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    Great work on the release everything with factions I've tried so far is working 100%. I have it set up on my server where you can edit the blocks of enemy factions for 3.5 hearts per block and a couple of things people asked for on the server was if food can be set to take a hit per block being destroyed so people would have to eat to regen health after destroying. The pain amount gives the faction online a bit of time to defend their base when enemies show up and with food taking a hit also the attackers would have to stand still and eat when breaking into a base. That's just a suggestion that would make sieging a base a bit more difficult/fun depending on how you look at it not really critical.

    Would definitely like to see the option for enemy factions to not be able to use each others protected materials while one is offline in a future release though. Only way to keep the enemy from being able to get to to chests is have it set where they cant edit blocks while one is offline and put all your chests behind blocks. This just creates an inconvenience for faction players who have to destroy blocks everytime they want to get to something then put them back.
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    I just downloaded the latest one (1.5.1), im running my server on craftbukkit 1185 with many plugins (AutoAnnouncer, Classes, all essentials plugins, falsebook, goin round, votifier and worldedit) but when i go to run it i get this error:
    17:59:11 [INFO] [Factions v1.5.1] === ENABLE START ===
    17:59:11 [SEVERE] [JAR-LOADER] This file does not exist: .\lib\gson.jar
    17:59:11 [SEVERE] [Factions v1.5.1] Disabling myself as .\lib\gson.jar is missin
    g from the root Minecraft server folder.
    What is wrong?
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    Are they expiring? A faction is disbanded if there are no players, and a player is kicked out of their faction after 14 days of inactivity (by default).
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    No just randomly being disbanded.
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    I have 2 Questions:
    1) How do I keep the config from changing? Whenever I change something, and reload, it just goes back to the default.
    2) How do I limit how many plots a player can claim? :D
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    1: I've had the same problem. You shouldn't edit the config with programs like notepad as it changes it back for some reason. I use Notepad++
    2: You cant limit how much an individual claims, but you can edit the faction claim limit in "powerFactionMax"
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    I DO use Notepad++ =/ Should I use Word or??
    And then can since I can only allow faction claim limit, can I make it that only factions can claim land? Or is that default?
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    I love this plugin and would love to use it on my server! However I use bPermissions. Would it be possible to make it compatible with bPermissions? It would be much appreciated. Thank you for all the hard work! :D
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    Any news on adding the Protection of ally faction materials when they are offline? I want allied factions to be able to use eachothers stuff, but only when the factions are both online. If one of the factions is offline, I don't want the other able to go in and mess with stuff.
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    ok... i got a problem with "faction"
    when i start the server the it sais

    plzzz help
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    What message do they get (assuming they're online when it happens)? What is logged to the system log/console when that happens? What do you have "autoLeaveAfterDaysOfInactivity" set to in conf.json? Is there any more even remotely useful info you can provide?

    1. A damaged conf.json file causes it to reset to defaults. Read the top of the user guide's configuration page which addresses that problem. You should additionally note that there will be an error indicated at the start of your server log/console indicating the source of the problem.
    2. Please read the rest of the user guide.

    Never heard of bPermissions. Is it not compatible with either the Permissions plugin or the built-in Bukkit "superperms" system? I'd be surprised if that were the case.

    Not for the moment.

    The last two releases of Factions require CB 1185 or newer, which you are apparently not running. If you want to keep your old version of CraftBukkit, you'll need to use version 1.4.9 of Factions or older.
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    Thx it works now....
    Sry i am new to Cb
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    Looking for some help guys!
    my servers running with iConomy 6.0.5b along with your latest factions 1.5.1 and factions does not seem to recognise iConomy is on the server.
    The message i get is:
    [INFO] [Factions v1.5.1] === ENABLE START ===
    2011-09-24 17:20:55 [INFO] [Factions v1.5.1] Loading conf from disk
    2011-09-24 17:20:55 [INFO] [Factions v1.5.1] Loading players from disk
    2011-09-24 17:20:55 [INFO] [Factions v1.5.1] Loading factions from disk
    2011-09-24 17:20:55 [INFO] [Factions v1.5.1] Loading board from disk
    2011-09-24 17:20:55 [INFO] [Factions v1.5.1] Found and will use Permissions v2.7.7 for permissions
    2011-09-24 17:20:55 [INFO] [Factions v1.5.1] EssentialsEco hook available, but disabled ("econEssentialsEcoEnabled": false).
    2011-09-24 17:20:55 [INFO] [Factions v1.5.1] === ENABLE DONE (Took 114ms) ===
    iConomy is loading before factions too so i can't understand why factions doesn't see it?!
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    try change to "Essentials"
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    It is compatible and uses super perms. I put the factions.create node into bPermissions and it doesn't respond. Basically I'm trying to limit it so certain people can create a faction as opposed to anyone.
    Also I run multiverse on my server. Is there a way to make it so factions can only claim in a specific world?
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    Tried that and ironically it then uses essentials.... not iConomy! :p
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    As both the change log notes and the user guide indicate, for iConomy 6 support you'll need to use the Register plugin as a bridge.

    1. Well, Factions does support the superperms system. I'm not sure what else to tell you there.
    2. Yes. The user guide covers multiworld support.
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    If im honest installing the register plugin makes no sence what so ever to me?!
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    I'm looking at the various functions available in your API - Is there anyway I can see if I can place a block in a certain place? I've been trying to use the methods available in FactionsBlockListener - But It's the just spitting out errors! Ideas?

    He means you should download and install this on your server to act as a bridge.

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    The iConomy author himself suggests other plugin authors interface with his Register plugin instead of directly with iConomy 6, FYI. If you need a link to the Register plugin, it's (again) in the Factions change log and user guide both. Take your pick.
    EDIT: or use the link Darkedge posted above.

    What exactly are you trying to interface with and what errors does it spit out?
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    I just relized that even if I did use playercanbuilddestroyblock or w/e It's called, It'd still send a message to the player, do you have any ideas on this subject? (without having to have a custom factions build...)
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    Hey there
    I love your plugin, you did a very good job ;)
    But I found a little problem with my server setup... I also use MobArena and therefor it would be great if the players would not lose power when they die in the arena, but unfortunately, they do. So I looked into the config files and found a little variable which allows me to deactivate power loss in warzones. But the problem is that I don't want to globally deactivate this, I do want power loss to work in all other warzones!
    Is there a way to make a specific area for my arena where power loss is deactivated?
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    I use Factions and bPermissions. It's working just fine. I'm no expert on how to fix your problem, but it isn't a compatibility issue as it works fine for me.
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    hi i need some help

    put this in the plugins and it didnt generate anything or even show error in console,,, is it dependant on permissions? ifso u have specific link to what mod?
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    Can An Administrator Collect unlimited land without using Power?
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    Edit: I fixed it i think
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    ^factions.create should block a group from creating a faction in bpermissions
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    can you make just a chat bsed version of this baskily with out the claim land and stuff and then give chat simple nodes like fchat. and then you can use the chat rooms like clan alll and msg and you can use the create clan
    but no land claim stuff or power
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    Hi there i run a server and I'm using factions 1.5.1 i have set a safezone but anyone is still able to edit the safezones and the warzones. Also i get a chat formatting error when anyone is in a certain faction. any help with these error i would really appreciate.

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