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    Log - A lightweight alternative to BigBrother.
    Version: v0.8.2
    NOTE: Users have reported problems using GroupManager.

    Log is a plugin that logs block changes. Currently it only records break and place events.
    Being the Bukkit plugin creator n00b I am, I probably made some n00bish mistakes, but it works, anyway.
    Compatible with 617 onwards. Latest build officially tested on 1597.

    • Logs block place and destroy events
    • Lets you look up block place and destroy events using a stick
    • Permissions support
    • Block type/material logging - NEW IN 0.4
    • A block to check air and other non-clickable blocks - NEW IN 0.8.2, now works!
    • PLANNED: Auto-delete support - prevent buildup of old stuff
    • POSSIBLE: Rollback?
    • Plaintext buffered SQL alternative to prevent memory leaks - NEW IN 0.5
    How to use:

    How to use (open)

    • 1) Install.
    • 2) Ensure you have the correct permissions (see below)
    • 3) Right click block with stick. DING!
    • 4) If you want to check who destroyed a block, place a block there and right-click that.
      • 4a) Alternatively, "place" a bone where the block would be.
    • 5) To clean the database of all old entries, type '/log clean <time>', replacing <time> with a time unit (15m, 24h, 30d)
    • 6) To completely purge the database of all entries (when you start a new world or something), type '/log purge'

    Permissions (open)

    • To use the stick lookup, you must have the 'log.stick' permission, or be an op.
    • To use the bone lookup, you must have the 'log.bone' permission, or be an op.
    • A 'log.*' permission is provided for your convenience.

    Admin Permissions:
    Admin Permissions (open)

    • To use '/log purge', you must have the 'log.admin.purge' permission, or be an op.
    • To use '/log clean <time>', you must have the 'log.admin.clean' permission, or be an op.
    • A 'log.admin.*' permission is provided for your convenience.

    Download jar: v0.8.2 | v0.8.1 (Dropbox) | v0.8 (Dropbox) | v0.7.1 (Dropbox) | v0.7 (Dropbox) | v0.6 (Dropbox) (Direct) | v0.5.1 (Dropbox) | v0.5 (Dropbox) UNSTABLE!! | v0.4 (Dropbox) | v0.3 (Dropbox)

    To download, click the link above, wait, then click the "Skip This Ad" button in the top right corner. If the link appears to not work in some way, try refreshing the page. Still not working? Use the (Direct) link (for versions 0.6-).

    Please, please, please, pretty please with sugar on top, donate to support the continued development of this plugin:

    Source Code: v0.8.2 | v0.7(.1) (Dropbox) | v0.6 (Dropbox) | v0.5.1 (Dropbox)
    For versions prior to 0.5, source code is packaged in the jar file.

    Changelog (open)

    Version 0. 8.2:
    • "Added" bone lookup! Yippee!
    Version 0.8.1:

    • Fixed incorrect month number error (again)
    Version 0.8:

    • Added '/log purge' and '/log clean <time>' commands
    Version 0.7.1

    • Removed testing code
    • Fixed incorrect month number error
    Version 0.7

    • Made compatible with RB1060
    • Added config file! (plugins/Log/
    • Added bone lookup (non-functional ATM due to Bukkit bug - I think)
    • Made compatible with PermissionsBukkit. Compatibility with original Permissions is unknown
    Version 0.6

    • Fixed incorrect version number 'bug' (again)
    • Fixed FileNotFound bug (again)
    Version 0.5.1

    • Fixed major bug with BufferedReader not being reset
    Version 0.5

    • Exams are over and I have begun working on this again (XD)
    • Tested with 953
      • Old filename: logdata.db
      • New filename: logdata.db2
      • Old files will be converted once the server starts/restarts.
      • Make sure you delete the old files once converted to prevent confusion.
      • Advantage: Before: 3.5MB. After: 2.8MB
    • And probably some other stuff
    Version 0.4

    • Tested with 733
    • Added more logged information: block ID, date and time
    • NB: Old data files still work (I think)
    • Fixed FileNotFound bug
    • Fixed incorrect version number 'bug'
    Version 0.3

    • Made compatible with Permissions plugin (node "log.stick")
    • Requires you to either have the permission or be an op to use the stick lookup
    • Fixed small grammatical mistake
    Version 0.2

    • Made compatible with 617
    Version 0.1

    • First release

    - JKapFilms

    Known Bugs:

    Please read this before posting about a bug or problem.
    • FIXED IN 0.5 Not shutting down the server correctly causes data in the last session to be lost.
    • FIXED IN 0.5.1 Possibly many bugs in 0.5. Currently testing.
    • FIXED IN 0.6 Stick does not check cache.
    • FIXED IN 0.7.1 AND 0.8.1 Incorrect month number shown. Even though this has been fixed, incorrect entries will still display incorrectly, however.
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    SQLite or MySQL support? If this is flatfile.
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    Well... the fact that it's flatfile is kinda the whole point.
    I can't run an SQL server due to restrictions, and BigBrother started spamming error messages about SQL Send Failed or something, so I just created this, which uses flatfiles.

