[SEC/FUN] Factions 2.0.0 - Guilds, War and user-controlled antigrief [BukkitDev]

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    The command is /f bypass and posted the link and permission node for you.
    • factions.bypass– enable admin bypass mode
    Okay in the config file you need to see the options for the following. Do note that below is from my config and you may wish to change your some but that makes it so people can't build on your land and if they try they take damage. Reason being is they shouldn't have a reason to try anyways and if they do odds are they are trying to jump glitch.

      "territoryShieldFactor": 0.3,
      "territoryDenyBuild": true,
      "territoryDenyBuildWhenOffline": true,
      "territoryPainBuild": true,
      "territoryPainBuildWhenOffline": true,
      "territoryDenyUseage": true,
      "territoryEnemyDenyBuild": true,
      "territoryEnemyDenyBuildWhenOffline": true,
      "territoryEnemyPainBuild": true,
      "territoryEnemyPainBuildWhenOffline": true,
      "territoryEnemyDenyUseage": true,
      "territoryEnemyProtectMaterials": true,
      "territoryAllyDenyBuild": true,
      "territoryAllyDenyBuildWhenOffline": true,
      "territoryAllyPainBuild": true,
      "territoryAllyPainBuildWhenOffline": true,
      "territoryAllyDenyUseage": true,
      "territoryAllyProtectMaterials": true,
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    All necessary libs should be in the lib folder on GitHub.

    Not currently planned, but maybe something like that will be added eventually. You can of course deny specific commands in enemy/ally territory as ledhead900 indicated, but that won't apply to WarZones.


    The fullplayer permission kit is indeed granted by default. So: deny any individual permissions covered by that kit which you don't want a certain permission group to have.

    Should be possible in a future release.

    Have them declare the other faction as enemy. /f home won't work if they're too close to an enemy or in enemy territory.

    We use the same Bukkit-provided Player.teleport() method that all other plugins use to teleport players. As Deathfromace recommended, the Spout plugin does have some teleport handling improvements (among other things), so it might help to run it.

    It's among the other command costs, and as you might therefore expect it's referring to use of the /f power command.

    WorldGuard integration was contributed by another dev some time ago and has since apparently broken. It is therefore not officially supported now, sorry. Disable it again: /f config worldGuardChecking false

    Sounds like you've downloaded our source from GitHub and have the lib folder from it in your Minecraft folder for some reason. None of that is necessary for end users. Whatever the case, sounds like you did eventually get it working.
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    I think there is a problem with chunk loading and /f home.
    From time to time ppl end up in VOID or inside blocks if they /f home.

    Perhaps the chunk is not loaded before the teleport begins?
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    Thank you very much kind sir!

    @Brettflan-For some reason my server is having an issue with file corruption. If the server crashes while it is up, many times it will corrupt the factions, players and board files to only contain the (null) character. completely erasing all the info, causing complete factions rollback.

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    5000 People

    why wont my prefix come up for the faction im in? im using PEX
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    @5000 People; You need to add {faction} (or whatever you have it set as in the config) to your chat plugins output.
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    5000 People

    - you have helped 5000 people
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    how can i make it so no one can create factions
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    I am a developer for Chatter and would like to support relation colored tags through my plugin. Whats the best way to do this? I have tried using the {faction}chat tag but it doesnt work for my plugin
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    Enchanted items seem to be able to break things in safezones and warzones even if all normal user interaction is disabled.
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    When I put factions.kit.halfplayer, it won't work, even if I disable fullplayer (default) in PEX.
    I saw it said only for SuperPerms, but what does that mean?
    I researched a bit, and you use the "kits" in the root permissions.yml, but do you have to make the custom parents node yourself, like the one's in the guide were just examples?
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    Yes I'd like to have it too ... I'm using PEX
    and economics doesn't work for factions
    I have iConomy 6.08 ... latest
    PEX 1.07 ...lastet
    and latest factions..

    do I have tu use PermissionsBukkit which seems to be not so nice as PEX?

    but there are some strange things

    this is on massive craft
    "econIConomyEnabled”: false

    but in generated config is

    "econEnabled": true
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    Any way you could add configurable messages for multi-languages? Otherwise awesome plugin! :)
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    How can I set it so that doors cannot be opened by anyone but faction members in their territory?
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    just read 1. st topic ;)
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    No idea what you're saying there.
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    Hey, I seem to be getting errors with Factions when I try to use IKVM Runtime. The error code is in the pastebin below, just wondering if this is planned to be fixed because from what I've seen - IKVM helps a lot with Memory Management, especially for a vanilla server.


