[SEC/FUN] Factions 2.0.0 - Guilds, War and user-controlled antigrief [BukkitDev]

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    is there a way to bypass all chest protection for server admins only?
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    use /f bypass
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    There is a strange bug.... sometimes after server restart ( for now only 2 times) the config files (factions.json & players.json) are empty !!!
  4. VERY good plugin :D .
    I have a multiworld server.
    But, i have one bug, when a set home with /f sethome, when i make /f home, it's work perfect, but when I dead, a respawn in the bad world
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    Amazing plugin! can certainly surpass towny if essentials economy is applied. and, How can I prevent people from claiming land at my spawn city? it is protected by world guard? please help!
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    you know what would be awesome and made this one of the best plugins ever?
    combine this with the guards part (enemy's attacked), the traders part (discount)
    and it would be awesome if people had to pay a price/day to stay in their faction, and with the money the factions gets, you can buy guards, wizards, traders, questers, etc (look at the Citizens plugin for everything :D)
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    Hello, I just set up permissions for my server and the only problem I've run through is that my players cannot join,invite or do faction chat... Am I missing a permissions? We love factions, it sucks that we aren't able to use it, can you help me?
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    Would it be possible to add a command like '/f power' or '/f player' to find out how much power an individual player has? Currently this only displays when the player dies and i have had several occasions where i have wanted to find out how much power i have or another person has without wishing to die to find out. Seems like it would be a minor addition and help management of factions greatly. Something even more useful would be a command for a faction admin to list the power of each member of the faction. Any chance either of these features could make an appearance in the next version of factions? would make a world of difference.

    Thanks Muchly for the mod. It's great fun. I lurve it!!
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    thanks for the help on the last request. next question, is there a way that i could permit building only for people who are in factions. but still allow wilderness building. my other building pluggin is epiczones
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    Every X, Y, and Z difference is added up, so the range is more of a diamond shape (a diagonal, say one block forward and one block to the left, is considered 2 blocks away; same for one block forward and one block up and so forth). I could change that to use a simple square box shape if people want, where 5 squares forward and 5 squares to one side would be considered 5 squares away.

    1. So 1 would claim 9 squares, 2 would claim 25, and on up? Seems excessive (and a fair bit more complicated to code) for limited power levels that factions have, compared to unlimited safe zones and war zones. I am however considering going ahead and adding an autoclaim command which toggles on and off like someone suggested earlier. It would be a fair bit of work, but... probably worthwhile.
    2. Not planning on it.
    3. Since it's not covered by the interaction checks Factions currently hooks into, I'm not sure if there's a way to check for it. Probably so... I'll try to look into it.

    Your changes were overwritten since Factions normally only reads the file at startup and saves over it occasionally (and on exit). Either use /f reload conf or don't edit the file while the server is running.
    This one seems to come up rather often.

    I just checked, and you're right. The same goes for the other wilderness explosion prevention options. It'll be fixed in the next release.

    PvP is only prevented in safe zones.

    Based on the description, doesn't sound like Factions is involved in your problems (since it gives no messages, and since /f bypass doesn't overcome it). Maybe another plugin, maybe a problem with Bukkit.

    Factions prevents the placement by telling Bukkit to cancel it, so if the door is still opened it comes down to a Bukkit problem or possibly a client problem. Nothing I can do about it.

    First I've heard of such a problem, and I don't know how it could happen. Maybe the files were locked by some other process or something? No idea, really. Doesn't sound like a problem with Factions unless you get an error message related to it in your server log to say otherwise.

    Bukkit bug. It's fixed after the last RB, I think in 819. Not sure why they haven't gone ahead and set a new RB since they fixed some pretty major bugs just after 818.

    Safe zones. Or war zones, if you like.
    No plans for direct integration with any particular economy plugin, sorry.

    Read the list of permissions in the first post.

    Tried /f who <faction/username>? Doesn't give individual power levels though, just the overall faction power.

    Sorry, but that's not currently possible or planned.
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    Is there any option to create a (spawn)zone with the following properties:

    - PvP off
    - Monsters on
    - No claiming of land

    or would we have to resort to a safe zone which also has monsters off? The intent here is to simply make an area around the spawn point permanently neutral and PvP-safe.
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    Sorry Brettflan, im stupid... for some reason .participate didnt work the first time... but now its good :)
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    Is it possible to allow people to destroy in wilderness, but not build?
    I set:
    "wildernessDenyBuild": true,
    "wildernessDenyUseage": false,
    "wildernessBlockCreepers": false,
    "wildernessBlockFireballs": false,
    "wildernessBlockTNT": false,
    as is.
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    Yes It would be awesome to change the shape of teleport to square since poeple can tp 2 blocks away somtimes. A square will be more accurate I think :>

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    Thanks a bunch for taking this up, the new update was welcomed on our server.

    Permission node to allow certain groups/people to build in the wilderness when build is disabled.

