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    I'm currently writing a minigame handling plugin and when integrating with factions(custom compiled extra api in faction code) i'm running into a problem with disabling faction commands within certain regions defined with WorldGuard. Using onPlayerCommandPreprocess won't allow me to disable your plugin commands because regardless of my priority on that event, faction commands execute prior to the event.

    Is there something special you are doing with your FCommand/MCommand classes that bypasses onPlayerCommandPreprocess event?

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

    EDIT : Ah, finally found it. zcore's MPlugin uses secret listeners for onPlayerCommandPreprocess to execute command code...is there a reason this needs to be Lowest? Just wondering if i'll break anything by changing it to normal so it acts nicely with protection plugins.
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    Is it possible to join more then one faction or create more then one?
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    How would I go setting up plots for players (in safe-zone) for them to build? Like shop plots on a factions server, that people have to buy, I know I could do it with worldguard but then they can't destroy because of safe-zones. If I were to do it in the wilderness I could have all the nooby factions claim bits and pieces of the market, and I don't want that to happen.
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    Hey since upgrading to 1.6.5 from 1.6.4 people can not claim lands anymore, It says they do not have permission to claim land where they are standing.

    Also I use the war plugin, Is there away I can turn factions off for that world I have - all the nodes in that world but people in the saem faction can not hurt each other.
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    Hey i need some help.

    I want my chat to look like this:
    Note: "<" and ">" should be white in the chat.

    I use Essential Chat. If i just put "&f<[FACTION]&f>" the things is there even if a person not are in a faction.

    So i tried to do it with faction chat format. But then the Faction name turned white and i want it to color it self.

    My line look like this:
    "chatTagFormat": "§f<%s§f> ",

    Is there a way that i can make the to white things around the colored faction name?
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    The idea has come up before. It might happen at some point.

    Factions only prevents building/destruction when necessary, it never forcibly interferes with other plugins cancelling such things. If you don't mind it applying to all worlds, you could use /f config wildernessDenyBuild true. Maybe someone else can advise you better; I don't use WorldGuard.

    Are you sure you're using the latest version of Factions, 1.6.5c?
    EDIT: actually, see further down this post regarding direct support for the ancient "Permissions" plugin being removed.

    I don't know that we should disable any eggs; those aren't items that are normally available in SMP unless you cheat to get them, right?

    Self-inflicted damage is no longer prevented by Factions, as far back as 1.6.3. Still using 1.6.2 or older? You're quite overdue for an update.

    Olof has just changed it from Lowest to Low priority in the 1.7 dev branch to take care of a similar issue with NoCheat. I expect I'll mirror that change to the 1.6 branch for the next release.

    Only one faction at a time. However, with full permissions, you can make specific factions permanent (not disbanded from having no members), join any faction, and set yourself as admin of any faction.

    We're hoping to eventually allow that sort of thing in the 1.7 dev branch.

    1. What plugin are you using to handle permissions? Surely not the ancient "Permissions" plugin? We removed direct support for the PermissionsEx plugin and "Permissions" plugin in 1.6.5. All modern permission plugins interface through Bukkit's built-in superperms permission system which has been available for quite some time now. I'm pretty sure PermissionsEx was updated to work with superperms quite some time ago.
    2. Read FAQ regarding multiworld.

    What version of Essentials are you running?
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    I am using the latest PEX, and it seems to have fixed it self now
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    i readed the FAQ
    i watched the video's
    i watched the user guide

    and now i still have a question
    my permissions doesnt work
    can i change somewhere that factions should detect permissions?
    i use bpermissions
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    The newest. I dont think that is the problem.
    I would like to know how i can make this line (chatTagFormat": "§f<%s§f> ,) so the faction tag make its own color. Right now it is just white because the §f, but i need the to things to be whiteb ("<" and ">").

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    "The latest version" is practically never a useful response to a question about what version you're using. Versions can change frequently, the person can be mistaken about actually having the latest version for whatever reason, and there can be multiple release branches of some plugins (like Factions and Essentials).
    The reason I asked is that we don't support relation coloring in our integration code for the Essentials 3.x dev branch yet, due to current limitations on their end. You're probably using the 2.8 release branch of Essentials, but you haven't specified an actual version number so I still don't know.

    You haven't specified in what way "your permissions don't work", so I have no idea. What doesn't work?
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    Found a bug. When someone places a button or a lever in another persons faction area the button will stay in the inv and you will be able to break the button the get another.
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    (not sure how to tag people right, or if i am breaking some kind of bukkit netiquette, so feel free to smack me. i copied someone else)

    i know it's not doable now, but could there be a way to configure some power options based on user group, or, if easier, some specific configurations per player that could override the default?

    for example, for a role-playing server where there are kings of factions (kingdoms), it's desired that a king has more power than miners and that his power is permanent (but the faction's power itself isn't). or that a knight has a specific power level max (and maybe even a separate minimum to override default). another perk would be for new users to have lower power until promoted to a "regular" user or something...

    exceptions or overrides to the default power functions like these could be set up a number of ways, i think. while it'd be awesome to have group support via a permissions plugin or something (especially for servers where users can change their own group with a class/race), doing per user would be sufficient, too. :) i could imagine group overrides in the conf.json and/or player overrides in the players.json.

    how doable would this be? i'd love to donate to the cause if it could happen, whether as an update or a standalone compatible plugin. :)
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    I have 2.8.2.

