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    v2.4.2 Released - 9/24/2011​
    See the change log for details.​
    Everyone using PermissionsEx, Essentials, or anything else besides the regular permissions plugin or PermissionsBukkit should add or change this in their config under the Global section:
    LegacyPermissions: true
    As of 2.4.0 the bPermissions plugin is supported directly.​
    As of 2.3.7 the PermissionsBukkit plugin is supported directly.​
    This support is not done through the new built in Permissions that bukkit provides, because there is no way to get a players group using the built in methods. However, by supporting this directly, you can now use the new permissions system while still keeping Residence, and not having to use old permissions at all anymore.​

    Latest Recommended Build
    Version: v2.4.2
    Download: Residence

    Latest Development Build
    Latest Snapshot: Residence.jar
    Latest Config: config.yml

    Developer API: Wiki
    GitHub Source: GitHub
    DevBukkit Project Page: DevBukkit


    Daniel Few (Wiki)​
    Linaks (Residence Logo)​
    SirHedgehog (Code)
    GSValore (Code)​
    Samkio (Wiki Video)​
    JustinGuy (Code)​

    Residence Signs (by KarnEdge)​

    NOTE: All Residence usage information has been moved to the wiki!

    Residence is different from most protection plugins in that it aims for the users to be able to protect their own homes without having to bother the admin to do it. Residence has support for a variety of different protection types including preventing movement through areas, all of which can be configured by the land owner, and limited by the admin.​
    Features (open)

    • Allows players to define protected areas for themselves.
    • Individual permissions for each protected area. Land owner can give / deny permissions globally or to other specific players.
    • Different permissions per land include: move, build, use, pvp, fire, teleport, monsters spawn, damage prevention
    • Support for group permissions on protections.
    • Multi-World support.
    • Teleport system to allow users to teleport to residences.
    • Collision detection system to prevent residences from overlapping.
    • Limits to protected size can be set up by the admin.
    • Limits to number of protected areas per player can be set.
    • Two ways to select land including using the select command, or using a item to select 2 points.
    • Messages when you enter / leave a residence. (customizable)
    • Land "leasing" system which requires users to renew the lease on their protection every X number of days or loose the protection. (off by default, see config file)
    • Recursive Sub-zoning. Create zones within zones, and then zones within those zones...
    • TONS of configuration for admins. Customize every single flag that players can or cannot use in the config file, based on their permissions group.
    • (Optional) IConomy support, can set up cost per X number of blocks protected.
    • (Optional) Permissions support.
    • In-game help / commands descriptions

    • Fix bug affecting some people with the new save system
    • Support for iConomy 6
    • Prevent enderman from messing with blocks in residences with the -build flag.
    • Paintings are now protected properly (Thanks JustinGuy!)
    • Fix Rent auto-renew bug.
    • Fix other miscellaneous small bugs.
    ChangeLog (open)

    • Support for bPermissions
    • Add "/res pset <residence> [player] removeall" command to remove all flags for that player
    • Added console only command "/resworld remove [world]" to remove all residences in a world.
    • "/res remove" now requires confirmation using the "/res confirm" command, before removing a residence.
    • Fixed subzone flag.
    • Fixed a few null pointer exceptions related to the "/res message" command, and a few other issues with it as well.
    • Fixed few cosmetic rent message bugs.
    • Fixed few mispellings...
    - Added name filter to Residences to prevent characters that mess up YML from being used. This should fix many of the errored YML files that people have been getting.
    - Fixed arrow damage in no-pvp zones (bug introduced in the Residence 1060 update).
    - Added a "Permissions Group" line of text into /res limits, this will show your Permissions group as reported by Residence.

    - Fixes to better handle the piston flag, and world "flow" flags (thx JustinGuy :) )
    - "Use" flag now covers trap doors.
    - Lease renewal can now be pulled from the Residence's bank.
    - Buying a residence now causes the default flags to be set for the user who is buying it.
    - Minor fixes to new PermissionsBukkit support (fix message about permissions not being detected when it actually was)
    - Added a few miscellaneous forgotten commands to the in-game Residence help.

