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    Is Residence to complicated, and Plotzy to bland and not enough features?​
    Well that is why there is HyperPlot.​
    HyperPlot is a plugin that allows the normal user to buy and or create a plot. With out the need of an staff member on the server. It also allows them to buy and sell plot from and to other players. All just with some simple commands.

    To Do List:
    1. Commands
    2. Block protection
    3. Buying/Selling
    4. Enables
    5. Config
    6. Permissions

    Developers: BillyBobJoe, Credit: 99%
    Helper: KillerSmurf Credit: 1%
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    I'm interested in this. So, how does a player denote the boundaries of a plot?
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    Hey, I'm adding features :p If you want, you can work on the plugin with me together. I've already added co-owners, builders, and a few other things; they just need to be tested. I also set up a flags system which will eventually allow upgrades.
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    Hmmm....I'd be glad to work on it, but I would still want to release HyperPlot. You can send me a PrivateMessage, then I'll send you some contact information.

    Do you mean shrink his plot radius? If so then with a simple command.

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    I mean, like, how can a person define a plot of land? Does it have to be entered by a server admin into some text file, or can the player just draw a right-angled polygon on the ground to make a plot?
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