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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Evenprime, Feb 15, 2011.

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    My players are reporting a similar problem. It only seems to happen once out of every 3 or 4 deaths though.
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    can this prevent so called 'fast mining' mods?
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    Partially, but only if you activate the "nuke" check. That check forces player to really look at the block that they are mining, therefore severely limiting the use of most fast mining mods

    I'll look into that. Likely another oversight while switching out the codebase for the movement check, as I had that bug and fixed it in earlier versions already. As a workaround it will likely help the players to wait a short time before hitting the respawn button (the bug occurs if the dead body is still moving).
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    Having the same problem of players spawning in their death spot.
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    @DannieP :
    @fysics :
    @embty :

    I guess I've been able to fix it (again). But because the bug doesn't appear on every death, I can't be 100% sure.

    Version 1.09b (for CB 953+)

    • hopefully fixed respawning (again)
  7. Cheers <3 I'll add it now.
    Edit: Broken link :'(
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    I really REALLY need you to fix the LINK, PLEASE people on my server are fucking around and flying because of the un-updated nocheat. I would love it if you did it today! It seems as older versions don't do anything to stop flying on 1.7 so i need it now PLEASE! thanks.
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    Chill out :)

    use this for now its 1.09a it works on 1.7.3 just fine on my server
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    Some poeple are still able to speed and fly. How does it work ?
    The link for 1.09b is not working.
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    Sorry for the broken link. It is fixed now.

    Older versions should work just fine, you'll have to rename the files to "NoCheat.jar" before using them however.
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    What do you think about adding a player check to make players invisible if they cannot see another player? Like PlayerA is in a cave and PlayerB and PlayerC are above him on the surface. PlayerB can see PlayerC but he can't see PlayerA even with xray. PlayerA also cannot see PlayerB or C. This would semi be like vanish no pickup but would calculate if someone could see a person or not. (This would help PvP servers a lot)​
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    Well idk if it is this plugin that is only causing this but, at random players and myself are spammed by the moving error message ingame, the only way to get rid of it is leaving or being kicked. Then it comes back a bit later. But all players with out the allow fly/speed hack permission get the bug.
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    Can you give me an example or two of those messages and when they occur (what were the players doing at that time)? Only players that are OP or (in case you have a Permissions plugin) players with the permission "nocheat.notify" should get these messages, and even then it shouldn't be more than (worst case) 4 messages per 5 seconds.

    But anyway, I added a option now to increase the time between messages, such that it feels less spammy.

    Version 1.09c (for CB 953+)
    • Increased time between "summaries" for move violations from 5 to 15 seconds and added option "moving: summaryafter: xx" for it to the config file
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    [SEVERE] Moving violation: playername from world (970, 69, -106) to (978, 69, -107) distance (2, 0, 5.3)
    He says he got the errors too, no one else got them if they didnt get the bug.

    Actually they say when ever they use the mob arena it does this.

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    I've been using mobarena and pvparena and at the end of a match it teleports you back to your starting location with your inventory intact, but this has been rubberbanding them back into the arena....

    Anyway to get around that?
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    I really hate how movement and teleports interact in Minecraft :(

    @kahlilnc :
    @fatmarley :
    What version of MobArena were you using? Also, is the arena in the same or a different world? Also, if not done already, please upgrade to the latest version of NoCheat.

    You may try to set "enforceteleport=true" in the NoCheat config file. That could help too.
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    I upgraded to the lastest of both and havent stumbled around to any complaints yet.
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    One of my users was able to rebuild his spleef arena in a split second. He told me that he had recorded the packets that were sent when he built it first time, and just resended them all to build the whole arena again immediately. Of course he was losing blocks and couldn't build outside the building range, but nevertheless I would like this to be blocked.

    Would using the nuke check on blockplace event do the trick?
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    Depends. If he recorded placing blocks out of the normal range he'd get kicked because of that. But as long as he also recorded rotation of his body and the change of his view it would not be blocked by the current nuke check (which mainly works on the basis that the current-gen nuke-mods don't move the players view accordingly).

    But it's probably a nice idea for a check to impose a limit on blocks placed per second or similar.

    Small status update:

    - NoCheat 2.0 is probably 40% complete (rough estimate) - I'm very satisfied with it's current state already. Finally I'll no longer have to watch out for a million little side effects of very small code changes, and the "teamwork" between checks that listen to the same events can improve a lot.

    - I tested some variants of an actual "No Clip" check today, but so far it's not really working out as I want it to... hm, maybe I'll have more luck another day.