    But the only thing i would like to know is it possible to make chatTagFotmat like this:
    (chatTagFormat": "§f<%s§f> ,) and still have the %s coloring it self? If i do it like this it is just white everything.

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    i've inserted the nodes factions.kit.halfplayer factions.kit.fullplayer factions.kit.moderator factions.kit.admin

    all in different groups

    but when i start my server the group with factions.kit.fullplayer just deletes

    oh and when people have factions.kit.halfplayer they an still make a faction

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    Thank you!!! :D
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    What happened to the /f owner <player> command? It was a very good addition to my server. If it was removed on request, could you re-add it, leaving a configuration Boolean for the enabling of it? Thank you.
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    is there away we can faction lock chests with lockette?

    Cant tell if trolling or just plan stupid
    But here are the nodes http://massivecraft.com/plugins/factions#Permissions

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    I'm not sure of the circumstances of what you're seeing, but based on the description it would be a CraftBukkit issue. A workaround on our part might be possible, but it doesn't sound like a serious enough issue for me to bother working around a bug in someone else's code which they will presumably fix themselves at some point.

    Having power levels configurable based on permission groups should be possible to do, but it would be a lot more complex and more of a pain to code than you might think, so it's not currently planned. As it stands you can use /f powerboost on individual players and factions to give them extra power, or even reduced power.

    What's happening is the relation color is being applied at the start of the entire thing, it's not inserted along with the %s. So you can end up with two color definitions right next to each other, which can cause screwy looking chat output.
    We could apply the color only to the faction tag itself to allow people to have custom colored characters in chatTagFormat like you're wanting. However, the drawback would be that people wouldn't be able to have characters added to the start of chatTagFormat which take on the relation-coloring. For example, if somebody else like you wanted <> around the faction tag with the same color as the faction tag instead of trying to make them white, they would be out of luck if we made that change. It's a tradeoff.

    Read the FAQ (RTFF?).

    You must be using one of the 1.7 alpha releases, which is clearly marked as a non-production release with several features temporarily removed. Therein lies your answer.
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    awesome, utilizing that now. (i assume this feature is recent, because i was unaware of it :)

    now, could there possibly in the future be a toggle, even on the powerboost option, that allows some players to be defined with permanent power, similarly to some being defined as specific power? :D
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    Nick Hooper

    Is it possible to change your displayname color according to a factions standing (Member, Ally, Neutral, Enemy, At War)? For example: if you don't wan't the tags enabled, then you can have the option to enable colored displaynames. This would help make the chat have a cleaner look.
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    i did what you said
    here is my groups file of my pvp world
    i dont want member and default to create a faction
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    Hey guys,got a bit of a problem.How do you set that default user group (new players) cant destroy blocks in the safezone.Currently have really hard time fixing this.They are unable to build but they can remove blocks for some reason....Thanks in advance
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    Hi, is it possible that you can make it so that a single person can join multiple factions, if it's not too much work lol. Thanks!
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    Hey, i have an idea for an add on. You could add a way to claim land of some sort near the enemy your attacking, so that raids go much smoother. It could have a distance that is required (100 blocks or so) for it to be made, and after power loss or a certain amount of time has passed, you could make it be unclaimed automatically. You could make an alternate f home for a teleport to the land.GarretSidzaka (MineSworn server owner) is willing to donate to you if you could make this happen. Thanks for your time.
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    It seems as though the ability to claim land for an individual in a faction was simply removed. I checked the jar for CmdOwner.class and it wasn't there.
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    Brettflan HELP it won't genorate ANYTHING in the factions folder!please help
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    Brettflan :

    Thanks for replying. If I can't do it yet, how would I go with allowing a certain group (Permissions) to build/destroy in safezones? I know there is a permission node for them to build/destroy, although I noticed that it said they can also claim and unclaim bits of Safezone...
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    Is there a command for the admin.. to change the leader from a faction?

    I can't find it.. if there even is a command.. but i really would like to know ^^
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    i realy need a answer my server is waiting
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    Guys I have a weird problem.Basically when somebody claims territory for a faction nobody can build within that territory and it displays :You cannot build in the territory of ...

    BUUUT when they try to remove a block in that territory it works just fine!How do I fix this or is this some sort of a bug?Because I have "territoryDenyBuild" set to true and it shoudln't behave like this.Please help! Thanks

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