    • Added direct support for PermissionsBukkit (doesn't go through the bukkit API)
    • Added LegacyPermissions true/false config option.
    • Support for residence.admin and residence.create permission nodes using new permission system.
    • Recommend using SuperPermsBridge or something that ensures backwards compatibility with old permissions.
    • Few permission changes to hopefully make it work better.
    • Fix for firespread flag with CB1000.
    • Added "piston" flag.
    • Fixes for CB1000
    • Fixes for a few minor bugs, and for concurrent modification issue with the Lease Manager.
    • Removed subzone list from /res info, and gave it its own command that supports multiple pages, /res sublist <residence> <page>
    • If the save file errors, it will now be preserved rather then overwritten, it will be renamed res-ERRORED.yml, the plugin will now disable itself upon error as well unless the StopOnSaveFault option in the config is set to false.
    • Fixed non-working per-world flags.
    • Fixed a few message bugs.
    • Add /resadmin removeall <player> admin command to remove all residences owned by a player.
    • Changed MaxUpDown in the default config to 128...
    • Fixed issue with /res vert still selecting more then the MaxUpDown allowed.
    • Fixed a few initial issues with a couple language localization messages.
    • Removed area list from /res info, use /res area list [residence] or /res area listall [residence] now.
    • New language localization system, upon first run v2.3 will create a Languages folder under your Residence config folder with the default English.yml file.
    • New in-game help system. (part of the new language localization system)
    • All commands now run without admin privileges unless you specify /resadmin before.
    • Added config option to allow rented residences to be modifiable. (PreventRentModify option)
    • Fixes to improve compatibility with Permissions 3.X
    • /res listall now has pages
    • Added the "physics" flag to control block movement. (separated from the flow flag more like)
    • New ResidenceTPEvent, and ResidenceRentEvent API events
    • Fixed residences not being properly removed from lease / rent system, upon deletion.
    • Fixed bug related to default group option in the config.
    • Fixed global "container" flag bug.
    • Fixed some NPE's related to explosions.
    • Added /resload command to load the save file after you make changes to it (UNSAFE, as it does not save residences first, and so you may loose new residences that were just created)
    • Added per residence Blacklist/Ignorelists that will allow you to specify certain block types to be ignored from residence protections, or unable to be placed in residences.
    • Added Server owned land, use /resadmin server <residence> to change the owner to "Server Owned"
    • Added global Ignorelists which allow certain block types to become unprotectable for the whole world / for a specific user group.
    • Fixed a couple bugs with the lease system, including being enabled when it shouldn't be and the lease auto-renew option.
    • Added "/res area replace" command, allows you to resize / move a physical area. If the new area is bigger, it will only charge you for the difference in size.
    • Added 'waterflow' and 'lavaflow' flags which override the flow flag if set.
    • Fixed a bug causing money to still be charged when failing to add a area to a residence.
    • Fix case sensitivity bug in rent system.
    • BOSEconomy support.
    • Essentials Economy support.
    • RealShop Economy support.
    • Added the 'place' and 'destroy' flags, which if used overrule the 'build' flag. These allow you to give only block placement permissions in a certain area, or only block destroy permissions.
    • /res check [residence] [flag] <player> command, this command evaluates if <player> is affected by [flag] at [residence]. You can leave off <player> and it will use your name.
    • Added a LeaseAutoRenew config option, that will cause leases to automatically renew so long as the player has the money to do so. Note that, if economy is disabled this doesn't work, as there would be no point to leases. Needs Testing! :)
    • Global FlagPermission config section, that allows you to give permission to use a flag to all groups, useful for the build / move / use flag that you almost definitely want everyone to have access to. Flags under each individual group will overrule these.
    • You can now set a limits on how deep or how high protections can go into the group, using each groups MinHeight and MaxHeight settings.
    • /res select sky, and /res select bedrock commands, these auto adjust to the above mentioned MinHeight and MaxHeight settings, so it won't select into a area you can't protect.
    • Rent system implemented.
    • Many bug fixes, including proper creeper explosion prevention now. Also, fixed some bugs when renaming residences.
    • New healing flag.
    • The monsters flag has been split up into "animals" and "monsters" now.
    • New Developer API, including custom Bukkit events.
    • New Global CreatorDefault / GroupDefault / ResidenceDefault flag sections to help clean up the Groups section, and remove redundant flags.
    • Probably some other minor things I've forgot :)
    - Residence 2.0 now in alpha testing, core code has been mostly rewritten.​
    - Supports multiple areas per residence using '/res area <add/remove>' commands.​
    - Added new selection commands '/res select expand' and '/res select shift'​
    - Added Predefined permission lists that can be applyed to residences.​
    - Enter / Leave messages now support %player, %owner and %area variables.​
    - Config file has been cleaned up and most things are better named.​
    - Should be fixed to work with newer iConomy versions.​
    - Save system now only uses yml as save format.​
    - Save system wont corrupt the whole file if one residences gets corrupted, you just loose that one residence.​
    - When a residence changes owner, flags are set to default for that owner.​
    - Added '/res default' command to manually reset flags to default.​
    - Released source code for v2.0​

