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    when i download the .zip, it gives me a folder called factions, wheres the .jar?
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    sooooo any idea when your website will be back up? was going to install this plugin =(
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    The link for the guide is down. When will it be back?
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    I don't think there is a way to do what I am trying to do. I have factions and world guard. I want to make an area using regions in world guard so that I can have a large market and give players individual access to sections for shops using worldguard. The problem is that if I make it a safezone, no one can build. If I don't then a faction could go and claim the land and the shop owner wouldn't be able to build in their area. Or if I let them claim the area they could lose power and someone could claim their shop which I don't want either.
    I guess I should suggest a feature to be added like an /f noclaim command that would make an area unclaimable by a faction. Or change the way the config is for safezones and be able to label safezones and have different permissions for each one. Like not be able to build in safezone one, but be able to build in safezone2
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    02:18:38 [INFO] [Factions v1.5.1] === ENABLE START ===
    02:18:38 [SEVERE] [JAR-LOADER] This file does not exist: ./lib/gson.jar
    02:18:38 [SEVERE] [Factions v1.5.1] Disabling myself as ./lib/gson.jar is missing from the root Minecraft server folder.

    Where do i go to download the files besides the jar
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    I cannot get the capes to work. using the latest Spout for 1185 and latest factions RB
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    That might have potential, if well thought out and done right. Probably not something I'll ever have time to try implementing myself.

    1. If I knew of a fix for that Bukkit bug, I'd certainly let you know. Hell, I'm sure the Bukkit team would absolutely love to know how to fix it (or even replicate it reliably).
    2. That's doable, but my free time is currently too limited.

    I have tested chest/door protection in claimed areas against enemy/neutral/ally factions along with the options which disable that protection for enemy or ally factions, it all worked fine. If you're having problems, I would need more details.
    By "default group", what do you mean? A permission group from some permission plugin, or what?

    Who is "they", and what do you mean by "it" (disband the faction, or destroy blocks in their territory, or what)? You're not making any sense to me.

    What build of CraftBukkit are you using? I've tested it on RB 1185 (with Factions 1.5.1) and those worked as intended.

    Read the user guide linked in the first post.

    You must be using OSX, as the built in archive handler for some versions of it (including the version you're running) is apparently unable to figure out how to handle a JAR file inside a ZIP file. Either download an archive unzipping utility which isn't handicapped in that way (recommended in the long run), or download the bare JAR file we provide instead of the ZIP file.

    Not sure what the deal was with it, but it's up again.

    Indeed, that's not currently possible.

    Read the "How Do I Install" part of the first post.

    I've tested using Spout and they worked as expected. Check that you:
    A. Have "spoutFactionAdminCapes" and/or "spoutFactionModeratorCapes" set to true in conf.json
    B. Are running the Spoutcraft client instead of the default Minecraft client
    C. Are viewing another player who is a faction admin or mod
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    Endermen seem to be spawning inside of my safezone, and in mass amounts. Could this be another plugin, or specifically factions? Here's 2 images of mass-spawning within a safezone & our plugins. http://imgur.com/a/QDjvZ

    I've checked around the forum, and it seems nobody is having this problem, so, anything else?
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    @Brettflan, I am using F5 to check on myself, and I am using the latest Spoutcraft launcher too
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    I thought of something else I would like to suggest. An option to delay the /f home teleport. Is there a better way for me to seugest some things besides posting them here? Thanks
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    Please add a config which disallows players to teleport in War Zone. Hate when everyone is teleporting away on low hp.
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    PLZ for gods sake make a plugin or make this compatible with chat plugins so we can have like prefixes from our permissions plugins(groupmanager what i use) and have the factions in there and be able to use custom prefixes suffixes names etc.
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    There seems to be a bug in safezones. Recently, people on the server I go on found out that if you pick up a mob spawner (I'm not sure if notch enabled this in 1.8 or it is a plugin doing it), but if you place them in a safezone, it duplicates the spawner. Just thought I'd let you know. :)
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    I haven't seen that one in quite a while, but it's definitely a Bukkit bug.

    I do need to add them to the no-spawn list for safe zones, along with cave spiders and silverfish. Thanks for the heads up.

    Working fine for me, I see the green cape on my player as faction admin when I use F5 to view him.
    When starting the server, do you see a line like this in the server console/log?
    [INFO] [Factions v1.5.1] Found and will use features of Spout v1.0.6.381

    It's been considered, but is not currently planned. This is indeed the usual place for suggestions.

    You could use "homesTeleportAllowedEnemyDistance", which by default prevents using /f home if an enemy is within 32 blocks of the player. Of course, it does only work for enemies, not neutrals or friendlies.

    Please read the configuration page of the user guide, particularly the part about chat configuration. Factions is in fact compatible with chat plugins which play nice.

    Just tested with a player who has safe zone permissions and a player who does not. The player with permission was able to place one, and it was not duplicated / left in inventory. The player without permission was not able to place one. Using the default Minecraft client it did leave behind the little rising flame particles like a mob spawner was still there, but that client glitch went away with relogging.
    So if you're seeing that happen, I expect it's due to another plugin, or possibly a Bukkit bug.
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    Hi, first off I would like to say I love your plugin.

    I run a minecraft PVP server and we are trying to edit your source code but are having problems compiling your code after we make our 8 line edit lol. The problem lies in the imports. Sorry for having to bug you, but I really do not know any other way svn for github is kind of buggy.

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    All of the libraries it imports from are included in the /lib/ folder. What problem are you having?
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    My problem is i have essentials and i get factions to run but it only is available for ops. for other people it says they dont have the right permisisions for it. i had permissions but i deleted it and a file keeps poping up in the server.
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    It's already set up to 50, but there's really low chance that enemy will occur at War Zone. Since War Zone doesn't take power down, it's for fun, where you can lost items :D
    Please add a config, which disables teleporting in War Zone.
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    well i did obviously and i am using essentials chat atm but my problem is when running this i cant add custom prefixes-.- it wont read them since it has highest priority...
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    I'm using CB 1185 but can it be caused by I just updated .jar file? other files updated automaticly but Idk and I have problem with ender pearl (it doesn't wokr too :( )
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    I have a bug where all the commands work, but the chat doesn't seem to be working correctly. People can't use F chat. I think this is the only problem. I am running the spout plugin.
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    It would be awsome if this played nice with herochat =(
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    Im using groupmanager and essentials with this, all commands work fine but even if I add other faction/user as my enemy I still cant hit them although pvp is on from server config file. I also cant hit non faction normal players, whats the problem?
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    I need to set "f config chatTagRelationColored" to "false" to get Dynmap webchat working is their a way to fix it ?
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    Hi thanks for responding so fast!

    Here is the exact errors we are getting: http://pastebin.com/iHmyyzNi .

    This error is repeated for each of the import statements.

    All of the source files are located in their proper folders within this directory:

    Using using jdk1.7.0 javac.exe to compile FactionsBlockListener.java
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    Just wondering...... mysql support? Please? Faction's is now lagging the server I play on because there are so many people.. its getting annoying... mysql would be so much easier :(
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    I am having a problem. I tried to report it to spout but they said that its factions fault for using multithreaded teleports. Please help me with the problem. It is causing my server to crash. http://pastebin.com/hnLGZUwC
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    Im not having errors, but I have a pvp server that sees 100+ players in the evenings. It seems Factions brings the server to its knees when the players.json file gets too big. The "/f list" and "/f who" cause major lag spikes. I have changed the inactive time from 10 days to 7. I put a price on the f list and f who commands to keep them from being used as much. This hasn't seemed to help much.

    What kind of donation could get sqlite, h2, mysql or some other option?

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