[SEC/FUN] Factions 2.0.0 - Guilds, War and user-controlled antigrief [BukkitDev]

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    Nick Hooper

    It there any way to remove/alter the faction name from the alliance chat format? I have played around with it and the Faction name is always attached to the players name....
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    Please Update to the latest Bukkit Build!!!!!!!!!!!
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    It should work fine with R7
  4. Is it possible to be a section for the warzone and SafeZone to prevent players from using certain power. Example I want in thewarzone the players do not draw use / home, / etc .... sethome And if it is already possible, how it's done?
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    Three things:
    1. Great plugin :D

    2. I would love to use some admin commands like /f config in the console because it's a pain to type this stuff in-game.

    3. I'm not sure if it's Factions or any other plugin that's causing it, but one of our members build a mobgrinder-thingy right next to our faction land and for some reason no mobs spawn in there. I made sure no land is claimed in this part. He is of course a bit pissed because it took a long time to build and it doesn't work, which it should. But as I said, I don't know if it's caused by Factions or something else.
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    I'm using the latest Factions release and CB 2034 but Factions doesn't save the config. Is this a known issue or only on my server?
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    You can do so using the "powerFactionMax" setting.

    I'll add a note to see about adding a player name list to conf.json for players which should be able to bypass all protections (something like "playersWhichBypassAllProtection": []). I can't really add that functionality as a regular Bukkit permission since it would be provided to Ops and others with all permissions, and that would prevent such players from being able to play normally in a faction.

    Use 1.6.6b, it works in the CB 1.2.3 beta release. If you're having a problem, please post more info.

    Are you sure they're not spawning outside the safe zone and wandering into it? AFAIK the way CreatureSpawnEvent works hasn't changed recently in Bukkit, and we haven't changed anything on our end.

    Sorry, there isn't. It's of course there since alliance chat covers players in different factions, where you obviously know what faction they're in with faction chat.

    Sorry, that's not currently possible. We might consider something like that after 1.7 is in a stable state.

    2. Many commands including /f config can be run from console. Are you encountering errors when you do so?
    3. Monsters don't spawn in SafeZones, or in peaceful faction territory if the "peacefulTerritoryDisableMonsters" setting is true. Otherwise Factions doesn't interfere with mob spawning.

    It's not a known issue. Have you read our FAQ? If so, can you provide more details on the problem you're having?

    It was loading the player list and found that list of players with a faction specified which didn't exist in factions.json, so it reset them to factionless. Only that one faction, though.
    The only time I've seen that happen at startup (as opposed to after the server is running) is when the factions.json file has been manually edited.
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    Go to filehippo.com and search for Java. It includes ALL versions of Java.
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    2. I tried f config in the console and it just doesn't do anything. No message, no error, no effect.

    3. Ok maybe its caused by some other plugin. Thanks though.
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    I was still setting up my server, copying and pasting old buildings using worldedit.
    maybe worldedit can also copy mobs that were in the buildings? i dunno but maybe that was it. if so, i'm sorry :D
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    I think we have a big problem on my server.

    We've uptade our server 2 days ago, with bukkit BETA, and the faction R7.

    It work, but when a player die, he respawn on the main spawn, not at his faction home :/

    We've use our last config file, no one change =S

    I don't understand.
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    Is there any way to disable faction chat and ally chat
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    Yes i know the FAQ but it seemd to be a temporary problem now its anyway... strange but thanks
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    It actually wiped all the factions and the land claimed. We never edit any part of the factions files excluding confg.
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    Wow. Thank you that would be great and would solve my problems. That's what I guessed why you decided to use such a bypass system instead of a permission nodes. So OP can play the faction game too.
    Thank you and your team for this great plugin. It creates the perfect balance between protection and PVP I try to achieve on my server. Thanks. [diamond]
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    I want the other players to join and leave factions, but when I put join and leave permissions in permissionEX, and when im in a Deafult group, Deafult users can still create factions. Please help me!
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    Strange. Can you try temporarily removing all other plugins to see if one is interfering?

    Are you sure "homesTeleportToOnDeath" is set to true? If so, have they checked to make sure /f home works (indicating the faction home is definitely set)?

    /f config factionOnlyChat false

    Were there any server startup errors from Factions prior to that, on previous server starts? For example, is it possible you ran 1.6.6 (not b) on one of the newer CraftBukkit builds?

    Read the FAQ on the linked BukkitDev page or User Guide.
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    Yes, HomesTeleportToOnDeath is enable, and i can use /f home.
    The problem is : we want to disable the /f home command, but we want that players respawn on their homes...
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    To disable just the /f home command: /f config homesTeleportCommandEnabled false
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    I Have a Problem Does This Plugin Work With PermissionsBukkit Because Everyone Already Has The Commands On My Server And Want To Limit Them From Make Factions
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    I know. Players are not teleport to their factions' home on death, but HomesTeleportToOnDeath si enable.

    The rest is working properly, and I did not have this problem in 1.1, while we kept the same config file.
    We change the plugin permission, but there is no conflict of "Home" with Essencials

    (No one error in logs.)
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    Is this going to be updated to 1.3.2 soon? My whole server depends on this plugin so I've been vanilla since the update.
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    The newest build works great with 1.2.3
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    I've just tested it with Factions 1.6.6b on CB 1.2.3-R0.1, and I was correctly sent to my faction home on death.

    For reference, my related config:
      "homesEnabled": true,
      "homesMustBeInClaimedTerritory": true,
      "homesTeleportToOnDeath": true,
      "homesRespawnFromNoPowerLossWorlds": true,
      "homesTeleportCommandEnabled": false,
    Read the FAQ.
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    Is There Any Work Around Because I Thought Superperms Was Built in To PB Latest Build or It Not Supported Anymore
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    Is there a way to unclaim ALL claimed land for EVERY faction?
    Claims were somehow enabled for a day and it's a bit of a mess. I want to remove every piece of claimed land.
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    I know your busy with tons of other things but was wondering if it would be possible to make it so iconomys "/money top" would notice a factions actual in-game name. It currently shows "faction-103" and it would be cool if it was the actual name. I assume this would be a factions thing to tie into iConomy but I don't code so just putting the idea out there.
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    We have the same config file, and all work great except the teleport to home on death =/
    I don't understand...
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    No. My start up logs are completly clean. This didnt just happen on this one CB build and also factions build. It happened on previous versions. Us and alot of others informed you guys about this problem but were all ignored due to no errors in logs.

    The only way that we could think of is backing and archiving the files every time the server started up and shut down with a custom plugin.

    This is probably the 6th time that the files reset it self. ± 1.

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