    v1.2.8 - BETA
    - Fixed broken flag setting permissions.​

    v1.2.7 - BETA
    - Fixed chests being able to be opened from outside protected area.​
    - Fixed enter/leave message (hopefully)​
    v1.2.6 - BETA
    - Updated for CB 612 / Minecraft 1.4​
    v1.2.5 - BETA
    - Fixed tiny bug in saving messages.​
    - yml is now the default save format because its more reliable.​

    v1.2.4 - BETA
    - Fixed bug related to fire / ignite event.​
    - Added ability to remove enter / leave messages​

    v1.2.3 - BETA
    - Added a optional different save system, you can now save residences in pure YML format (same format as config files). See the config file for how to enable.​

    v1.2.2 - BETA
    - Fixed TP bug.​

    v1.2.1 - BETA
    - Fixed bug in new saving system.​

    v1.2 - BETA
    - New save system, will attempt to auto-convert from old system.
    - Fixed some permission bugs when not using permissions plugin.​
    - OPs are now residence admins when not using permissions.​
    - Fixed collisions detection issues related to having multiple worlds.​
    - Added global pvp setting.​
    - Added a "flow" flag to control water/lava flow in residences.​
    v1.1.9 - BETA
    - Fixed a severe bug when not using permissions.​

    v1.1.8 - BETA
    - Fixed a subzone bug.​
    v1.1.7 - BETA
    - Added ability to buy and sell land using /res market commands.​
    - Added a land leasing system which can be configured to expire protections if they are not renewed after a period of time. See the /res lease command. (this is off by default, turn it on and customize it in the config)​
    - Implemented a Auto-Save interval. Saves residence areas every X minutes.​
    - Fixed minor onBlockIgnite error.​
    - Added a few admins commands using /resadmin.​

    v1.1.6 - BETA
    - Fixed spaces not working in enter / leave messages.​

    v1.1.5 - BETA
    - Added Enter / Leave messages for Residences, as well as a permission option in the config to allow / deny changing of them.​
    - Fixed residence admins not being able to modify the outside world when using deny build rights outside of residences.​
    - Fixed issue related to default group.​
    - Added a config option to specify the default group.​

    v1.1.4 - BETA
    - Fixed bug in group permissions...​
    v1.1.3 - BETA
    - Changed the configuration vastly again, server admins now have control over every flag for every group.​
    - Group permissions implemented, but in need of TESTING! :)
    - World permission implemented (default world permissions for when you are not in a residence zone)​
    - Fixes subzone collision bug.​

    v1.1.2 - BETA
    - Fixed residence admins still requiring IConomy money.​
    - Fixed a bug with TNT explosions.​

    v1.1.1 - BETA
    - Fixed bug breaking subzone permissions.​

    v1.1 - BETA
    - Recusive sub-zoning, make subzones within zones, and then subzones within those subzones :)
    - Different limits based on permissions group​
    - New setting for choosing the selection tool item id.​
    - Anti-lag configuration option.​
    - Moved some permissions into the config file.​
    - All protections are now OFF by default.​

    v1.0.1 - 3/21/2011
    - Added permissions / config option to disable teleports.​

    v1.0 - 3/20/2011
    - Initial Release​

    Bug Reports:
    Please include at minimum the following information with all bug reports:
    • CraftBukkit Version
    • Residence Version
    • What you were doing when the error occurred.
    If available, also include:
    • Any server console error messages
    • Other plugins that may be causing the issue
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    @bekvon Okay, well thank you!
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    06.07 12:38:23 [Server] INFO org.bukkit.command.CommandException: Unhandled exception executing command 'res' in plugin Residence v2.3.1
    I keep getting this error as far as I know we're running the most up to date version of Bukkit.
    All Residence commands when you attempt to perform them say there is an internal error.

    Any advice would be a great help :)
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    Is there a way I can configure it so that a creeper's explosion hurts players but not the blocks? That'd be awesome :D
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    You are my boy. Thank you :D [diamond]
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    My first post was so fatally wrong, I had to rewrite it.

    I have CB 953 and updated from Residence 2.2. Only put the new jar file in the plugins folder, no new config files. May this cause problems (my config.yml ist huuuge)?

