[SEC/FUN] Factions 2.0.0 - Guilds, War and user-controlled antigrief [BukkitDev]

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  1. @Aclimator
    In the conf.json there's two entries that read;
    "prefixAdmin": "++",
    "prefixMod": "+",
    Just change those, save and do /f reload

    Not sure where that 7 came from, check the whole .json for a stray '7' i guess xD
    If your using iChat it could of came from that D:?
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    Using essentials, but we couldn't fix the problem, weird.
  3. Would it be possible to turn off the ally, neutral feature and just have every faction default to being an enemy of every other faction ?

    Thanks :)
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    Hello, I am French so sorry for the spelling.

    I have a small problem with the chat: /

    Here's a screenshot:

    What is written in red I do not want
    Green is the faction so I keep
    In yellow the rank of the faction so I keep

    here I just want what is removed in red :/

    Here are my plugins:

    Thx !
  5. I have a small problem.
    I have several cities through my server (both on separate worlds)
    and i want to create a separate "Safe zone" just for those cities.
    Do I just copy the safe-zone part in the .json?
    Or create a faction but what about the players?
    And how can i create that so a faction can claim unlimited land?
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    Was wondering if you could add in a /power command?​
    Something to simply check how much power you have.​
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    Hey there is aprently a bug on the server im playing that alows anyone to mine/destroy blocks in another faction/safezone/ect

    Any ideas what it is?
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    Hey, i dont want to be a bother but was just wondering if your planning a new update soon, and if your going to include a fix for local chat! :)Great plugin btw!
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    I'm not sure if this has been reported but anyone can place 'boats' in the safe zone. [953]
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    Is it possible to have a "pvpOnlyAtWar" to limit the pvp to faction who are ennemis?
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    Is it possible for you to make it so that a faction can claim enemy plots. Because the way it sets up right now you cannot claim others land if you have a base already. So there is no way to conquer others land. =[ I love the plugin man keep doing your thing.
    One more thing. In warzones you still loose power. Idk why that happens is it supposed to?
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    I've tried changing one, the other or both of these to "true" (while the server is shut down, to ensure the changes are loaded) but there is no effect and Factions keeps changing them back to "false". My other settings are preserved so I know it's not resetting the config to default. I can also change other settings successfully.
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    Try several different values for "chatTagInsertIndex", or set "chatTagInsertAfterString" to "<" or "[" or whatever else is sure to be in the chat message, or otherwise experiment a bit with those chatTag settings.

    I can only assume you have a problem in your Permissions plugin's configuration. Can't help you there.

    As I said on the last page to a nearly identical request:

    So a player's max power would start out at a low value and only increase as they actually claimed land, up to whatever max power cap per player you have set? Seems like needless complexity to me to have hard overall caps for everyone and soft individual caps for each player.

    No way to completely disable it on a world, no. You can add a War Zone and set "warZoneFriendlyFire" to true, though, and players in the same faction would then be able to hurt each other.

    Not currently possible or planned.

    So you're wanting multiple Safe Zones with different tags and descriptions for each? Not possible, sorry. Safe Zones and War Zones are handled like factions, and have hardcoded IDs which are used to identify themselves as such. So, only one tag and description is possible for all Safe Zones.

    The options which could allow that in faction-controlled territory are "territoryDenyBuild","territoryDenyBuildWhenOffline", and "territoryEnemyDenyBuild" in conf.json. There are also "safeZoneDenyBuild" and "warZoneDenyBuild" for those zone types.

    No update in the works right at the moment. As for fixing local chat, I've done all I can for that. I've made the hookable functions available for chat plugins to use for adding faction tags to local/channel chat. EssentialsChat will use those functions and be fully integrated (local chat and all) when they release the upcoming Essentials 2.5. As for any other chat plugins, go bug the authors of them about it, and you can point them to the integration done for EssentialsChat as an example.

    Placement of boats is not prevented anywhere, by default. I'm guessing you could add "BOAT" to "territoryDenyUseageMaterials", as long as you have "safeZoneDenyUseage" enabled. Of course, that would then also prevent placement of boats in faction-claimed territory by people not in that faction (depending on how "territoryDenyUseage" and "territoryEnemyDenyUseage" are set).

    Possible, but not currently planned. Part of what you want might be covered by "disablePVPForFactionlessPlayers", though.

    1. Not true. When a faction has less power than the amount of land they've claimed, the land on their borders becomes vulnerable to takeover (as covered in the second post in this thread). Of course, if you have "claimsMustBeConnected" set to true, then there would be that further requirement added to the mix.
    2. Depends on what you have "warZonePowerLoss" set to; I assume it's set to true in your case.

    This one isn't all that well documented, but for simplicity's sake, if "chatTagReplaceString" is set and that string does exist in the chat message (and thus will be used instead of other chat tag placement methods), it will forcefully set "chatTagPadBefore" and "chatTagPadAfter" to false. If you're using that method, why would you want/need extra padding added? You can simply add proper spacing around that string in the configuration for whatever chat plugin you're using.
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    Could you please and a feature to the config file so that we could set true or false whether we could attack players in the faction?
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    Olof Larsson

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    An option for players within a faction being able to hurt each other? Not currently planned. You can however set "warZoneFriendlyFire" to true in conf.json, then place some War Zones for them to fight in.

