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    Is it possible to make different warzones with different names and permissions?
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    I wanna know how you got factions commands to even register after changing the config...
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    Are there any chat mods compatible with this? Chat moves very quickly with many people on, and it's hard to tell users apart.
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    The user guide also says you should use /f config instead if you have trouble editing the file manually. Have you tried that? It should be able to modify any setting in there.

    For everyone else having problems after they manually edit the conf.json file (and there seem to be plenty of you on the last couple of pages), the same goes for you. Read the configuration page of the user guide for more info and consider using /f config instead, as the user guide suggests.

    You're using EssentialsChat? Strange, I haven't heard of problems like that related to it, and I use it on my server without any problems.

    What problem are you having? What does Factions output when you first start the server up? It should indicate there whether it hooks into Register or not.

    You can't assign colors to individual factions, sorry. Colors are based on relation between factions (neutral, ally, enemy, member, peaceful).
    Of course, if you set only their faction as peaceful, it will have that gold color the same as safe zones since it's peaceful. On the other hand, they won't be able to hurt or be hurt by any other factions.

    No idea then, assuming your CraftBukkit is up to date.

    Someone has submitted a pull request for a feature like that, though neither Olof nor myself has had time to review it for inclusion yet. Olof would probably be the better bet since he actually uses economy on his server.

    Areas of different sizes than simply 16x16 chunks are under consideration as a future possibility.

    Radius claiming went away when safezone and warzone claims were combined into the standard claim command. It was decided not to migrate that optional argument over since it has such a high probability for accidental massive claims due to people not understanding how radius claiming worked (1 = 3x3 = 9 chunks, 2 = 5x5 = 25 chunks, etc.).
    You can of course use /f autoclaim safezone and /f map on, shouldn't take too long unless you have a truly massive area you're wanting to claim.

    That's you problem. Permissions 2.7.4 is ancient and decrepit and you should not still be using it. Kits (parent->child permissions) only work through Bukkit's built-in superperms, so you need a newer permission plugin which actually uses superperms. Otherwise, you'll need to assign all of the individual permissions.

    Permissions are listed in the user guide and in the changelog.

    Perhaps you should chillax?

    Can you paste the server startup log here?

    Care to expand on that?

    Not currently, no. Should be possible in a future release.

    Plenty of them, I'd think. I personally use EssentialsChat on my own server, and Olof uses his own CAPI channel chat plugin.

    Now if you'll all excuse me, I think the bathroom is calling me again for the fifth time today. Not sure what I'm coming down with here, but it sure is messy.
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    @Brett i have tried doing it manually through /f config, changed all the files once and then it just overwrote again after the commands not working. :(
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    I use bPermissions and the nodes dont work on the latest version of factions
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    So if you shut down the server, then delete the Factions data files, then start the server back up, what does Factions output in the server startup log? It should have some useful info.

    They're fine on our end of things. That leaves it as either a bPermissions problem, or (much more likely) a problem with your bPermissions configuration. There are others using bPermissions and Factions without any reported problems.
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    Well, I Attempted to use the 'factions.kit.fullplayer' and it didn't work.
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    So if you shut down the server, then delete the Factions data files, then start the server back up, what does Factions output in the server startup log? It should have some useful info.
    Otherwise, is anything output to the server log/console when you try to use a command? And are you using the commands in-game, or through the console?

    bPermissions might not be able to handle kit (parent->child) permissions correctly yet. I know GroupManager is having problems with them so far, so maybe bPermissions is as well. If all else fails, you can assign the individual permissions.

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    Hey! This is about factions.