    1. When I want to change move permission for somebody as op "/res pset name move true" I recieve the error message: "You dont have permissions for this". Permissions3 config is the same as with Residence 2.2. Anyone else got this problem?
    2. Is it possible to select Subzones via /res select residence ?
    3. How can I find out if I'm currently in a subzone? I think in 2.2 it was somehow visible via /res info - now it tells me I'm in an area, although I'm in a subzone.
    4. On some random residence commands (often /res listall or on wrong command usage (e.g. /res select RESIDENCENAME)) sometimes lags occour. Does anyone else observe this behaviour?
    When trying to select a residence (/res select residence NAME), sometimes I receive the following exception:

    org.bukkit.command.CommandException: Unhandled exception executing command 'res' in plugin Residence v2.3.1
            at org.bukkit.command.PluginCommand.execute(
            at org.bukkit.command.SimpleCommandMap.dispatch(
            at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.dispatchCommand(
            at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.handleCommand(
            at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(
            at net.minecraft.server.Packet3Chat.a(
            at net.minecraft.server.NetworkManager.b(
            at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(
            at net.minecraft.server.NetworkListenThread.a(SourceFile:105)
            at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h(
    Caused by: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 3
            at com.bekvon.bukkit.residence.Residence.onCommand(
            at org.bukkit.command.PluginCommand.execute(
            ... 12 more
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    Anyway bekvon ! When i update to 2.3.1 - 'residence.admin' seems to not cooperate with my permissions .. :'(

    I have admin node '*' in my PEX Permissions and resadmin commands as well ..

    U made any changes with permissions hooks in your latest update man ?

    In 2.2 all works like a charm !

    Thank you for answer in advence ! [meat]
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    Getting error "rent is disabled..." when trying to set a property for rent. Pulling my hair out over this.

    The config doc is not the most eloquent either, why not just allow permission nodes?

    All I want to do is set some areas as an admin, set them for rent, then allow whoever is renting them to modify them. That's it. I also have renting enabled in the config and after a few server restarts, it's still not working.

    Edit: Plus this is overwriting values I've set in permissions already and with other plugins. Why would a region management plugin determine whether a player can and can not place lava outside of the slected regions?
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    I'm OP, got all the permissions ( '*' ), but it says I'm not admin :(
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    ^^ Definitely would love this.
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    replace /res to /resadmin for all your commands
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    I'm having a little trouble with the mod, but it seems to work very well.

    I am running a mostly private server where about 4 friends and I are building our own areas. I wanted to have the plugin so creepers etc could not damage eachother's stuff when visiting.

    That works great, but I also didn't really want to limit building to the players that created the residency. Right now, the default flags are no lava, water, buckets, fire, etc.. and I wanted to enable all that for only the creator of the residency.

    Is there a way to set this to the default configuration, so we don't have to modify those flags manually every time?
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    Why did all my residences get deleted? I don't know what happened, I just restarted the serer (using /stop) and when I came back all my residences were gone! Residence vr 2.2 and bukkit 953 Please help!
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    1. All commands you want to run as admin now have to have /resadmin before them rather then /res, otherwise they run without admin privledges. This allows admins to play the server as a normal user if they want, and only invoke admin privileges when they need them.
    2. It should be, if it doesn't work let me know.
    3. /res info should still show the full name of the residence your in, its one of the first few lines. Alternatively, try /res current (i need to document that command in the help system...)
    4.Is it just message lag? or whole server lag?

    As for the exception, it looks like its a simple case of the command was used wrong (wrong arguments or somthing) but residence didn't catch it and throw back a proper message, il fix it when i can. :)

    See #1 in my above reply :)

    You will get the rent disabled message if your not using a economy plugin or you have the wrong economy plugin specified in the config file (Global section), and without a economy plugin the rent system will disable itself (since it cannot function without one). As for rent permision nodes, they weren't powerful enough for people who want to limit how many residences a player can rent, rather then just allow or deny rent privileges, which is why its under the config as a MaxRents config option (set to 0 to disallow renting for that group). Finally, make sure your using /resadmin instead of /res when you want to modify something with admin privileges. As for lava, you mean lava buckets? or lava tiles? Lava tiles are blacklisted by default because its not normal for non-admin users to have them in most cases. Regardless, if you want to allow lava tiles, remove LAVA and STATIONARY_LAVA from the blacklist at the bottom of the config.

    Look in the config for
            build: false
    Change the above build to true. :)

    Error messages on startup? Check the res.yml.bak file?

    Il add it when i can :)
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    We run iConomy 5.0.1 and iConomy is specified in the config.


