[SEC/FUN] Factions 2.0.0 - Guilds, War and user-controlled antigrief [BukkitDev]

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    Do you have another plugin which is preventing damage? Something that provides god mode or similar, maybe?

    What's broken, exactly, and what version of Factions are you using? It worked perfectly the last I checked.

    Currently, none, though Factions has the integration hooks available to make it possible. EssentialsChat will have full support when v2.5 of Essentials is released, but it doesn't in the current v2.4.x release.
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    Great idea, but please make it compatible with iChat and LWC! :3
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    Brettflan has said, multiple times, he is not planning on implementing iConomy. Command iConomy, as BioRage said, is your best alternative.

    In which case, you'd give everyone (Default group) the 'factions.participate' and 'factions.create' node, if you wanted iConomy money to be the determining factor of whether or not they can start a faction.
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    Is there a way to gain energy to claim land etc... by killing other faction player?
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    The only thing I have that gives God mode is Essentials.
    I am using permissions 3.5 with globalusers based permissions, but the rest of the plugin is working fine.
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    Okay, then. What exactly do I have to do to make it work in GroupManager? I posted my groups.yml about a page or so back. Do you want me to repost it?
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    Hello ! I have a problem and the comand is not in the list.

    I made: /f safe 40 but it's safe 6140 chunks... Too much ^^'

    How I can repair my error ? I found the "/f war" command but this is not the neutral zone command ^^'
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    Hey I'm not sure if its this plugin causing it or not but I've noticed it in the few factions servers I've been on including my own. Sometimes when a player dies, instead of spawning in spawn or at their home they spawn on their dead body.
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    I use EssentialsChat, which is the main reason I did the work for it. I don't use other chat plugins, so it will be up to them to use the integration hooks now provided by Factions. Go bug them about it, and you can point them to the integration done for EssentialsChat as an example.

    By spending time on the server and not dying. There are various settings in conf.json regarding that.

    And you're sure you didn't have god mode enabled? No idea, then.

    Sorry, I don't have the time or desire to offer support for other plugins right now.
    EDIT: by the way, as the Essentials team is going to stop updating GroupManager and are recommending people switch to Permissions, that might be worth looking into.

    /f safeunclaimall is definitely in the in-game list, which should generally stay up-to-date. It's not in the outdated list here in the second post, which is my fault; some day I'll get around to overhauling that.

    First I've heard of something like that. I'll glance over the related code later, but I'm pretty sure it's not Factions at fault.
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    Hey i have a feature that i think would be great to add to your factions plugin. I am setting up my pvp server so that not one person is op, not even me so its fair. Well, my users are asking for tp but i told them i couldn't because then people could tp enemies out to the middle of nowhere and kill them, so i was thinking you could add an option to only be able to teleport to players in your faction, thus fixing that problem. I know their are tp plugins that let you accept or deny but that will be annoying to have to do and also one more plugin that i don't want to have slowing my server down. Please consider this feature, thanks
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    Ok I deleted permissions on the test server, and its working fine, too bad essentials is a core plugin i cant lose. I'll let you know when i figure it out, incase anyone else has this issue.

    -edit- Still haven't fixed it, there are only two things that i can see conflicting. The way that essentials hands off godmode to other plugins, which we don't have godmode on. And the essentials.protect.pvp, but i dont have essentials.protect. I may install ess.prot. and add that permission to all users to see if that works as a work around.

    after testing a bit more i think its mcmmo, must have missed that somewhere. Run it with everything and it doesnt work, take off mcmmo and it does.

    Ok well I could just delete this, but just incase someone else skips the step 1 : is the computer on?
    No: i was in a party with the member i couldnt kill.
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    Hey, here's an idea for the plugin if it hasn't been posted already.
    You should enable mob/natural damage at safe zones as options and have a no power loss death option. It's just people can abuse mobs and other game players when they are in safe zone taking absolutely no damage from thunder, mob, wolves, etc. Dying in safe zone takes power opposed to War zone where there's a toggle option.

    Perhaps in-game commands for the toggle as well cause reloading the config is a pain every time having to bring server down before changes are made to config.

    Edit: examples like Jail plugin. Guards spawn when prisoners try to escape and hunt/kill them.
    With faction safe zone, mobs do nothing, natural damage does nothing. So yea. lol just a giant trail of guards/mobs trying to hunt down someone invincible.
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    Thank you for this mod.
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    PLEEASE READ THIS, i love this plugin but ive found a 'bug'? well it sez i have 6/10 power but when i try to claim land... it sez i need more power can anyon ehlp me? have i configured something wrong?
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    Those are my plugins. The respawn at your body glitch only started happening with 1.3.6 I think (not 100% sure). Do any of those look like they would mess up the spawning?

