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    Version: v1.1.0/v1.0.5

    I've always wanted to make a plugin that stopped people from using "God" plugins to go invulnerable then kill people while invulnerable.

    Basically how this works is if you type /NoPVP or /NP You're turned invincible and your damage versus other players is removed, basically removing you from PVP.
    You can make other players go into NoPVP mode by typing "/NP (Player)".
    Please note that there's a configuration option to disable all damage to you or just PvP Damage in NoPVP mode.

    As this is my first plugin, additional functionality may be added in the future, as I become more familiar with Java and with Bukkit.

    There is optional permissions support.

    Allows the player to damage other players while in No PVP mode.

    Allows the player to use No PVP mode.
    'nopvp.use' OR '<world>' if configuration option multi-world-node is set to true.

    Allows the player to use No PVP mode on other players.

    Makes it so other players can't change your No PVP mode setting.

    Stops nodes from being disabled when you enter No PVP.

    Includes all of the above.

    * Make yourself invincible, and stop yourself from damaging other players.
    * Make other players invincible.
    * Optional permissions support.
    * Optional PermissionsBukkit support.
    * Configuration
    * Optional persistence. You only need to type the command once in the lifetime of the server.
    * Dynamic command disabling, no teleporting/using spells/tpaccepting while in noPVP.
    * Total invincibility or partial invincibility via configuration.

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    Planned Features:
    * zip.

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    Version 1.0

    * Initial release.

    Version 1.1

    * Configuration
    * BukkitPermissions support
    * (HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL) disable nodes on NoPVP.
    * Optional status persistence.

    Version 1.0.2

    * Fixed disabling nodes. Works 100% now.
    * You can now add nodes when entering NoPVP.
    * New node, 'NoPVP.NoNodes'
    * 'NoPVP.Use.Override' renamed to 'NoPVP.Override'
    * Removed debug messages from disabling nodes.

    Version 1.0.3

    * You can now disable all damage or just PvP damage on NoPVP.
    * Fixed to b1240, one minor bug.
    * Configuration has to be updated, if it isn't the plugin will be angry at you and probably shut down.

    Version 1.0.4

    * Minor fixes, plugin won't shut down if one configuration option is true now.
    * Updated one piece of code to match 1317.
    * Re-uploaded, Something was wrong.

    Version 1.0.5
    * Added multi-world support. (Thanks @cr0ss for idea.)
    * Fixed a few minor 1.0.0 bugs.
    * Please note that potions can still cause damage as of testing, this is a bukkit bug.

    Version 1.1.0
    * Fixed re-logging while in a 2nd world (Thanks @cr0ss)
    * Fixed the 'disable-nodes' system, now disables commands instead, put * to disable the command past that line. (/time *) would disable all time commands.
    * Re-coded the entire plugin, should use less resources now, half a year of patches from 1.3 code had added a bunch of junk.

    Version 1.2.1-1.2.2
    * Updated to r6's coding standards.
    * Added protection from arrows, minor bug stopped that from happening before.

    Please post any bugs or suggestions below.
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    Updated to r5
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    People are still able to damage others with arrows, and update to 1.2 please.
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    There you go Reteckz.
  5. You can also set it to false from
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    Please clearify your title and plugin.yml description for example: Two way PvP toggle, people cannot attack when they are PvP protected.

    Can you please change the command to /pvp and as alias /togglepvp, /pvptoggle, /tpvp

    I love this idea!
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    Hey, I just suggested this plugin to my friend and he seems to like it! But just a suggestion: Can you do the same thing so you don't give damage in creative mode?
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    no updejt in 1.2.4
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    Would it be possible to add a feature that would prevent players from going into NoPVP mode if they've taken damage within a certain amount of time?

    For example, if a player took damage less than 5 seconds ago, then he/she cannot go into NoPVP mode.
    I am willing to donate up to $10 to see this feature implemented, if possible.
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    There are plugins out there to do that, I believe 'bCoolDown' once had an option to do that.
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    How about making it so when someone is attacked or attacks another player their godmode instantly turns off?
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    i like your profile pic
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    I loved this plugin, but it randomly got deleted on BukkitDev? Willing to update this please? I really miss it! :D
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    Hey I have been using this plugin for a long time about 2 months to keep some mods from PVPING but with the new 1.4.7 stable build the plugin is broke please could you fix it I love this plugin! It is the only pvp disabling rank plugin out there xD I just do /np one by one :p so if you could add a rank thing also that would be epic! I love this plugin please update!

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