[SEC/FUN] Factions 2.0.0 - Guilds, War and user-controlled antigrief [BukkitDev]

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    Just wanted to say I am LOVING the updates!
    Thank you so much for this amazing plugin!
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    Oh sorry, i should really read more. Thanks!
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    Ive had to remove this from my server six times now, it creates massive EOS Errors about every hour, my server has been in tatters because of this due to rollbacks etc.
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    Looks like a corrupt or otherwise unreadable GSON data file based on the error. Did you manually edit one of them?

    Any permission plugin which uses superperms should provide a working method to deny/remove permissions. It's a core part of how superperms is supposed to work.
    Halfplayer might work better for you as a default, but there would always be others who wouldn't want even those permissions to be granted. What to do to appease them? Not set any default permissions at all, and have all that many more people unable to figure out why their players can't create factions or whatever?
    The idea is to grant default permissions which will work well enough for people not even using a permissions plugin. Granting fullplayer permission kit by default accomplishes exactly that; Factions works fine without even needing a permission plugin.

    End Of Stream error? AFAIK that can happen even using the default Minecraft server, so it's not specific to Bukkit let alone Factions.
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    Hello I am currently trying to install factions on my server and its frustrating me. I've read the github guide and through this entire forum pretty much and can't find a solution to my problem. On startup when I try any commands they don't work. It's ignoring the commands. I know in github it says invalid json file, but i edited it inside of a json parser, and validated my config through the link on github. I do have gson.jar in my lib folder as well. Im running permissionsEx Iconomy6 and Factions 1.6.1 with bukkit 1337. I also have a working and enabled register.jar. I'm not sure whether i got it from this forum or another one. When i reload the server again the factions goes back to the default config without the economy enabled and the other settings I've changed and works fine... If you could list some possibilites that would be great. I can post my json file if you'd like but i do not know how to make a spoiler... any other requests I'll be active on this post for a while, any help would be appreciated and its a great plugin I'm excited to incorporate it into my server. Thank you :D
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    Im having a problem. Chat is printing twice. expl:

    Kwolf23: hi
    Kwolf23: hi

    Im running Essentials as my chat plugin, if that helps.
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    @Brettflan idk, it works now, i just cant use my iconomy, or i dont know what to do with reigster :D can u help me?
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    why the source @ github doesnt have /f owner ? :(
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    I Got a Question about this, I Got this in my server.. And now i Have a Faction for the moderators? But how can i get him a different color or something, I mean about so that it never can be taken.
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    I dunno how they'd be corrupted.. I've deleted the Factions folder from within Plugins and restarted, same issue. :( sadness!
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    Could you possibly make it so you can only deposit/withdraw money on your own claimed territory? That way people can't just deposit their money while out in the middle of no where so they can't lose it.
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    Elite Cow

    Although I have It set to cost for claiming land and creating a faction it does not deduct only cash nor does it say it does. It used to until I updated Factions. I am using iConomy.

    Anyone know a solution?
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    Also, will you ever make it so an enemy faction can get a faction's money by claiming their land? Maybe make the money split up into a percentage per chunk depending on how many chunks there are, and if you claim a chunk from a faction, you get a whatever percentage that chunk was worth.
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    @MassiveCraft @Brettflan @Olof What plugin do you use on your server for the chat channels? I really like the g: and f: channels.
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    Olof Larsson

    I just coded that chat plugin really fast:

    The plugin has no thread or official downloads so you will have to build it yourself for now :)

    You need the register plugin.

    That feature is removed for now. We will re-add it later but in a cleaner way.

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    Nice :)

    Just an idea, would be way cool to implement the owner in a quarter of a chunk (8x8) instead of the whole chunk, so would be miore 'house fittable' xD
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    What do you mean by build it myself?

    Do I just need to compile it myself? and also @MassiveCraft @Brettflan @Olof Is there a way to claim a safezone within a certain radius? I know you used to be able to but I can't figure out how to now. Also is it possible to claim a safezone with worldedit or something? That would be so helpful, due to me needing to make large areas safe zoned.

    Is it possible you could make that src into a jar real fast? Nub gonna nub.

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    My permission factions.kit.fullplayer is not working, i have permissions 2.7.4 help :(
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    I am having issues with Editing the Config of this plugin. I was trying to enable Money and when i reloaded my server it defaulted back to Default Settings. Please help me.
    Also when i updated the permissions didnt work. I have an old one i am using now. That permissions work with.
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    Hi, i have a problem which node do i need to add so default players can claim wildernes zone? im using permisionsex.
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    Is it possible to claim a safezone within a certain radius?
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    I need this too.
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    I can't release my new world without it! Ugh.
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    We are making a PvP arena with 2 warps, and setting the warp to a safezone, but it just doesn't work with our design. I am looking into a few combination of plugins including zMod. Like making it all warzone, but using zMod to disable PvP and damage and such except for the warp areas.
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    I can't get factions to work with Iconomy, i have register 1.5 and everytime i set the iconomy settings to teh way i want, it defaults back to the original settings. in the console startup it says that register is enabled but only gives 2 lines for factions after editing teh file, someone please help
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    I am having the exact problem... They wont help up
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    Doing some trial an error to find out where the problem is, and i disabled a majority of the plugins for my server, im about to disable all but factions and permissions.. but with some of the plugins enabled, factions works fine on the default config, but if i change one thing in the config file factions stops working. For an example, i shut the server down, changed the worldgaurd chekcing to true. that is the only thing that i changed in the entire config file. Because of that one change factiosn stopped working. No commands would register what so ever, even /f version wouldnt work, or f create or anything. So i don't know what im doing wrong or if factions 1.6.1 is working at all... please help

    Edit: I've tried versions all the way back to 1.5.9 beta, all with the same result. One change in the config makes the entire plugin crash. Please help
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    Faction version: 1.6.1
    craftbukkit version: 1337

    "econEnabled": true,

    I'm using Essentials Eco and Register 1.5, I tried using /f claim but it says I dont have enought money to claim it.
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    Smth is so wrong with this plugin :S

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