    I think it might be NoCheat finding a moving violation when someone dies and it puts them back?
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    Just wanted to say that this is a wonderful plugin. I've seen next to zero problems with it. However, there is one small problem that has to do with building in enemy territory. When an enemy from Faction 1 is trying to scale a wall in Faction 2's territory, the enemy can stack blocks quick enough where they can slowly raise up until they can jump over the wall. It has to be done quick enough because the blocks get taken away (enemy territory, no build rights), but it is not too hard to place the blocks fast enough. is there any way to fix this?
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    Is there anyway to set it so that only faction members can /sethome in faction claimed land. or better yet just block those commands from being able to be uses inside faction zones?
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    Not planned, sorry.

    Not a bad idea, but not currently planned due to lack of free time. Might happen at some point, though.

    With the sheer number of config options, a command for each would be a bit much. On the other hand, a single command for setting most conf.json options (any that are strings, numeric, or boolean values) might possibly be doable. For example, something like /f confset <OptionName> <value>. I'll probably look into that eventually when I have time to spare.

    Do you have 6 or more land already claimed?

    I don't know what most of those plugins do. I checked the code in Factions, and it simply sets the respawn event's location (via event.setRespawnLocation(location)) which occurs when a person respawns. The respawn location it sets is always the faction home, and it only sets it when appropriate (based on conf.json options, existence of faction home, etc.). So Factions is doing things by the book on setting respawn location.
    It could be NoCheat, you'd know better than me; I don't know what specifically that plugin does.

    The Minecraft client predicts success with block placement and so forth. So, the problem you describe can happen when the connection between the server and client is slow enough or the server is lagging badly enough. Of course, they can end up being kicked by the server for floating too long when that happens.
    So, basically: nothing can be done without changes by Mojang.

    "homesMustBeInClaimedTerritory" in conf.json, which already defaults to true; it only allows faction homes to be set inside territory claimed by the faction in question.
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    Thanks Brett
    with regards though to:
    Is there anyway to set it so that only faction members can /sethome in faction claimed land. or better yet just block those commands from being able to be uses inside faction zones?

    I'm just wondering if I can stop people from being able to set their own home inside faction zones.
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    New release:
    In other words, the /sethome you're referring to being the command from Essentials, and being entirely unrelated to Factions? Not happening, sorry.
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    I just came back to using factions and I am having an issue with the faction name layout...

    By default, when a player chats openly, it shows up as "f**TheFocus f". How do I get rid of those "f"s?

    TheFocus is the name of one of the faction groups, that's not part of the problem, just to clarify.
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    Sorry for not seeing it if it's there, but is there an option in the config that makes it so players can attack players while they are in claimed land.
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    yeah i do, if thats the problem, can i edit it so that i can claim more than only 6 lands>????
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    Is there by any chance a way to disable the prefixes? i looked in the config and couldnt find any
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    I love Factions, a great addition to my server BUT PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE allow it to work with LocalAreaChat, as this is essential to my server i would love to keep using factions as all my players love it BUT i will have to take it off if its not compatible with LocalAreaChat, thankyou for great plugin!!! :)
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    +1 I'd really like to be able to use radius based chat with factions. The author of that plugin said factions was canceling chat after it processed it so it never got to his plugin.
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    I have in my conf settings:
    Yet, i'm still able to teleport with /f home from Nether and Aether.... thoughts?
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    You forgot to add a dash before the permission node

    should look like this

    - 'factions.participate'
    - 'factions.create'
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    Sorry, maybe I missed this, but have you added the option to treat faction homes as just a simple spawn point and disable the teleportation stuff yet?
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    That 'f' is a stray broken color tag. Play around with the "chatTagInsertIndex" option in conf.json, or try using "chatTagReplaceString", "chatTagInsertAfterString", or "chatTagInsertBeforeString" instead.

    No option needed, one of the factions simply has to have declared the other as an enemy. Otherwise, for neutral players to be able to attack someone in their own land? No, that's not currently possible.

    If you have 6/10 power and 6 land already claimed, you're at the limit of what you can claim. You need to wait for your power to regenerate in order to claim more land. Read the first couple of posts in this thread.

    "chatTagEnabled" in conf.json.

    I'll add it to the softdepend list in plugin.yml for the next release. You can do that yourself on the current release if you know how.
    The author of that plugin could in turn use the Faction chat integration hooks if they have time for it. Alternately, EssentialsChat has a local chat feature and it's currently partially supported and will have full Factions chat integration in their next major release.

    I tested it before releasing it and it worked fine (prevented me from using /f home from Nether to normal world), but I'll test it again when I have time.

    Yes. Leave it enabled, then set "homesTeleportCommandEnabled" to false.

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