    Im ready to open a faction controlled Creative server. I opened it up and attempted to make the spawn safe. I typed in the /f safe [RADIUS] command and then it said:

    Stranger Arguement "safe". Use it like this:

    I dont really know what that means. It also does that when i try using /f close i dont get it and i need to launch soon! Please help!
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    Read 2 posts up from yours. I responded to your other post there, which clearly pertains to your second post.
    EDIT: also read my response to your private conversation you started with me.
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    Thanks for replying man! Not many people take the time too!
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    I am on an old factions copy, v.1.4.1 and the plugin itself works great and I don't want to upgrade. I have a problem though... It doesn't save the factions without me typing f saveall. The plugin is not locked and everytime I restart the server I lose all the factions. help?
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    Sorry, but I'm not offering support for outdated versions of the plugin, and that version is seriously outdated.
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    Alright, I'll try something new with the updated versions. Thanks
  18. Umm old factions plugin was working well, when i updated to this, now factions commands are not working (For players),
    Im running on newest Groupmanager (I set those new permissions nodes)
    I need to delete the conf.json? (Its old)
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    This sounds awesome!
    I going to use this on my server:)
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    If you're using GroupManager, it doesn't yet support kit (parent->child) permissions. You'll need to assign each individual permission node.
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    Can you make the plugin work with pvp arena? Pretty annoying when you play against someone and they are in the same faction
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    whenever i use the warzone or safe it goes strange argument? use command like this /f and i do /f warclaim
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    Okay, I got the plugin and all, but now when users are in a faction they cant talk! Can you help me fix this?
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    bPermissions handles parent->child permissions just fine ;)
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    I saw something about a delay on /f home on the first page, but afaik there is no documentation about that? Didn't see anything in the source that resembled it either, though not a very careful look, whatever happened to that?
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    CB 1337
    Factions 1.6.1


    When starting my server it takes over 6 minutes to startup factions now is it meant to take that long to startup before i updated to 1.6 it took about 30 seconds or so to startup but once updated it has jumped up to that?
    My players.json file is 1102 KB now would that cause longer loading times.
    It doesnt give off any errors on startup or nothing either.

    im not sure what other info i can give you to help with anything other than that D:

    2011-11-01 00:01:18 [INFO] [Factions v1.6.1] === ENABLE START ===
    2011-11-01 00:01:18 [INFO] [Factions v1.6.1] Will use this plugin for permissions: PermissionsEx v1.15
    2011-11-01 00:06:17 [INFO] [MCServerlist] Server updated on mcserverlist.net!
    2011-11-01 00:07:02 [INFO] Connection reset
    2011-11-01 00:08:16 [INFO] [Factions v1.6.1] Loading board from disk
    2011-11-01 00:08:16 [INFO] [Factions v1.6.1] Found and will integrate chat with EssentialsChat v2.6.4
    2011-11-01 00:08:16 [INFO] [Factions v1.6.1] Found and will use features of Spout v510
    2011-11-01 00:08:16 [INFO] [Factions v1.6.1] Economy integration through Register plugin successful.
    2011-11-01 00:08:16 [INFO] [Factions v1.6.1] === ENABLE DONE (Took 418655ms) ===
    Also what does the board.json file do and is it meant to contain any information cause currently it contains nothing but {} inside of it!
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    i'd realy like it if you could implement a social spy into Factions for the admins to see the faction chat which occurs between all the factions
    sometimes they are talking at the admins while in faction chat cause they dont realize they are in it, if admins could see it then they could help em out still :D
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    /f config warZoneFriendlyFire true and set a WarZone there. Future versions of Factions will allow further ability to enable/disable friendly fire in the territory of specific factions.

    If you read the changelog, you'll see that those commands have been removed. You use /f claim safezone and /f claim warzone now. For more info, read the changelog.

    Do they get any sort of feedback when they try? Is anything output to the server log when they try? Are they using faction/ally chat or public chat? What plugins are you using that might alter or cancel chat messages?

    OK, so presumably that user had an old version of your plugin or was setting the permission incorrectly then.

    There is not and never was a delay. It can be prevented under certain circumstances such as being in enemy territory or being near an enemy, though.

    You have such a massive number of players and no claimed land at all? Sounds odd, but OK. Yes, loading data for that many players would cause a substantial delay like that.
    If you start the server up, log in to it at least once so it will run the routine which culls inactive members, and then shut down the server, does that help? That's assuming you have "autoLeaveAfterDaysOfInactivity" set to something reasonable in conf.json.

    Hmm, it's a thought.
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    For some reason people can't claim on my server. I use latest version of Register, Factions and Ess Eco. How come it's doing this? I read somewhere that others people had this problem as well. Maybe a bug? What information do you need, server.log? My config pasted?
  30. Ohh ok, thanks! :)

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