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    I saw the problem presents some times when I turn off the server during boot time.
  17. I try with 838,819 and i have the same bug ...
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    Any way you can make a towny conversion tool? I -really- want to use this over towny, but I have so many thousands of man hours invested in my current towny server that would be endangered if I just switched and let the players pick up the pieces. I'd really appreciate it.
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    Herochat does not work with this. People can even read faction only conversations when people are in faction chat.
  20. I'm running on 818 and 122 of your plugin, in fact I've got the exact same issue with factions as the safe zone :
    People cannot destroy and the message says so (ok so !)
    People CAN build on protected land but the in game message says they can't (wtf!) And of course, I don't want them to build in protected zones.

    Plugins used :


    Thanks for your help mate.
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    There's no way to turn off the monster nerfing effect of safezones, but otherwise they fit the bill.

    So they could, say, dig a hole, but be prevented from filling it back in? Anyway, sorry, but it's not possible.

    Well, players with the adminBypass permission are allowed to build in wilderness regardless, but there is indeed no other specific permission for it.

    I've just tested it in 823 by setting a faction home in the normal world and using /f home in the nether and it worked without a hitch. Not sure what else to tell you.

    No plans to do that, sorry.

    Any kind of channel or local chat or anything of the sort that potentially limits the number of recipients cancels the chat event by necessity and sends out individual messages which are untraceable. It's not their fault, if anything it's a Bukkit shortcoming. Factions (again by necessity) does the same thing for faction chat.
    HeroChat is by default forcibly loaded before Factions. If you want to disable that and take a crapshoot chance as to which plugin loads first so that faction chat might work before HeroChat's channels or local chat or whatever, you can try changing "preloadChatPlugins" to false in conf.json. Good luck with it.

    So... if they're getting the message, Factions is setting the build event to cancelled. Either it's a problem with Bukkit ignoring that for some reason, or more likely another plugin is for some reason un-cancelling the build event after Factions. You're using several plugins there which I know nothing about, but it would particularly be one of them which monitors onBlockPlace.
    All I can suggest is (assuming you can reliably duplicate the results) to try temporarily removing some of the other plugins bit by bit until you find the one responsible.
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    Could you please add an option for the shape of the teleportation raduis? I dont like it when poeple tp 1-2 blocks away from the target :>
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    If you have it set to 32, it shouldn't currently be possible to be that close and have the teleport work. My earlier example was for explanatory purposes (such that 1 diagonal square counts as 2 squares away), not trying to indicate the default range of 32 could result in something like that.
    Note that it only looks for enemy faction members, not neutrals.
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    Hello! Great Plugin!

    I have any issue where players are /f home ing there way out of PvP...
    Without disabling the the sethome itself, could it be possible to add a feature to disable the /f home command?

    Will there ever be iconomy/boseconomy support to charge for land?

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    Please at least read back to my large post above. Answering the same questions over and over (especially on the same page) can become a bit of a nuisance.
    The first is already in, the answer to the second is no.
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    Thanks, will do.

    Your previous replies helped answer some questions... I understand it can be a nuisance, I deal with it on a daily basis in my community.

    But it did not answer it in entirety, forgive me if I misunderstood the above posts... but... To my understanding there are currently two ways to disable the /f home command and that is by restricting if the players are within X radii of an enemy faction player or you disable the faction spawn entirely...

    Is there a way to disable the /f home command "completely" without setting "homesEnabled" to false so that players will still spawn at faction spawn on death and only spawn there on death? It shouldn't be much trouble to add an option to disable the /f home command completely. I am sure many will benefit.

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    Is it possible that you could make Factions compatible with Residence? http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/se...ection-system-buy-sell-land-economy-818.9358/

    I want other factions to be able to set up shop in my market district, but I don't want to have to unclaim an entire chunk to do it. Could you possibly make it so Residence overwrites land permissions so I can just rent out a specific area to a faction, where they can build on the land and such, but the faction land owners still have control over it.

    Also, if it's possible, can you also then make it check to see if you're in a faction before you set a residence? That way, people can't just walk into your faction land and set up a home right on your land.
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    Really great plugin, I think it's essential to any good PvP and often any good build server. I have been using this plugin for a while, and only have one request.
    I know a few people had moded it themselves to enable this, and I am currently giving it a shot and see how I go, but it would be good if there was a "Max Power" and/or a "Max Players" Setting. I don't think it would be too hard to add (Just a guess) but I think it would improve the plugin 10 fold.
    Thanks for the great plugin again!
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    I got my factions plugin working, people can claim lands etc.
    But only thing that's not working is that message when one try to destroy blocks in the faction area "You can't destroy in the territory of faction".
    It doesn't appear, althought one is not able to destroy there. Where do i change that?
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    Yup autoclaim would do :)

    I got a bone tho over the wilderness thing DIG but no Build I noticed u said not possible but Towny mangest to do it
    with seperate build and destroy detection rule set.

    I'm not going to beg or anything like that I'm just a tad curiouse as to why u said not possible.

    Most porbable is that u plain dont want to or its due the way faction detection works but still im curiouse. It's somethign I was going to ask myself at one stage.

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