    Looks like a very interesting outline. I'll be keeping track of your progress, but I probably won't have much time to contribute to working on v2. Pretty much the same as v1. :p
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    Olof Larsson

    Alright. Thanks for taking care of v1 anyways :)
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    Can you make it so no one can /f map, as a setting? We're running a strict roleplay server and being able to detect things from far away is lame.
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    @Brettflan - Well I'm wondering how factions are supposed to conquer enemy lands when they already have a base with "claimsMustBeConnected" set to true. If not, is there a way to make it so that if you have "claimsMustBeConnected" set to true a faction can claim an enemy plot in addition to this?
    Also i have "warZonePowerLoss" set to false, but i am still encountering the problem. I will look into it further. Maybe someone else is having this problem? Anyways I appreciate the feedback and I love the plugin. It really makes the game.

    @Brettflan - After looking over the code we fixed my first problem here it is. Instead of doing the Conf.claimsMustBeConnected check with the other checks i moved it within the if (otherFaction.isNone()) statement so it only checks if its a wilderness chunck and not for claimed land. lines 505 - 510

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    What do you think about adding these two config options.
    Basically this nerfs very big factions and helps balance any server.
    So lets say power per player is 10 and you set the max at 80 even after you get 9 members the power will sit at 80 for the faction.

    Also when you have it set to not allow /f home when a enemy is within a certian amount of distance, it still for some reason allows you to /f home on your own land when a enemy is right next to you.

    Lastly how would you go about blocking boats and minecarts being placed on faction land?
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    I'm not 100% sure on this but change the below to false (in config)
    "showMapFactionKey": true,
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    I'm having a problem, that even though i am both an admin in permissions, and have a * under the permissions, as well as an op on the server, i cannot unclaim land from other factions, destroy/edit other factions areas, open chests in other factions, ect...
    seems like every otehr plugin works with teh admin/op combination, except for factions.
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    i have a request but dunno if its allreadey asked, so tell me then if it comes in or not

    i want to exclude materials from protection if it is war.

    the only way at this moment is to write down all protected materials and switch "territoryEnemyProtectMaterials": to false.

    but i want to let them destroy only gates, doors and some other little things.
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    Are there any plans in the future for making further user protections, instead of JUST factions?

    Example: 2 ppl in same faction, player A and player B. Neither like each other but neither will leave the faction.. so Player A decides to go grief the hell out of Player B's home.. which he can do since he's in the same faction.

    Are there any plans to let Player B lock down his plots for further protection from those inside his own faction? I know Towny has this type of stuff set up.
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    Anyone get the #1000 update and if so does factions still work.
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    Dylan Helling

    Hey I'm having a few problems and not for sure why. I am not able to claim warzone, and also the worldnopowerloss and worldnoclaim isnt working for me
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    It would be great, if you can test Factions against the latest dev build of Essentials.
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    would it be possible to add and option to not use /f without the /.. thanks in advance
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    FYI, I'll be adding support for the newly available built-in Bukkit permission system for the next release.

    Eh, simple enough to add... I'll probably add that in the next release.

    I wouldn't necessarily call that a fix, as I could see people not wanting it to work that way. I might add an option for it to act that way in the next release.

    1. As I've said, I'm not averse to adding faction power limits, but I expect it would take a bit of work to implement for everything in the code which references the max power of a faction. So, still not currently planned.
    2. This is by design; enemy distance is ignored if you're in a safe zone or in your own land.
    3. Have you tried this from one of my posts in the last page?
    For the minecarts, there are of course the three types in the materials list.

    You still need to use the /f bypass command to enable/disable bypass mode.

    Not currently planned.

    Do you not have the appropriate permissions, then?

    Are there problems of some sort, then? Anything specific? They worked fine together when I last tested them (while working on the integration), but I'll test them again.
    EDIT: tested them out and everything chat-related worked as intended.

    "allowNoSlashCommand" in conf.json.
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    With admin bypass I could not work out how to forcehange another factions leader and set there /f home when not a member of their faction.

    As in my case I was trying to set a new /f sethome for another faction who's leader is currently MIA with RL tests, due to the our new rule of faction spawns to be attached to a nutural safe zone area " congregation area" and we can use other means to tp ppl to the faction areas.

    With that being said I really could use a separate faction warp like /f sethome and /f home so that faction spawn could be set some place else like near a public place for servers like mine who decide to put factions spawn in a recruitment like city made up of a safe zone middle,war zone outerboundry and factions connecting land to out side of that.

    Another idea I had was to separate the /f claimsafe and /f safezone commands
    so that the command that defines a radius of safe zone is on a different node so moderators/staff can still safely autoclaim without fear of making whole server a safe zone.

    Maybe even just limit the radius to say max of 10 if not using admin bypass. I know you were not going to do iconomy and stuff like that but what would it cost to get ico 5 implement,tax,rent,sell able areas.

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