Inactive [SEC/MECH] BlockLock V3.1 - Chest and Furnace protection! 1.8! :D [Permissions] [MultiWorld] [1337]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Liam Allan, Aug 19, 2011.

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    Liam Allan

    Thanks so much for all the people that helped!
    But and even bigger thanks to Feildmaster for what he did!
    "When it comes to technology, simplicity sells." -David Pogue
    I found 5 out-of-date plugin on the Plugin list. So, This could be one
    of the simplest chest locking plugin's around :D

    Moved to BukkitDev!

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    Wow, Liam, nice job! You've progressed so far! Says the guy who is obsessed with trolling and purple people eaters... whatever.
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    Did you use photo shop for the Banner?
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    unfortunately no, it does it every time :( it's not even loading the plugin
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    Liam Allan

    Start the server without the plugin, The try again :D
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    I'm having the same thing here:
    [SEVERE] Could not load 'plugins/BlockLock.jar' in folder 'plugins': authors are of wrong type
    Thats Ubuntu Natty x64 Server, CraftBukkit 1060, plugins: AdminCmd, Dynmap, RuFix.
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    Liam Allan

    Um, I don't know usually works?

    No :D

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    Same thing happened to me. Something tells me it's caused by something in the plugin.yml inside the plugin conflicting with the code or naming.


    Ok, I have now fixed the issue. Make your plugin.yml inside of the plugin look like this:
    name: BlockLock
    main: me.neocrocraft.BlockLock.BlockLock
    version: 1.5
        description: Gives access to all BlockLock's commands
          bl.protect: true
          bl.user.break: true
          bl.user.access: true
          bl.admin.break: true
          bl.admin.access: true
        description: Allows anyone to make protected chests and furnaces
        default: not op
        description: Allows users to break thier chests and furnaces
        default: not op
        description: Allows users to access there chests
        default: not op
        description: Allows someone to open all protected chests
        default: op
        description: Allows admins to open all protected chests
        default: op
    Bukkit doesn't understand the line about the authors, and the package was named wrong in the plugin.yml

    This will fix the start-up errors.
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    Liam Allan

    Thanks :D
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    No problem. I am using your plugin on my server :D

    It's not a massive server yet, but I hope it will be one day.
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    Liam Allan

    Oh. Thanks! Glad it works for you :D
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    the message is annoying and should not be displayed so often, make it so we can disable the message
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    Liam Allan

    Which message? When you break/open/place a chest/furnace/sign ?
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    The Plugin is great, does what I wanted (and when you add doors it will be even better) but I agree, the message is way over the top. I have people on my server that intentionally hit the chest 50 times in a row and fill up the chat. I don't care that they do it, I hate the message in general. All of them. If you could add the option to remove the warnings, this plugin would be ideal.
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    Liam Allan

    That's fine :D Add it soon!
  16. hey, may u add config file so i can change that even op's do not have acces to chest?
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    Liam Allan

    Um, No sorry :D It's best if you use permissions for that. . . .
  18. :/ i have problem with perm pligins... they:
    a)do not work
    b)crash server
    c)do nothing :/
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    Liam Allan

    PermissionsBukkit works fine, Maybe you set it up wrong?
  20. ill try once more tomorrow. I watched tutorial and step by step i followed that :p. ok ill try PermissionsBukkit than ;)
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  21. damm do u have ANY working permission plugin? PermissionsBukkit do NOT work... :/
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    Liam Allan

    Well, I'm using the built in stuff :D So, Sorry!
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    also furnace and dispenser protection would be nice as well.
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    Liam Allan

    furnace is already on there :D
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    oh sorry posting before i try it out. my bad.
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    Liam Allan

    HAha :D It's cool :D
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    best plugin ever! plugin developer once 1.9 comes out will this plugin work plz reply as we have shops protexted by ur plugin
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    Liam Allan

    yes, it should :D
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  30. Nice plugin!
    Can you make an option that allows the user that placed the chest to make it public?
    Also can you let us decide if we wanna see 'You have opened your chest' message? :) (and maybe edit the text)
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    OMG This plugin is so awesome and easier than others! Except...
    I can't set it I want to. Permissions are too hard to understand for me. Can you make this work with OPs? That you can set OPs don't have more 'permissions' than other player in the config, like:
    Use permissions: false
    OPs same 'permissions' as Players: true
    #If set 'true', OPs alse can't see in the chest.

    Plz I would really appreciated.

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