[SEC/MECH/ADMN] BananaProtect 0.5 - automatic block protection + anti grief functionality [1000]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by codename_B, Jun 19, 2011.

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    So hey, any ETA on the next version of the plugin? Reeeeaalllly need a config file D:
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    does it work with buttons and switches?
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    can you read?
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    o sorry but now i am downloading :D
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    Would a /claim command be usefull? for admins to claim world edit items...
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    A /claim command will be added for admins to claim blocks.
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    Thanks! Can you give a ETA of the next release?
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    Not really - I have so many projects on the go - so which one gets updated really depends on which one I want to work on lol
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    maybe add a '/public' for buttons, levers and doors
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    Not a bad idea at all, not at all. Definately something I'm going to consider adding :D
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    ok how do i protect it idk how?
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    are the commands only usable by op?
    Edit- Also does this automatically protect what we make with worldedit?
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    Its would be good to add option to disable protection , when many peoples work for 1 object exampl.

    Something like here - "Toggleability! Use /bprotect or /bp to toggle BananaProtection on and off"
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    i root for that, i was just about to ask if you could make something like that for those 3. Since in my server i make watch towers with elevators, and nobody can get threw doors or push the button XD.
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    is there anyway of changing the wand stick to the chest? So when you click with the chest it tells you the block you clicked, and when you place it it tells you the liquid? That would be awesome because then I wouldnt have to carry two things instead of one.
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    hey i dont mean to complaining or anything but everything in this (and other plugins made by you codename_B) have worked except the rollback function in this one ( and i mean for me, im not saying u screwed up :p)

    now idk wat im doing wrong and when i try to vary things to see wat works and does not, i end up destroying other players entire placement of blocks (not fun to rebuild!)

    so to the point

    what am i doing wrong?

    i do as a test on myself

    /rollback 1 cvxx7q 5

    (when i just placed some blocks of 5)

    and i get 0 changes rolled back, the only way i get rollback to work is to delete all blocks placed by that player, radius and block ID seem to not work

    this happens on build 1000 and the one before it

    v 0.5 and 0.4 of this plugin

    if you need further information please let me know :)
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    i can do the stick thing but it dosent auto protect blocks

    i cant togglep?

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    hmm..the stick just stopped working, but the protection still works..
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    REQ: Config file fo entering which blocks to protect
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    wow, when you change the wand item, please tell us. dont want to complain, still the best plugin ever.
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    Teh Kitteh

    Could you please fix trees, when somebody plants one others cant cut the base, and sometimes cant cut the entire tree.

    Also, Doors can still be opened by pressure plates even if you do not own that door.
    Also, will you be adding /public and /convert?

    Great plugin I am using it in my server and I am quite pleased! Much better then OwnBlocks!

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    As usual loving the plugins. I have two requests.
    1. log destroyed blocks, so if someone destroys a block you place the lockedchest it will tell you who destroyed the block there.
    2. Roll back of destroyed blocks.

    That is all. That would be awesome!
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    This is a handy plugin, only thing really missing is the option to exclude certain items from being protected, such as levers and buttons
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    Like cvxx7q said the rolleback function doesn't work for me also. :(
    Could you please fix it, because I would love to use this plugin. :)

    I've forgot to submit the Playername to the ops.txt.
    Sorry for the confusion.
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    Plugin is working great. However is it possible to change the tool to check block protection from a "Locked Chest" to something else such as "WoodShovel"? As some of my admins do not have the ability to give themselves items. Therefore a locked chest is not easy to obtain. Any ideas would be appreciated
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    How do you suggest placing a wooden shovel in order to check liquids?
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    Very good point :) Ok how about something else such as a diamond block or basically any other block that's a little more obtainable rather then a not in use "Locked Chest".. Again thanks for the help
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    Having the block as the "checker" removes the ability to place the block in-game. Would you be happy never being able to place a diamond block? The reason I chose the locked chest is because you can never place it anyway.
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    Interesting... That is good know. I was unaware that you will not be able to use the item that is labeled as the "Checker". That brings a totally different set of problems. Well hey i appreciate it code. Thank you for the quick reply.

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