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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Evenprime, Feb 15, 2011.

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    I don't know if someone has mentioned this already, but whenever people die, around 75% of the time they will teleport right back to where they died. This is extremely annoying as I'm running a Survival server, and it almost nerfs dying! It also is very annoying when people enter the PvP Arena, and simply teleport back to where they died, and reclaim their items from their already weak oppressor. Please fix this!
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    what permission do i use so that i can make only my admins and mods fly but everyone else cannot?
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    Well, you give your admins the permission nocheat.flying (or '*') and not to anyone else.
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    @No-Bots : What Nitnelave said is correct.

    Yes, I struggle with that bug since Bukkit 935. It got better over time, but is still there. Here is another change that might finally squash that bug. If you really experience it that often, I'd especially thank you if you could give feedback after trying this new version, telling me if it fixed the problem or not. I have trouble to reproduce the error reliably, therefore its always hard to find out if the problem is gone or I was just (un)lucky. :(

    Version 1.09d (for CB 953+)

    • Another modification to respawning, hopefully killing the last bugs in it.
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    Love what you have here, but I may be looking for a simplified version. Would this be possible with your plugin?

    I want to be able to turn flying on and off for one reason: spleefing. I am building a spleefing on our server, and for the most part I'm okay with allowing flying.

    What I would love to see is have the ability to turn flight on and off. And when it's off, instead of kicking the user, just have them killed or at least warn the others on the server ( again for use during a spleef match). I even have the thought of a "no fly zone?" Would love to hear you all think.
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    Geoff Winans

    I am still seeing people able to speedhack on my server with 1.09D.

    I have not been able to determine what they are using since, obviously, none of them want to give this information up.
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    A few versions back our SuperJump blocks stopped working for everyone but admins. They get pulled back down over and over and admins get spammed with warnings. I'll take a look at the settings but I just wanted to report in case it's something you need to tweak. Thanks :D

    EDIT: I looked at the settings. I'm not sure if this is considered flying. I would hate to have to disable that. It worked ok before (let admins fly but not players, and everyone could use SuperJump).
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    Is there any workaround for the clash between this and MobArena?
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    Thanks for telling me. I'll look into that. Superjump should be one of the few exceptions where I am able to find out that "player.setVelocity()" was used by a plugin, and therefore can somewhat predict the flying of players.

    The clashes should be gone now in the very latest version of NoCheat *crossesfingers*. But be sure to set enforceteleport: "true" in the nocheat.yml config file, or NoCheat won't work for players that fight in the arena.

    No, that's currently not possible, unless you'd use a Permissions-plugin that allows to set permissions for "zones" seperately (I'm not sure if something like that exists). I'll wait for the new builtin Permissions system of Bukkit, before doing anything in that direction.

    I'm thinking about it. But it would probably not be as reliable as the nuke-thing (despite being the same in theory), because players tend to move around and therefore it's legitimate that the attacker isn't looking directly at his target when the attack gets processed on the server.

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    Flying with feathers in DreamLand is broken too. I guess it's the same deal as with SuperJump.
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    Yes, it's the same problem and entirely my fault.

    Version 1.09e (for CB 953+)

    * Fixed compatibility with Superjump and some similar plugins + explosions and fights should be less likely to cause false positives now

    So yeah, I basically forgot to respect horizontal velocity in the movement check. This version fixes that. However, that doesn't mean that plugins like commandbook will suddenly work. For these I have no event that I could hook into to get informed about the plugin calling "player.setVelocity( )", therefore NoCheat will just see a player that moves faster/higher than he should without knowing why.
  14. @Evenprime don't seem to be getting the respawn bug anymore. Looks like you hit that one on the head. Cheers <3
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    @Evenprime i have nocheat running yet people can still fly pls fix it
    Edit: lemme try the latest version first
    Edit2: people can still fly even without the permissions that allows flying
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    Awesome. This should fix a tonne of false positives I've been getting since I updated from 1.07.
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    can u add Anti X-ray because all the plugins I've tried suck balls and so far yours is the only noCheat plugin that actually works xD thanks homie
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    Ronny Lawson

    I'm getting tons of these every time I reload, causing timeouts for all of my users:

    2011-07-15 21:09:03 [SEVERE] Nag author: 'Evenprime' of 'NoCheat' about the following: This plugin is not properly shutting down its async tasks when it is being reloaded.  This may cause conflicts with the newly loaded version of the plugin
    Any ideas?
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    I can't get it to work on my server, my friend is using FlyMod, with Flying and Speed Hacking on the server to test this plugin and it does not work. There is nothing to state the the plugin is working at all expect that when I load the server, it says that it is active. I would like help please? Is the plugin broken or what? I know for fact it is installed correctly as it shows up, but it does not recognize FlyMod as cheating.
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    @shadydeath999 :
    @7007King0770 :

    The plugin is working well, there is currently no way to bypass the flycheck, so there has to be some other problem. Most likely is a problem with Permissions or another plugin blocks NoCheat from working.

    Try entering "/nocheat" in the chat. Does it really say that "moving" and "flying" checks are active?

    Then try entering "/nocheat -p playername" (playername is the name of a player that is currently on the server and can fly). Does it say that the player has the permission for "moving" or "flying"?

    Yes. This happens if during disabling of the plugin (on reloads) someone has bad timing and triggers a violation in one of the checks. I tried to fix that now. But you'll have to restart the server at least once to get rid of all the old messages.

    The extended reach would be blocked by the "nuke" check (disabled by default, you'll have to enable it in the config file first). The faster mining may get detected by the same check, but not always (depends on how people use the faster mining glitch that the mod uses).

    "moved too quickly" is a strong warning of the bukkit server that a player either tried to blatantly cheat by moving more than 10 blocks in 1 tick, or a plugin doesn't handle teleportation/moving of players correctly. I don't think it's a good idea to somehow hide that message (and I wouldn't know how to do that anyway). But there's a plugin that prevents the kicking of the player that usually accompanies that message (which is also a bad idea imho. That message and kicking is there to protect the server, as such fast movement can in the worst case crash the server).


    Version 1.09f (for CB 953+)
    • Maybe fixed "plugin doesn't shutdown its tasks correctly" bug - but you'll have to restart the server at least once to get rid of the old ones and see if it works
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    I put the enforce teleport to true, and everything seems to be working with the new version. Thanks!
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    @Evenprime : i did what you said the group that can fly doesnt have the permission to fly yet they can still fly
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    Since the latest update, my players can not move anymore? (Only sneaking ^^)
    Any idea what could be wrong? (I also tried to remove the config.yml multiple times, to get the default config back, but does not help)
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    I got nuke enabled and on the default mod settings i can mine fast without being blocked by your plugin.
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    Which version were you using before? I made no changes to movement checks since 1.09a, at least none that would cause that. If you use a plugin that allows players to "sneak" while moving at normal speed, then you'll have to change the config file and set "allowfakesneak: true".

    Yes. As I said, in some cases it will also work against instantmine. It was written only with nuker in mind though, so YMMV.

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    im glad to see the new versions! Thank you Evenprime! *hug*
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    Open the file /plugins/NoCheat/nocheat.yml and search for an entr

    enforceteleport: "false"

    Change that to "true" and try again. If that works, then you have a plugin installed that prevents teleportation. However, NoCheat needs teleportation to prevent flying. The option you just changed causes NoCheat to override all other plugins in relation to teleportation.
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    did what you said didnt work here a list of my plugins:
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    1.09b to 1.09e. No, I do not have any function on sneaking.

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