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    Change log

    Version 7
    • Added visualization.subsection-count setting, will let you decide how many sections the visualized fields get split into
    • You can press shift to undo your latest selection, while in drawing mode
    • You can now just click shift to close and open cuboid, instead of going back to the original cube and clicking on it
    • You can no longer place or break blocks while in drawing mode (prevents source blocks from being covered)
    • Added per-player visualization density. It can be changed with /ps density. A value of 1 gives you only field outlines. A value of 2 divides each side by 2, 8 by 8, etc. Another thing to note is that the density value is also the size of field that will draw completely full. For example with a value of 8 will allow you to fully visualize fields up to 8x8x8, fields larger than this will start to have empty spaces.
    • Default visualization density can be changed in the config
    • Per-player state like /ps off, /ps density is now saved on the database and persist after server restarts
    • Fixed error when generating config
    • Fixed off by one errors that made fields be larger than normal
    • Fixed super long fields bug, for good
    • Allow players with preciousstones.bypass.cuboid permission to close cuboids with exceeded maximums
    • Users who have the preciousstones.bypass.purchase permission and are not charged for a block, now do not get refunded free money
    • Removed /ps setheight, complexity no longer relevant with cuboid system
    • Fixed sql insert not unique error by processing any pending field deletions in the queue before inserting the new one
    • Added custom-volume field flag. When a player opens up drawing mode, he will be given this volume to draw with, instead of one calculated from the radius and height. Use this if you want your players to be able to set down fields with a small radius, yet be able to resize them to much larger.
    • Fixed the default config (it had old pstone layout)
    • Fixed bug with field purging for inactive players where fields never actually got purged
    • Fixed bug where /ps allow and /ps remove were not triggering saves to db and were sometimes not saved
    • Fixed bug with /ps allow not working
    • /ps info listing now shows a more comapct view when listing multiple fields
    • Fixed bug where cuboid fields were allowed to overlap no-conflict:false fields
    • Fixed bug where pstone-type blocks with were mistaken by pstones with /ps off
    • Added the fields flags list on right-click info
    • Added /ps toggle [flag] - toggles on/off individual field flags from your fields. Field info on right-click now shows color coded enabled and disabled field flags. Use example: Want to turn off prevent-fire flag form one of your fields. Point at your field, type /ps toggle prevent-fire, right click on your field to verify its toggle off. Now your field does not prevent agianst fire.
    • Added keep-chunks-loaded field flag. The flag will keep the chunks the field covers loaded in memory. Good for redstone stuff, etc.
    • Added /ps insert [flag] - An admin command that allows you to insert field flags into any fields. i.e. /ps insert slow-heal
    • Added force field mixing! Now you can open drawing mode, then place down another type of pstone and poof! its flags get imported! For example you can put a City Proteciton field in drawing mode, and place down a Peace Keeper, now you have a field that is a mix of both fields! Note: only the field flags transfer over, no extra volume is added
    • Added mixing-group field flag. With this you will be able to choose which fields can mix with what other fields. I'm ure you dont want your users mixing a City Protect and a Jack-o-Death fields. You put them into their own groups. Fields without a mixing-group canno mix.


    Phaed, you are a beast. You may be one of the most innovative, prolific devs around here.
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    I installed your Precious Stones mod on my server, however I want to be the only player on the server who can make precious stones (for other ppl and for my self) meaning that if someone wants to make a precious stone, he has to ask me first. How might I do that?

    I've seen those Permission Nodes on the wiki page, but I have no idea where they go or how to use'em!

    Thanks in advance bud
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    Give yourself all the permissions, and no one else.
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    Just installed version 7 over the 6.3 version.
    Receiving a new warning console message that happens every 15 seconds exactly:
    15:02:05 [WARNING] a
    15:02:20 [WARNING] a
    15:02:35 [WARNING] a

    Any ideas?
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    That's what I mean. How would one do that?
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    This is no longer a PreciousStones problem, if you lack basic understanding of permissions I suggest you read your permissions plugin's thread.
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    phaed i had some problems in Precious Stones cant manage to make it work to connect with MySQL could u help me out? i'm running my server on a VPS and i dont know what i'm doing wrong!

    P.S. when i'm ingame and press /ps i get a Syntax error.
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    Re-download version 7. I removed the debug output.
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    Another quick and dirty way is to change all of your precious stones to blocks that can only be attained through admin commands. If you reference this page: http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Block_id all of the data values with blue number IDs cannot be attained by players, they have to be summoned by an admin.
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    hi whenever i place down a block it does register as protection
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    whenever i try to install and run ps on my server the console gives my this and it doesnt work

    17.10 07:47:14 [Server] INFO [PreciousStones] Version 7 loaded
    17.10 07:47:14 [Server] SEVERE Error occurred while enabling PreciousStones v7 (Is it up to date?): net.sacredlabyrinth.Phaed.PreciousStones.PreciousStones.getConfig()Lorg/bukkit/configuration/file/FileConfiguration;
    17.10 07:47:14 [Server] INFO java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: net.sacredlabyrinth.Phaed.PreciousStones.PreciousStones.getConfig()Lorg/bukkit/configuration/file/FileConfiguration;
    17.10 07:47:14 [Server] INFO at net.sacredlabyrinth.Phaed.PreciousStones.managers.SettingsManager.<init>(SettingsManager.java:116)
    17.10 07:47:14 [Server] INFO at net.sacredlabyrinth.Phaed.PreciousStones.PreciousStones.onEnable(PreciousStones.java:101)