    There shouldn't be a performance drop though, since the plugin only accesses the file when the server starts or stops.
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    It seems unlikely that an unindexed flat file is going to make rolling back based upon criteria faster.

    But, the proof will be in the pudding I suppose.

    At the very least, the guys who have written BigBrother have already written most of the meat and potatoes of any similar plugin, and they've released the source code for it too.

    It would make far more sense to take their source code, change it (if you believe you can make it faster using flat files or anything else) and release that. That would be progress (and add another choice) as well as making it easy for people who are already using BigBrother to try the alternative.

    Unfortunately this plugin looks like a complaint about another one rather than a solution to a problem (and with no source code there's not much point releasing something that isn't finished - especially something that does less than the plugin it is trying to replace)
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    We have over a million block placement/changes, daily. I'd love to use flatfile - but the nitty gritty is. It won't hold a candle to mysql.

    99% of addons will more than benefit from sqlite or flatfile. Logging is one of those that will not.
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    I am trying to use this with b556jnks, but it doesn't even attempt to load. I have the jar in the plugins folder then on startup no mention of it loading. All my other plugins seem fine. Not sure what to do and don't even have an error to give ya.
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    Umm, what are the commands?
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    If you are keeping every block change in memory, you're introducing an enormous potential for memory leaks.

    Also, there are places where you can get hosting for MySQL servers, or you can even run one from home. My 30-usercap server has a MySQL server that I can literally go over and kick, and it's only got 768k to work with.

    Also, BigBrother DOES create a lot of data - It's the nature of the beast.
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    Well... try to find something good with it.
    Also, just a note, the plugin does NOT print any information to the console upon startup, except for possible errors.
    Worried about memory leaks? Use BigBrother/LogBlock.
    Need SQL? Use BigBrother/LogBlock.
    This was designed for a small server with not too many block changes.

    Right click block with stick. Ding!
    As of version 0.2, the plugin DOES print messages. Just a heads up.
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    Right clicking on a block works great for finding who placed the block, how do I discover who destroyed a block?

    By the way, thanks a bunch! I looked into Big Brother, but installing it looks painful.
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    thats what im wondering too
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    If you place a block in the area that a block was removed, you can see who placed it, who destroyed it, then who placed it again. Hope this helps

    Although with signs, When someone destroys it, you can tell who it was, but you can't tell who placed it back there.

    Maybe a bug to fix???

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    How do i make it so that only Moderators+ can use it?
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    Yes, permission support would be great!

    Otherwise this plugin is exactly what i was looking for!
    I don't need all the other functions of BigBrother...
    This is the only really important one, and thank you very much for this plugin ;)
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    Youre freaking awesome. :D:D:D

    Just the plugin I needed!! Little hassle, and super effective. :D:D

    -watches thread-

    Do update more! :D

    Oh yeah, can you add into the topic things like, how long will the logs be recorded? Infinite? a few days? can it be configured? I'm afraid of the day where the whole chat box is filled with logs when i touch one block.

    and does the plugin cover all items in the game? :eek:

    THANKS! love you lots. no homo.
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    I love this mod! Would it be possible to add what type of block was broken?
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    Along with many others, I propose integration with Permissions.
    This is a really conversative (resource-wise) plugins best suited for creative servers with minor griefing problems.
    From what I can tell, it is not intended to rival BigBrother.
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    why te hell didnt i find this before? thank you so much!!!
  19. is it possible to have a config file to change stuff like having a stick as the tool, i want to change that
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    This is awesome! I host a small server with around 7 people on it, but still want to be able to see blockchanges, without a sql database. This is perfect for my needs. I too propose integration with Permissions.
    Thanks :)
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    This plugin is perfect for me! I can't be bothered to setup a SQL database. I love it! It's so simple and easy to use. Thanks for making this plugin!
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    nice =D
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    looking forward to an update compatible with build 602 :)
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    when is it gonna be uppdated?
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    yeah, I'm diein here :p
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    update update!!!!
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    Please update plug-in I really needed !
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    Please update this for 617, I'd really like to have something like this on my server.

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