[SEC/FUN] Factions 2.0.0 - Guilds, War and user-controlled antigrief [BukkitDev]

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    can you make this plugin work with superperms?
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    when i type /f help or any other command it says unkown Faction command try /f help
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    Well, thank you for your answers.
    Here's one last request if you don't mind. Would it be possible to add something like "territoryPeacefulProtectMaterials" which would indeed allow the user to set true or false to allow or not the protection of materials in neutral factions ?

    Thanks again
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    can this plugin prohibition to create guild near other guild
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    is there a way i can configure factions to allow faction owners to have access to all chests in their territory and restrict outsiders from accessing those chests, but if someone with say a LWC protected chest loses their territory they can still go get their stuff out (so long as they can reach the LWC chest)
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    The option for specific worlds, or the option for War Zones? Those both still work, AFAIK. Please clarify your problem.

    As I've said before, Factions v1 will never support cuboid selection, only 16x16 areas.

    Never heard of chatmanager. What problems are you having? Inline edit: would that be ChatManager which comes with PermissionsEX? I had it open in another tab just now and noticed that.
    I can add it as a softdepend for Factions and that will probably take care of your problems.

    It already does. Are you having problems using superperms?

    Does it output anything to the server console/log?

    In peaceful factions, you mean, rather than neutral factions? I don't understand why you would want to remove protection from chests/doors/whatever for peaceful factions.

    Prevent a faction from claiming land near another faction? Not currently and not planned for v1, no.

    This plugin doesn't directly do anything in relation to the LWC plugin.
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    Yes I meant peaceful factions. My goal is to protect them from other factions to open their chests not the opposite. From what you say, do you mean it's protected by default ? I made a few test and it seems that it isn't.
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    Thanks for this wonderfull plugin, i like the part that i dont need to use any other plugin.
    Is it best to run it with permissionsbukkit or not ?
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    ok thx
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    Edit: why can every user make factions? i am using permissionsbukkit
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    for what i said at the top, it is for my mob arena and everything is in one world

    as owner of the server shouldnt i hav the power to destroy in a faction tht i am not in's territory?

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    Use /f bypass

    Hey, is it possible to limit the height/depth an ownership claim goes?

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    how can i stop it so when i enter a faction it does not tell me i have tried everything in the config and its still not working please help me
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    As long as those things are still listed in "territoryProtectedMaterials", they should be protected against interaction by people not in the faction.

    Whatever you like, it supports the Permissions plugin and the built-in Bukkit superperms system.
    The factions.create permission defaults to allowed through superperms. You'll need to explicitly deny/remove it for specific people or groups.

    So place War Zones and make sure power loss is disabled in them (/f config warZonePowerLoss false). Is that not working for you, then?

    Sorry, no, and not planned. For Factions v1 it will always be bedrock to sky.

    Disable messages telling you when you move to territory controlled by a different faction? That is necessary so you know what territory you're in and thus can't be disabled.
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    I'd like to see factions on
    I'd like spout to play music when entering faction area. Perhaps allowing faction admins to choose the music they wish to use through a playlist.
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    on my pc it says this whenever i try to use the plugin

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    I need help... i set up permissions correct but non-op's cant make factions.... and i put the permission nodes under default so i dont get whats up? Please help!
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    I've got permissions right? I'm admin on it. I'm also OP.

    I tried the /f create <factionname> command, and it keeps telling me I don't have permission.
    I've reloaded the server, I've even restarted it. Heck - I'm not sure why it's being a complete ass.

    Edit: Nevermind, just noticed the new version of permissions changed the "*" permission node to "Owner"
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    k thx

    can ops still use the /f bypass? i dont want my ops to only me so how do i do tht?

    how do u make a warzone?

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    Can you add BOSEconomy support? That's the one we use
  21. Quick question. If possible, how do I make it so that everyne in a faction s able to start claiming land as soon as the join someones faction? I want to be able to join a faction and then just clam land without anyone making me moderator first.
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    the owner of the faction has to do /f mod <playername> as far as i know thts the only way
  23. Well. Than that is something I'd like to see fixed. Shouldn't be to hard to add the choice in the config, would it? Something like "moderator at join: true/false"? :D
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    i know how the plugin works i just need a request to add something to it

    that something is to make so when you create the faction you leave it and ppl could still join it.

    My server will be up I'm just waiting for 1.8.

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    is there any way you can make a zone that is unclaimable by other factions sorta like a safezone that allows building. reason is im making a town in my server which will have worldguard protected zones that i will sell to players, however if another faction claims the land , enemy users cant use everything in the area, and if i safezone the area, they cant build without the permission, which would allow them to build at every safezone.
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    hello, Is ally owner ship bypass repired? I reported it few day ago :)(maybe week)
    thank you
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    1. Submitted.
    2. It's been requested before, but I doubt I'll ever have the time or inclination for it. The source is available and we do accept pull requests, though, so maybe someone else will do it.

    Did you follow the "How do I Install" part of the first post?

    I have no idea without more info, such as the exact permissions you have set along with the plugin you're using for permissions.

    With whatever permission plugin you're using, deny the factions.adminBypass permission.

    Read the userguide.

    Someone else is welcome to add support for it and submit a pull request. I don't have time for it, especially since it's not a plugin I use.

    Should be relatively simple for someone to add, but I just don't have time for it.

    Will probably be added soon based on a donation request.

    You could use war zones for that, and just change the tag and description for them. Unless you're using war zones elsewhere, anyway.

    There hasn't been a release since then, so no.
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    Aw, that's a shame, makes ownership too hard to use
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    Factions v1 you say? So there is a v2 in production?
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