[SEC/FUN] Factions 2.0.0 - Guilds, War and user-controlled antigrief [BukkitDev]

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by MassiveCraft, May 29, 2011.

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    When I try to /f create in Deafult group, It says I don't have permission. The same when I type in something with /f. Please help me someone
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    Thanks man, i guess i;ll have to wait for the next update. and i think the problem is where when you restart teh server, all the items duplicate 1 time, and sometimes the pixels even disapeer. And for the PVP i meant is there a way to set aside an area INSIDE THE SAFEZONE to make it so friendly fire is allowed? And last again, could i rename the SafeZones? I wanna name them towns lol.
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    I did. i tried to set it differently, or mayby im confused. but i still need help.
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    In that case, wait for the next release of Factions. Our PlayerCommandPreprocess is changed to Low priority where it is Lowest priority in the current release.

    It looks like your plugin requires Factions to be on the server (you probably should add a handler to keep that exception from happening) and Factions doesn't appear to be loaded on the server that's giving that error. If you're sure you do have the Factions plugin on that server, you might need to add Factions to your plugin's softdepend or depend list in plugin.yml so that it's assured to load first.

    You're using a permission plugin, presumably? Care to expand on which one it is and what permissions you've set up in it?

    1. Sorry, no. Safe zones explicitly prevent PvP. Though again, it should be possible in 1.7 by creating an additional faction and customizing it to act mostly like the safe zone.
    2. You can, but it will affect all safe zone claims.

    You followed the instructions in the third FAQ entry? That definitely should take care of the problem in your picture. Try again.
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    ah so i see... so basically i gotta wait for 1.7... Thanks anyways man i can't wait for the update!
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    Brettflan, but, you'll do this, ya? Because, it's very boring use a stupid system of save the permissions on join, remove all permissions and after /login, give the permissions. :/
  7. 1:
    Yes, just go to factions.json and edit "safezone" to what ever.
    Yes Claim the area as a warzone.
    I don't Know.
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    Another user mentioned being able to limit a factions maximum power. Would this be possible? If so, can I set it for a certain group?
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    [diamond]Ok I Have permission Enabled on My server
    But i Want Factions to be able to use on guest like in the file
    it says

            default: true
            - essentials.help
            - essentials.helpop
            - essentials.list
            - essentials.motd
            - essentials.rules
            - essentials.spawn
            inheritance: []
                prefix: '&B[Guest]&9'
                build: false
                suffix: '&2'
    How Do I enable Faction For Guests Please Help
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    Great idea: Perminant Ally. Ive had a few people who I want to be permanent allies with. They area allies, but they can enemy me at any time. I would prefer it so I would only ally people who request permanant ally. Commands:
    /f permally <fac> ( to permanatly ally them) /f depermally <fac> <fac>(for admins only, so they can remove this.) and: /f permmoneyally <fac> (This makes it so you can take money from these allies. Only use it if you are with IRL people you trust)
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    Is there a command to give my faction more power without having a lot of people in it? I am a op, I just dont know the command.
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    Got it, thank you!
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    But then I would have to go around claiming all the lands again :(
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    Robby Zampino

    Is there any way to make it so a player can only join one faction.
    What I am intending to do is make it so that when a player joins the server, they pick a guild (faction) such as Assassains' Guild, or Mages' Guild. The issue with this is that I want it so that they can't change to another faction, so they a permanently locked into their faction/guild.
    Thanks a lot.
  15. Please update to 1.1R4 bukkit build please????
    This is the best plugin. Thanks!
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    Im using the PermissionsEX plugin.
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    Just wondering, is there a way to name towns and places, and have it so its JUST like a safe zone? I went to the massive craft server and it had separate towns, and were just as how i described it.
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    I found a bug. In the nether, players can place infinite blocks in enemy faction's land.
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    I got a question and a possible bug report

    I am having trouble with PVP being disabled on my server. I am using DimensionDoor (Multiworld plugin) which probably is causing this.
    The node I should probably edit is ''WorldsIgnorePvP''.

    But something here confuses me. On Massivecraft it says ''Factions will completely ignore PVP damage in these worlds''

    But later on it states ''Damage will not be prevented by Factions for any worlds in this list'' :confused: It states two complete opposite functions.

    Either way, if I add the PvP world to the list, PvP won't work. If I don't add it it won't work either. I removed Factions as plugin and PvP worked again.

    Help please?
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    You could probably use permissions so that players can't use the "/f leave" (or whatever it is) command. That way the only way to join a new faction is if the one you are currently in gets disbanded or you are kicked from it.
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    Can someone help me out getting the faction tag to work with mchat? I've tryed almost everything - i just can't get it to work.
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    Can you prevent negative effect splash potions (i.e. poison) in safezones, and against allies?
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    Any way to make an entire world a war zone without claiming every single chunk within the border set?

    You have worldsIgnorePvP

    Maybe add something like worldsIsWarZone ??

    I have my pure pvp world set up with 1000x1000 border and every chunk claimed as warzone but doing so causes my server startup time increase by 10 seconds loading the board... Increasing the border and claiming more war zones would make startup even longer :(. not to mention the radius claiming crashing the server, server crashed twice trying to claim /f claim warzone 65 lol.
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    Most players are fighting near the Safe Zone and when they take big damage or Serreted Strike (mcMMO), they run to the Safe Zone and write /f home! How can i disable teleport /f home when players take hit or fight ? Please help !!!
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    Can u please fix somenthing so it takes like 10 second to do ./f home becouse my players doing ./f home when they beeing hitted/ Nearly killed :[ So can u maybe fix somenthing like that or is it somenthing i do in the config. i dont any
    "./f home" Thing in the config :/ Please help verry anoying
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    Can you add worldguard region support? Claiming isn`t allways the best way to protect areas.
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    That is in the latest dev build
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    This totally needs to have configurable warm-up for all commands.
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    That setting is "powerFactionMax". It's global though, and as I just said, permission based power limits aren't planned. You can always use the /f permanentpower or /f powerboost commands for specific factions, though.

    Read the FAQ and user guide.

    At some point we'll review enemy and ally status and probably limit or delay such changes to relation based on time.

    /f powerboost (player or faction, boost on top of existing power) or /f permanentpower (faction only, permanent power level which never changes and ignores player power).

    You can remove/deny the factions.leave permission and they'll be unable to leave their faction to join another.

    The current release works fine in 1.1-R4.

    The MassiveCraft server is running a 1.7 dev build, which again, is definitely not recommended unless you really really know what you're doing.

    For reference if anyone else turns up with the same problem, discussion regarding your problem is in the ticket opened for it. I can't reproduce the problem and there doesn't appear to be any good info or reason for it, so more such input would be useful.

    I read those two statement and get the same thing from both, which is that Factions will ignore PvP damage done in such worlds (allowing PvP between allies, allowing full damage in claimed land, etc.). As a single exception it does still prevent PvP solely inside safe zones in worlds on that list, though; PvP anywhere else in such a world is ignored.
    If it's not working for you, my best guess for the reason is that you tried manually editing conf.json and messed it up (as per the FAQ entry).

    Already covered for the next release now that it's possible as of 1.1-R4.

    Talk to the other plugin author about it. It sounds like they're not paying attention to whether chat events are cancelled.

    A new release should be coming out in the next few days, though again, the current release works fine in 1.1-R4.

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