    - I currently try to get some new code into bukkit, to finally, once and for all fix the problems with plugins that use "setVelocity", with explosions, with enemies punching you around in combination with NoCheats movement check. It's a new event type that I dubbed "PlayerVelocityEvent" which would allow my plugin to know beforehand if a player is going to be pushed around in the next few seconds and how far.

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    using 1.09c;

    this player was hovering in my MonsterArena;
    it's hard tosee in the image but he was definitely about 3-4 blocks off the ground, and the monsters couldn't reach him
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    2011-07-14 22:05:58 [INFO] [NoCheat] version [1.09a] is enabled with the following checks: moving speedhack flying fastswim
    2011-07-14 22:05:58 [SEVERE] Error occurred while enabling NoCheat v1.09a (Is it up to date?): cc/co/evenprime/bukkit/nocheat/NoCheat$1
    java.lang.IllegalAccessError: cc/co/evenprime/bukkit/nocheat/NoCheat$1
    at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.enablePlugin(
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.loadPlugin(
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.enablePlugins(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.e(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.init(

    _________ ignore me i had nocheat.jar inside plugin directory twice :p fixed thanks
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    I think the new hover check is catching LevelCraft's dexterity level. Essentially it lets you, while wearing boots, use sneak to move faster and jump up cliffs. Prior to one or two updates ago this worked fine 99% of the time, but since then it has strictly prevented it and I can't do anything but disable the whole move check right now to let it pass. This is unfortunate, because I would love to catch actual flyhacks.
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    To allow "fast sneaking" you'll have to set the appropriate value in the config to true (allowfakesneak: "true"). Else I have no idea why it would make problems when walking over cliffs. as long as the player does move down even a little after going over the edge of the cliff, the hovering check won't be in effect (it really does only check if a player is in the air and stays at the exact same height while moving around), but I'll test it tomorrow (probably) just to be sure.

    Do you use (enforceteleport: "true") in the nocheat.yml config file? If no, then setting it to yes will help with that. If you already have it set to "true", then there's currently nothing I can do about that. A timer that will force hovering players that don't move at all to come down is currently not implemented and would be hard to do for NoCheat 1.xx, because I wrote it without thinking about such special cases. I'll however do my best to avoid those design mistakes in NoCheat 2.0.

    Note to myself: Add a warning at startup of NoCheat if MobArena is installed but (enforceteleport: "false") is set.
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    thanks i'll set it to true. what does it do exactly?
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    I tried with and without fakesneaking enabled. It was catching it and preventing it regardless. The plugin almost makes you fly. If you look up a tall cliff, it pushes you upward to try to jump over the cliff up to a max height. It's possible this is also maybe being caught as a fly hack, but I also turned this on and off and it was still being caught.

    (And again, this is a recent development. I've been running NoCheat fine with this plugin for a good while.)


    This was most recently tested on 1.09b btw. I might try c later today.
  27. @Evenprime
    The spawn to body thing still appears to be happening. Sometimes..
    Anything I can do my side to prevent this?
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    MobArena completely blocks all teleporting. Even the teleporting of NoCheat (which I have to use to prevent people from flying). This option activates a nasty feature of NoCheat, that will simply "uncancel" the teleport events produced by NoCheat after MobArena cancelled them just before. Which in turn may confuse other plugins that rely on cancelled teleport events to stay cancelled.

    Probably won't make a difference then. I'll see if I can fix that problem on my side.

    Probably not, except waiting shortly after dying before respawning. But I want to fix that bug really bad and decided to rather try to get a fix into Bukkit itself instead of further trying to work around it. I'll have time for that probably this weekend.
  29. Cool, give me a shout if you require any testing for it.
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    Im new to this plugin but this plugin looks sick, I have and Admin and I don't want him to be able to use SPEEDMod or flying mod what would i do to make it so he can't. He's a cocky bitch and is My friend but really brags about how he has mods.. so i want to teach him a lesson :)
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    Drop the plugin into the "plugin/" folder of bukkit and reload plugins or restart the server. Then you'll get a folder "NoCheat" in your plugin directory. From there it depends what you should do next:

    a) If you have a "Permissions" plugin (Permissions, GroupManager or similar), make sure that he doesn't have the permissions "nocheat.moving" and "nocheat.flying". That's already enough, he'll be no longer able to fly or run in the standard settings.

    b) If you don't have a "Permissions" plugin and the guy is OP, you'll have to edit the file "plugins/NoCheat/nocheat.yml" and change wherever you can find "checkops: false" into "checkops: true".

    c) in all other cases it should work fine with the standard settings.

    But anyway you should read the file "plugins/NoCheat/descriptions.txt" file (also available after loading the plugin for the first time) which explains in detail what other options you have to change the behaviour of the plugin. And if the plugin warns you about something when it gets started, you should probably follow that advice.

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