    any ideas on how to fix this?
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    Are you on 1317?
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    2011-10-17 18:02:41 [SEVERE] Error occurred while enabling PreciousStones v7 (Is it up to date?): net.sacredlabyrinth.Phaed.PreciousStones.PreciousStones.getConfig()Lorg/bukkit/configuration/file/FileConfiguration;
    java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: net.sacredlabyrinth.Phaed.PreciousStones.PreciousStones.getConfig()Lorg/bukkit/configuration/file/FileConfiguration;
    at net.sacredlabyrinth.Phaed.PreciousStones.managers.SettingsManager.<init>(SettingsManager.java:116)
    at net.sacredlabyrinth.Phaed.PreciousStones.PreciousStones.onEnable(PreciousStones.java:101)
    at org.bukkit.plugin.java.JavaPlugin.setEnabled(JavaPlugin.java:126)
    at org.bukkit.plugin.java.JavaPluginLoader.enablePlugin(JavaPluginLoader.java:920)
    at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.enablePlugin(SimplePluginManager.java:278)
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.loadPlugin(CraftServer.java:173)
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.enablePlugins(CraftServer.java:156)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.e(MinecraftServer.java:297)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.a(MinecraftServer.java:284)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.init(MinecraftServer.java:152)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.run(MinecraftServer.java:348)
    at net.minecraft.server.ThreadServerApplication.run(SourceFile:417)
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    Geoff Winans

    Is there a way to disable certain types of blocks?

    Limits don't work.

    I just want the blocks entirely disabled. Period. I cannot find any info on how to disable a block.
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    Contributing absolutely nothing to the conversation. Read the comment right above yours for gods sake.

    Limits work, you must not be using them right. If you want to remove one of the default fields just remove them from the config. If that's not what you mean then please let me know what you mean by "disabling blocks".

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    hi, i fixed my previous problem thanks for the reply.
    but i have a mob arena which is in my spawn,
    in my spawn i have a godstone , which covers the whole spawn
    and i dont want the people in the mob arena to regen health.
    is there a solution?
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    Something is wrong... Bukkit doesn't load PreciousStones... i've put the jar in the plug-ins and nothing...
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    Just checked and I am running what my server provider calls "The Latest Recommended Build" which happens to be 1112..

    Thanks for the clarification! Looks like I am going to have to contact my server provider.
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    There is none at the moment. But there will in the future.
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    You can set a limit to [0, 0, 0] which means that only a player with the bypass permission would be able to place one. You have to make sure that all of your permissions inherit preciousstones.limit1 at the very least for this to work.

    At the moment I think this would look like this in the current config, under the block definition:
      - 3
      - 5
      - 10
    Note: make sure you use the proper spacing for the YAML format. There should be 2 spaces in front of 'limits:' and each hyphen (they should line up with the rest of the block entry and there is one space after each hyphen.

    You can simply remove the block's entry from the config file like phaed suggested if you have no use for a particular block on your server.
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    There's a bug with the /ps allow command. I was building launch pads, and typing "/ps allow *" and it didnt' actually allow anyone. However when I tried "/ps allowall *" it worked. so I'm guessing it's bugged.

    One of your numerous plugin fans reporting a bug.
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    Change log

    Version 7.0.1

    • Snitch blocks no longer tracks players who are allowed in it.
    • Bug where fields of the same type were not mixing (unable to add on volume to a field) due to the field being in mixing-group 0. Mixing group 0 fields are not supposed to mix with other fields, but they SHOULD be able to mix with fields of their same type.
    • One can no longer import flags from a more expensive field into a cheaper one (based on price flag)
    • Renamed 'grief-undo-request' field flag to 'grief-revert'
    • Renamed 'grief-undo-produce-drop' field flag to 'grief-revert-drop'
    • Removed 'grief-undo-interval' field flag (you can now set their interval individually)
    • Grief-revert stones can now be set to run at an interval individually with the /ps setinterval [secs] command which sets the interval at which the grief-revert field will auto-revert itself. Note: By default 'grief-revert' fields have an interval of 0 seconds so they have to be reverted manually with rightclick.
    • Added 'grief-undo.min-interval-secs' to set the minumum interval your users will be able to set with /ps setinterval

    If you use Grief Revert blocks then you must rename the field flags that have been changed.
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    With a city protection field and setname applied... setting the "farewell-message" to off appears to have no effect. I still receive a farewell AND welcome message.
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    Will be fixed on next version.
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    Permisions link is broke, please fix asap :)
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    Fixed wiki fuckup.
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    when me, an admin, places down the launch pad, it doesnt seem to work on players, only other ops. is this a bug
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    They only work for those who are allowed in them. To allow everyone, point at it and use:

    /ps allow *
    Change log
    Version 7.0.2

    • Fixed drawing mode, completely fucked it up in 7.0.1
    • Players with the 'preciousstones.bypass.interval' can set grief revert fields with less than the configured minimum
    • Fixed bug where farewell-message flag was not being recognized correctly
    • Shift-clicking (what is used to open cuboids) no longer closes open cuboids. This is to prevent clicking to open the cuboid multiple times and it closing by itself.
    • Grief-revert blocks now have notifications and logging. All grief reversions are logged and if the player is online, he wil be notified.

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    how do i make it so everyone can use the sky cannon not just the person that placed it??? please reply
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    work with new CB1337 ?


    and can somebody help me with integrate with modloaderMP+IndustrialCraft2?
    Work fine with this mod. But bug.
    Anyone can remove the equipment, remove the rubber from the wire, throw the TNT, in private zone.

    tell, how i can add new "action" in this cool plugin?
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