this bug I get kicked for 'moving too fast, hacking?' and I can log back in and if I go back into that world I have all my armor, items, etc from in the arena. Ideas? I'm on CB 1001, MobArena .0.93.2, and NC 1.09c 1.11

    I just realized those plugins didn't update on my last upload.. If that solves it I'll delete this post -_-

    Edit: I changed what the update changed. And I forgot to mention that I can fly no matter what as long as I'm considered in the arena by MobArena. I can fly up and out in an open arena and be free as a bird until I get kicked for moving too fast.

    Edit2: Being kicked for moving too fast occurs when the arena ends, either by '/ma force end' or '/ma leave'. The problem seems to lay on MobArena's side, so now I'm just wondering why NoCheat doesn't work in arenas.

    Ignore me, I'm stupid and skipped over a previous post which has the fix.. sorry :c

    If anyone else has this problem go to nocheat.yml and under "moving:" section check to make sure "enforceteleport:" is set to true.
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    Thanks for the plugin.
    I tested the Nuker but it doesn't even work without NoCheat.
    Tested with Picka for 1.7.3.
    Is it only bugged or Notch included a similar check?
    Reach + Insta Break doesn't work anymore too.
    However, nice work with all the checks.
    Is there any way to prevent Free Cam? I guess not since the player postion doesn't change?
    Is there also a way to hide players out of LOS? That would for example prevent the possibility to see players through walls.
    Also there is a mod that punches all players around you, any way to do that? Like prevent damage when you don't look at the player?
    I am not quite familar with the possibilities of the Bukkit hooks so sorry if I ask. ;)
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    Can you toggle which ones are in effect? i have a speed plugin which speeds everyone up, and i dont want to get banned from my own server for a plugin im using...
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    NoCheat won't ban you from your server, unless you explicitly configured it that way.

    If it is a plugin that is doing the speeding up, it may work anyway. Depends on how the plugin achieves the speedup. I'd just give it a try and see what happens.
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    First of all, I just want to say I love this plugin. It's been very effective in stopping many modified clients!

    I was wondering if you had any requests/plans to tie in some WorldGuard region support so that certain regions can have/not have certain protections?
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    Hey broski, mind supporting PermissionsEx or Permissions 3.16, Bukkit permissions are way too much of a hassle, and PermissionsEx even has the API you can copy/paste.
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    I do still support them, (for now). You can choose in the config file if you want to use the new bukkit permission system. If you don't use the new system, the "old" Permissions-based system will be used (Permission 2.x, Permissions 3.x, PermissionsEx, GroupManager, ...). If you don't have that either, it will fall back to "isOP()" to decide what to do.
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    Oh, well I can't seem to allow myself to fly but others not too, and now that I removed the plugin for my admins ease, We still get pulled back to the ground even though the plugin doesn't initiate, in case you are wondering, here are my permissions
            default: false
                build: true
            inheritance: null
            - '*'
            - nocheat.speedhack
            - nocheat.moving
            - nocheat.flying
            - nocheat.fakesneak
            - nocheat.fastswim
            - nocheat.airbuild
            - nocheat.bogusitems
            - nocheat.nuke
            prefix: '&3[&3ADMIN]'
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    If the plugin doesn't run, how could it prevent you from flying then? You can completely delete "NoCheat.jar" from the plugin directory and restart the server, and see if that still happens. If it does, then clearly NoCheat doesn't have anything to do with it. You can be even more sure about that by checking the logfile of NoCheat (/plugins/NoCheat/nocheat.log). You should have log messages in there about those incidents, if NoCheat did the pulling down.

    About the problem with flying: Make sure that the Minecraft-option "allow-flight" is set to "true", and that you don't have another plugin that prevents flying (e.g. "Anti-Hack").

    The permissions-file looks fine btw. Unless the plugin that reads it is malfunctioning, I don't see a problem.

    I've read on other threads that people got similar problems (getting pulled to the ground for no apparent reason since updating to CB 1000), so maybe it's a general bug/problem with a plugin/Minecraft itself.

    Some questions I've missed before:

    Lots of questions:
    1.) Nuker only works if you have a tool in your hand: Shovel -> remove dirt, sand, gravel; Pickaxe -> remove stone, ores, .. aso. If you don't have a tool in your hand, it won't do anything (it's just written that way, there is no technical reason for the need of a tool).
    2.) Reach has been limited by CraftBukkit to 6 blocks already, the "nuke" check can limit it further to ~4.3 blocks for digging (that's what an unmodified client allows you to do). The difference isn't big and unless you know what to look for, you can easily miss it.
    3.) Freecam can't be prevented
    4.) Would be a cool thing to do (and determining LOS is cheap in bukkit, that is already implemented), but to hide the player would be difficult. Minecraft sends many different messages to the clients and one would have to filter all of those to prevent information about a players location to reach others. Bukkit doesn't provide hooks for most of those however (and probably never will), so doing that would be very, very hard.
    5.) That would be partly possible (I already have the "look at it"-part in the "nuke"-check, but one would have to account for lag (the target may have moved already when the attack signal reaches the server), which would make it not that effective. Something like this is planned for a future version of NoCheat, how it will work is not yet fully decided.

    I've been thinking about something like regions support, but I'm not sure if and how I should implement it in NoCheat, vs. trying to get a Permissions plugin to implement such a thing and encourage people to use that to achieve what they want.

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    Is the only way to tp up/down is using .down 5 ? because Im sick of them and really need a way to track them down so I thought of using chat log to check who used .down
    Pickaclient is making me crazy :'(
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            low: "1"
            med: "3"
            high: "10"
            low: "loglow cancel"
            med: "logmed cancel"
            low: "22"
            med: "33"
            high: "44"
            low: "loglow cancel"
            med: "logmed cancel"
            walking: "22"
            sneaking: "14"
            swimming: "18"
            low: "loglow cancel"
            med: "logmed cancel"
            high: "loghigh cancel"
            high: "loghigh cancel"
    I am using the default settings for these. Does anyone else have better numbers for this that prevent it even more without hurting people that don't cheat?
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    Is there any way to do a fall damage check? Seems players with zombe`s can just hover over a cliff and trun it off and fall without damage.
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    is this plugin compatable with PermissionsEX? Tried adding the nocheat.flying node for admins and Mods but it still won't let us fly. oddly we can fly at the current level but can't go up or down. Awsome plugin btw :)
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    You need the moving node as well I believe.
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    Any chance of NoCheat stopping a glitch my players have discovered, not sure if it's inherent to Minecraft or Bukkit but it seems that players can stand tight to a pillar/tower or other location where a block is above and adjacent to the block they are on... they logout and quickly log back in, and get glitched to that higher adjacent block.

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