    Craftbukkit: #1597 (1.0.1)
    Faction Ver: 1.6.2
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    5000 People

    this ^^
    - agreed by 5000 people
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    Is there a way I can claim all Wilderness as a SafeZone?
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    Is Factions running with the DEV build 1716 ?
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    @MassiveCraft your plugins permissions are Annoying/Frustrating and Confusing so now I am here to help the new server owners. After working out how to take full control of permissions For my self. Forcing Your ideal's on others is not nice. Aka Giving users permissions by default and giving permissions on all maps even if they are not Set on those maps. Iv had to Set negative permissions on maps where I never gave permissions in the first place That's Confusing and very annoying. I can see how you tried to Simplify install You meant well but You did more harm than good.

    For those of you that are having permissions issues here are some tips from a long time server owner.

    Keep in mind I use PEX as I find it simple and easy to manage.

    1. open the factions jar with winrar/7zip pull the plugin.yml out edit it with NotePad++ find the line that states Default: true (use ctrl + f and search for it Delete the whole line and clean up the line so it sits up nice. What this dose is it stops default players being given permissions. leaving you in control and not the plugin. Very few plugins do this as server owners don't like being forced to give permissions.

    2. any map you don't want to use factions on at all add this to your Pex Per world section.

                    - factions.chat
                    - -factions.*
    The above allows them to only change chat mode (not being able to change mode would be annoying if you had say faction mode set and then changed map and wanted public you would need to go back to set it to public) If you dont know what i mean by per world secion of your groups permissions this is how it would look.

            prefix: ''
            suffix: ''
            default: true
            - XcraftGate.use.*   # this is for all maps always have perms that are here.
            worlds:    #this tells the plugin you want to set permissions on a per world basis.
                War:    # maps name Exact Caps!!!
                    - -factions.list        #disabled this cause it makes massive lag .... TIP 3 !
                    - factions.kit.fullplayer   #Give players permissions For War map only
                    - modifyworld.*    # Build /chat perms
                Safe:  # Map Name
                    - factions.chat
                    - -factions.*
    Any thing after a # is a comment remove them if you want to use the code.
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    Hi all! Answer me a question:
    If the area is allocated as y = 128, then placing the city on the surface it can be captured under him?
    Sorry for my english :))
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    if a Faction Claims Land it is from top to bottom of the map in the 16x16 Chunk Grid that makes up all minecraft maps. Dose not matter what Y you are at when you claim Above and below will be protected so to speak.
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    But if the lands will capture other factions? It turns out they can capture the extreme territory near it. Or must be located in this area ?
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    Your not making a lot of sense to me and I know its not your fault :/

    I think what your asking is what if the area they are trying to claim is owned by another faction. in that case The other faction must have less power than land claimed for it to be claimed by the other people.

    I'm not sure about the Extreme word in there it seems completely out of context Maybe its referring to Outer edge. in that case. A faction can not take a peice of land that is not connected to the wilderness or their own or another territory. aka if Faction A owner a block of land like
    X X X
    X X X
    X X X
    Faction B could not Claim Where the A is below. With out first claiming 1 of the 4 X's From the sides (not the corners)

    X X X
    X A X
    X X X
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    You do not understand me. Take a look:
    Faction "A" attack land's of Faction "B".
    Lands of Faction "B":
    block #64 = B B B - sky
    block #63 = B B B - ground (castle here)
    block #62 = B B B - underground (no buildings)
    Faction "A" came here:
    block #64 = B B B - sky
    block #63 = B B B - ground (castle here)
    block #62 = B B B - underground (no buildings)
    block #50 = A B B B - underground (no buildings)
    Question: Can the Faction "A" captured the land of faction "B" staying where I showed ?
    Or this:
    block#50 = B A B - underground (mine)
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    5000 People

    im using pex but i havent set up any permissions yet so why can everyone, thats not even op be able to create factions
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    factions.kit.fullplayer (granted by default) – Can also create new faction.
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    is possible to claim safezone/warzone with worldedit selection?

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