    # Enable / Disable Residence's Economy System.
    EnableEconomy: true
    # The economy system to use (iConomy, MineConomy, Essentials, BOSEconomy, and RealEconomy supported).
    EconomySystem: iConomy
    # Enables or disables the Rent System
    EnableRentSystem: true
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    I just updated Residence to 2.3.2, and everything works fine on RB #953... except 'physics' flag doesn't seem to work or at least not in the way I thought it would. I set the 'physics' flag to false for my town region then tested it out with a non-admin player and he was able to operate a piston just outside of the border and push blocks into the region. Once the blocks entered the region, he couldn't get them back due to the build flag being false.
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    i thought physics is something like sand or gravel falling down? can you test that?
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    If this had but a few more features this would be the defacto standard for protection. I desperately wish to move away from towny, but nothing else has towns, nations, town chat channels etc. Its a very sad thing.
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    i cant figure out how to get it to work....

    i have placed it in :
    C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Skrivebord\Minecraft_server_NYT FORSØG\Premade Bukkit Server\Premade Bukkit Server\plugins\Residence

    restarted the server..... but its not working :-(
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    You put Residence.jar in the plugins folder right? From what it looks like your saying is that you extracted the jar folder into Residence folder, which is not right.

    Also, you may want to post your CB build #, etc.

    Well moving blocks from a piston would be the same as sand or gravel falling, but I see what you're saying. I'll test it out tonight.

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    bekvon great job man love your plugin, is it posible to add comand for limit max buy residence like MaxRents ?
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    So the files all go in a folder called:

    C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Skrivebord\Minecraft_server_NYT FORSØG\Premade Bukkit Server\Premade Bukkit Server\plugins\Residence

    But the "Residence.jar" goes into :

    C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Skrivebord\Minecraft_server_NYT FORSØG\Premade Bukkit Server\Premade Bukkit Server\plugins

    The setup dident say anything about that :-(

    22:30:48 [INFO] This server is running Craftbukkit version git-Bukkit-0.0.0-904-
    g9277096-b953jnks (MC: 1.7.2)
    22:30:48 [INFO] This server is also sporting some funky dev build of Bukkit!
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    Yes, this is a standard for any plugin for bukkit. When you place the .jar file into your /plugins folder and restart the server, it should automatically load the plugin and create everything else for you.
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    I don't seem to be able to use the Permissions 3.1.6 groups.yml in the latest residence config, I've set up 3 groups admin/builder and guest - these groups have corresponding group sections in the res config. The default group in the res config is set to guest - however, my admin/builder players are wrongly flagged as guests by the residence plugin, does residence not recognize the permission groups or do I need to do something specific to use anything but the default group?
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    Can you post your config.yml for Residence? Use the code tags to post it or pastebin

    I was thinking about the whole piston thing, and you may run into a problem.
    Admins are worried about people pushing blocks into regions, but if you do a type of flag where it stops pistons pushing blocks inside of regions, it would also keep admins from having piston related doors, traps, secret areas in that zone as well.

    What you will want to do instead is have some kind of check against block movement that hopefully gives a source piston (that was placed outside of a region) and if a moved block enters a region with the 'build' flag to false, it will be moved back to its original location and therefore negating the movement everytime.

    I don't know if bukkit has this kind of listener yet, but if so it will still allow owners of a region with build set to false be able to have pistons work inside of the region but not be able to cross boundaries.

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    Hmm, I think you may have missed the question I was asking.. I was trying to get lava, water, flow, buckets, and fire on by default for new residencies, for the creator of the residency only.

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    Im sorry if im retarded (HURP DA DERP) but how do you install this? I put the zip in, unzipped it, and started. What did i do wrong? D:---------never mind,but,i keep getting /res ? for more info when i try to do alot of stuff. and im the admin,and when i try to make a land,thats decently big,it says its out of my limits
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            build: true
            move: true
            use: true
            container: true
            bucket: true
            ignite: true
            flow: true
            physics: true
    With the default config settings, you can only go so far. You'll want to either setup a group for (whatever your admins group is called) to be able to do larger MaxEastWest and MaxNorthSouth.

    However, as an OP or an admin with the residence.admin node in permissions, you can replace "/res" command with "/resadmin" to be able to create areas and regions without any limits at all.

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    do this plugin conflict whit world edit?
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    OMG I LOVE YOU (i edited) xD the admin thing worked :3
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    I am trying to reload my config / saved residences after editing them manually so that I can replace certain flags all at once. There are 100's of residences / subzones so I can't do it in-game. I cannot get it to reload however and keep my changes. I replace the backup also, but it still reverts. What do I need to do?
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