Inactive [SEC, MECH] Scavenger v1.4.0 - Item Recovery on Death (Permissions, iConomy 4 & 5) [1.1-R4]

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    Scavenger: v1.4.0
    Reliable item recovery on death.

    Latest Download: v1.4.0 (Source)
    Unzip, copy the contents into your "plugins" folder and reload your server.

    Older releases: v1.3.0 (953) v1.2.0 (818) v1.1.0 (740) v1.0.0 (740)

    This gives you your items back directly after you die so there is no need to pick them up again, assuming you have the correct permissions set.

    This is much more stable than NoDrop and other competitors I have seen (no dupe bug, no loss of items on logout during death).

    Permissions Integration:
    Here are the permissions that you should allow for certain actions:
    • scavenger.*
      • Grants permission to use all current and future Scavenger functionality.
    • scavenger.scavenge
      • Grants permission to recover items on death.
      • If this is not applied to the user or user group, items will drop normally.
      • Prevents any scavenger charges from being applied.
    You can also just use *

    Coming Soon:
    • Ability to configure what is dropped and what is recovered.
    • v1.4.0
      • A charge to restore a player's inventory can now be configured.
      • Supports iConomy 4 and 5.
    • v1.3.0
      • Changed the code to discard duplicate scavenges rather than using the duplicate.
      • The Scavenger notifications can now be disabled.
    • v1.2.0
      • Changed code to use my Bukkit pull request which allows slot-by-slot recovery of items (requires 766+).
    • v1.1.0
      • Added armour restoration and protection against inventory overflow.
    • v1.0.0
      • Initial release.
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    I'm having a hell of a time getting this to work. Using RB1317+PermissionsBukkit 1.2.

    Ended up using DeathControl in the meantime :(
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    There is a little problem when using xAuth and Scavenger, when user die and logout from server, when he join server inventory restored normally, BUT after login on xAuth he gets his inventory wiped.
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    Same problem, but with AuthMe plugin
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    Yes I concur it would be nice to get this fixed.
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    Works with 1597 / 1.0.1-R1, but not 100% of the time. (Just lost a diamond sword and yellow flower while testing. Could be because I was off in another window when I died, AFK timer on items related?)

    PermissionsEx 1597 / 1.0.1-R1.
    Essentials 1597 / 1.0.1-R1.
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    Great plugin! Too bad you haven't been releasing any new updates
  8. Still using this on Minecraft 1.0 and bukkit R1. Works only not always.
    Still I hope the maker will return and update :(
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    Any1 have any problems with this and mobArena?
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    any way to Disable the plugin ? for some people? like a command to remove it?

    I wanna be able to toggle it off myself I am an op on my server so sometimes I do wanna drop my stuff Thank you !
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    what do i type into the permissions.yml to make evryone able to get their items back?
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    Could you make it possible so that it drop the items but you also get it on respawn

    i own a raid pvp server and i like the idea of donators being able to keep there stuff on death but i also want the people who killed them to get there stuff
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    I'm currently running iConomy 6 with this plugin, Users are charged, but don't save their items. The plugin works fine for any users who don't have to pay ( permission node ).

    Was really confusing why it wasn't working for my test account, then I realised xD
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    any update on this outdated plugin?
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    It may not be updated, but it still works with the current version of CB. My users and I haven't seen a problem since the CB 1.0 build.
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    WOW Thanks for the update!
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    Hello! I love this plugin because i play COD: black ops on my server. But i am having problems with the permission. To use it everyone would have to be OP and i dont want that because they can change their gamemmode. Can you plase tell me hoto configure it so everyone can use it withoutbeing OP and without using permissions?

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    Please update to R6!
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    Any plans to update this?
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    Thank you!
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    I spent a few hours this weekend learning how to make plugins. I managed to get Scavenger updated to work with R6. I changed it to use the new event system and superperms. I removed the iConomy support and plan on using vault instead. The Info log will say economy support is enabled but that's just testing that it's able to hook into vault. If you want try it download it here.
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    Please do this features:

    1) Chance 1-100% (configurable for groups (PermissionsEx) in config file) to recover items after death.

    For exmple:
    gamers in default group has chance to recover items 10%: scavenger.recoverchance.default
    gamers in VIP group has chance to recover items 80%:
    gamers in moderator group has chance to recover items 100%: scavenger.recoverchance.moderator
    (settings in config file)

    2) Trigger to recover items or not:
  24. To summarize, please turn this plugin into DeathControl.
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    No... DeathControl doesn't support setting permissions for different groups (default, VIP, etc...).
  26. It's on his to do. Everything else is already done. I'm not sure why you'd want to transform this plugin into exactly what another plugin is looking to accomplish.
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    The plugin doesn't work on my server for 1.2.3 D:. i <3 this and is vital to y server.
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    Have you to tried my version? It now uses Vault and any economy plugin supported by Vault.
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    Not compatible with 1.1-R5 and + :/
  30. Read cnaude's posts.
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    Cnaude is going to fork this, put it on bukkitdev, and maintain it for future versions.
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