[SEC/FUN] Factions 2.0.0 - Guilds, War and user-controlled antigrief [BukkitDev]

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    Nice update thank you.

    Was wondering if it would be possible to make it so warzones (any maybe other lands) can have an option to turn off monsters spawning on them. I currently have an area I am making and want it so monsters don't interrupt any battle taking place.
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    I have a feature request - I really need an option to disable certain commands for people who are in an active battle.
    Maybe that can be accomplished by creating a virtual user with GroupManager change group permissions, and while a player is in a battle it sends that player to a group configured by me so I can disable permissions for /home, /spawn, and other things that can be used to cheat during a battle.
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    He has already added an option to turn off /f home when near enemies. And you can completely disable /f home in the config.
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    Block destruction and block placement both run the exact same combined routine to determine if a user is allowed, so I don't see how that can be happening.

    Sure, that's easy enough. I'll add an option for it at some point.

    As Deathfromance mentioned, /f home has a configurable option to disallow it if an enemy is within a specified distance. For /home and /spawn, that's up to the plugin you use for those. If you're using Essentials, there are settings to delay teleports and cancel them if the player moves or is moved.

    Bugfix release 1.2.2:
    • Preload of EssentialsChat had problems if Essentials core wasn't loaded yet; added Essentials to preload list
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    Is there a way to allow allied factions to build / destroy / whatever in each other's territory? Like as a config option. As of right now, I don't really see the point in allying a faction other than getting a color change in their name.
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    I really don't know either, what sort of information can I give to you to show you the problem ?
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    I will do my best to configure essentials however I don't think using command cooldowns will be enough
    I AM making a 30-60 cooldown on any teleport but during long battles people will still have the time to warp to shops and buy things.. or heal.
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    The only command Factions mod has is /f home and that can be turned off completely or you can turn on an option that makes it where if two factions are at war they can't use the command while near eachother. As for any other issues you are running into with /spawn or /home you need to speak to the creators of the mod those are in.

    The point of allies is really in the name. They are your ally and will fight with you in battle and can't accidently hurt you or anyone in your faction. While I am not sure how people on your server act I know the people on mine ally people fairly often and normally before they should if there was an option for this and it was on I would see tons of people becoming allies just to get past the anti-grief. While I personally don't have anything against the idea my main point was to show there is more to being allies then just a color name.
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    Besides the teleport-cooldown setting in Essentials, try using the teleport-delay setting. It can delay /spawn and /home for a few seconds before they trigger, and cancel the teleport if the player moves before then. That way, they won't be able to use /home or /spawn in the middle of a battle.
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    This plugin doesn't seem to work with hell, on earth factions works just fine but when I go to hell even me the Admin can't build or remove blocks. Even when using the bypass command.
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    Hey Brettflan,

    I just tried out with the accout of my friend, in Safe zones, I can't destroy anything and it tells me so.
    But when place blocks, it just works.. and the game tells me that i'm not authorized !
    What could be wrong ?


    Thanks for further help :)
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    I have just discovered a very nasty bug. Using /f home in the nether will not tp u to ur base /f sethome location but to the exact location where you were in the nether. meaning you can /f home into anyones base if u used the nether smartly.
    Edit: Its actually a Bukkit bug if Im not wrong.
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    I hope nobody on my server is smart enough to figure that out.. lol..
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    lol trust me you better disable it right away :p
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    nah I'll wait, my server hasn't even officially launched yet
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    So, here's another question, and a thought to follow it. Can factions have "templates", such as normal factions, different warzones, different safe zones, different wilderness, etc? If not, that would be interesting. It would allow this mod to also somewhat function as a region mod. Like... have two different safe zone areas with different names entirely. Just a thought.
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    I just wanted to say thank you for picking this up and continuing development on this amazing plugin.
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    Any chance there could also be protected material for different lands as at the moment its the same for war/safe/wilderness/faction.

    Along with a general no /f home in warzones.
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    I have 2 questions.
    It says that chests and such are protected from interaction. Is it just interaction or does it block other faction members from destroying it too? Because if so, then some random person can build a faction base out of dispensers and enjoy winning.

    My other question is, can I claim a safe zone by selecting 2 points? If not, then I will just use WorldGuard regions/flags for that. I want to make a large safe zone around the main server town and I need a way to select that.
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    Brody Romhanyi

    So I want to be able to claim a certain amount of land but it only does a tiny bit how do I go about selecting on how big i can make it? Is there a selection tool?
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    Probably default spawn protection area, which (I believe still) applies to the same coordinates in all worlds. Bug? Oversight?
    I personally disable spawn protection (set to 0 in server.properties) on my server, and set up a Factions safe zone around the spawn area.
    I just tested for that in builds 819 and 821, and couldn't duplicate it. What build are you using, and what other plugins?

    Yes, it's a Bukkit bug. Even though 819 isn't an RB, it fixes that bug and I highly recommend using it.

    Not currently, and there are no plans to do that either. It is an interesting idea, but would take a lot of work and add quite a bit of complexity.

    Not planned, though it is possible.

    "territoryProtectedMaterials" does only cover interaction. Destruction of all blocks are prevented by "territoryDenyBuild" being enabled; if you disabled that, then yes, people could destroy them.
    Safe zone claims work the same as others, except there is an optional radius value (see /f help 7 in-game).

    Other than safe zones and war zones, you can only claim one 16x16 chunk at a time.
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    Sometimes poeple are able to teleport when they are near the enemy 32 blocks. when u get to close about 1-2 blocks ur able to f home.
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    Thanks a bunch for taking this up the new update was welcomed on our server.

    • Multi claim basicly ability to claim like u do with safezone radius "Example /claim 10" so doing /claim 1 would claim 9 like if u did /safezone 1 ud get 9.​
    Making this easier for ppl trying to claim larger areas at a time for bigger builds.​
    Also add a config option to limit how much at once u can claim.​
    • Allow Members of factions to claim with out moderator status, I have given the faction claim permissions but ppl are telling me they need to claim land and be a moderator to do so.

    • Add Fire to the safezone and factions protection list, Sick of re lighting my fire places when ppl hit them out.
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    Whenever i edit the conf.json and reset the server it reverts its properties back to the how they were on the original download. For example whenever I set powerPerDeath to 5.0 instead of 4.0 then reset the server to apply the new configuration, it goes back to being 4.0. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks.
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    I also ran into a bug though I will try it once again to see if it is still there. I set creepers to not damaging the wilderness but they still do.
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    I dont like the second suggestion :p You dont a noob claiming random land in your factions. so you promote them to mods when they are trusted enough
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    another noob question
    Do I have to claim warzones to let people fight it out, or is it anywhere outside the safezone?
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    Thats what I though but I have ppl I trust that i wanted to not give mod status to and my server was new map I just wanted to quickly get a LARGE amount of land zoned besides you can eaisly set open inv to closed invite :p

    So i dont really care if they cant claim tbh but im mor interested in getting a radius for /f claim so that I can do at least a whole chunk at once.
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    Hey im having a problem. Randomly people cant build in sections of there claimed area's
    Its quite frustrating as people cannot build anymore. Even if i do /f bypass i am unable to build and it just blocked all sort of building happening in that claimed area. Even blocks placed get removed. there are no messages saying "You cant build etc" and im unsure why this is happening.
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    New bug: When you place a redstone wire infort of door in others teritory it opens the door and gives the msg that you cant use the item in enemy territory. Works on some doors not all of em. Using bukkit 818.

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