[SEC/FUN] Factions 2.0.0 - Guilds, War and user-controlled antigrief [BukkitDev]

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by MassiveCraft, May 29, 2011.

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    Mosh Mage

    "warZoneDenyBuild": true, - keep regular users from building/destroying blocks in warzones?
    "warZoneDenyUseage": true, - keep regular users from using items in the territoryDenyUseageMaterials list (normally all buckets and flint&steel) in warzones?

    will this allow me to 'build' sing-posts in the walls? (if the player is nt admin)

    EDIT: well, i read what you wrote again, read what i wrote again. Sense? i made none.
    ofcourse i cant build signs. all options have "deny" word on it xD

    asking: could you add a "allowTheseBlocksOnWarZones" ?
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    Quick question, on the /f home delay what does it count as enemies. Creatures / other players or creatures / enemy factions.

    Great update and am looking forward to updating my server next scheduled reset.
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    Signs are covered by warZoneDenyBuild. If that option is set to true (which it is by default), only people with factions.manageWarZone permission will be able to do so.

    Only members of enemy factions are considered for the /f home prevention, and of course only as long as you're not in a safe zone or your own faction's territory.
    EDIT: I should note that I haven't had a chance to test out that particular functionality, though the code should be sound; let me know if it's not working correctly.
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    Mosh Mage

    soo, manageWarZone only allows build? I'm a little lost here.

    Let me see if i got this right:

    i warzoneDenyBuild everything except signs; then i give .manageWarZone to all builders so they can place signs in warzones? if this is right, will they be able to destroy?
    [they = builders. non-admins. with factions.manageWarZone permission]

    explaining what i am intending to do: a place where everyone can use it as a market place to store [trade] signs. they cannot build anything else, but that. they cannot destroy anything else bur their own [hopefully Essentials deals with that]
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    No, factions.manageWarZone permission covers everything related to War Zones. There's currently no way to single out signs as acceptable to build in a War Zone.
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    What, so people may only PvP inside WarZones? If that's true I'm sorry to say but that's a horrible idea...unless you have another way to claim the entire world, except the claimed faction lands.
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    Unless i'm mistaken I thought warzones was simply going to be a place you can fight without fear of losing power then someone going to claim all your stuff.
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    Wha... huh? Am I really doing this poorly at conveying information? PvP is not limited strictly to War Zones. :confused:

    EDIT: let me know how you got that idea, and if it's something I can clarify in one of my posts I'll do so to keep from potentially confusing others in the same way.
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    There are now War Zones; these work similar to Safe Zones, except PvP is enabled and monsters are not blocked (Brettflan)

    To me it sounds like you're saying it's only in war zones.
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    Is it possible to add taxes?
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    OK, thanks. Is this better ("is enabled"->"isn't disabled")?

    It's an interesting idea, but it would take a fair little bit of work and it's not something I'd personally have a use for. So, probably not something I'll ever get to adding. Sorry.
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    Thanks, I'll have to look into this, I want this on my server, whenever 1.6 is out!
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    Well actually I'm still kinda confused, sorry if I'm not getting the point.

    People are able to still PvP out of WarZones? Or only IN WarZones?
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    @Brettflan may I ask what warzone is? I've been trying to find a wiki/website for a lot more detailed information, but i can't find any.

    Just love more information that's all
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    Thats towny plugin.
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    Mosh Mage

    Would that be a future possibility? Because i'm pretty sure that there's no plugin like that, amazing as that is.
    (i might learn java for the sake of that feature! :cool:)

    OKOK. So. This is easy people. WarZones are Spots claimed by the admin where people can fight without the fear of losing faction power. You can still fight in the willderness, and you can still fight in enemy territory; The main difference is: in one zone (safe) you cannot PVP or PVM and in another (war) you can PVP and PVM at will, without the fear of destroying things :) (is this right, Brettflan?)

    There are now WarZones, these work exactly like a SafeZone, But you can PVP inside it.
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    Heya, sorry if it's been answered before - I have been looking around the forums/internet for a while now.

    I use essentialschat to make the chat look like: [groupname] username: message. With Faction, it puts the horrible (we think so) < and >.

    I would like to have it put the faction tags as it would look epic. But I would like it to be [groupname] tag username: message if that's at all possible.

    Thank you :)
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    If that's the case, I understand now and that description made a lot of sense to me. I get the point of warzones now; hopefully what this description is true?
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    Happy to see this out there. Warzones will help a lot!
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    You should list people who have donated, also Zenexer made some code contributions a long time ago to keep the plugin working, I think back in minecraft 1.4 release.
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    Can you make a way for players to not lose power in warzones. So the war plugin will work perfectly inside of them. Also possibly allow the blocks inside of the warzones to be destroyed to work with spleef?
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    Hey, I was wondering if you could possibly include the option to turn off protected faction owned lands. There are people who find ways to be entirely self sufficient, and hole themselves up within their land. This makes it entirely impossible to challenge them, as even something as simple as a wooden fence can block intruders.

    I understand this is also "user controlled antigrief", but it kinda kills the whole "faction war" idea when faction lands can be made completely and totally inaccessible by enemies through such simple and basic means.
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    Got a few more question's now that i've been playing around with it:

    1. Anyone can create factions and claim zones. And anyone can war out on any other factions right? (A way so not everyone single user can make factions.
    2. You could set 2-4 factions by admins only, make users join and pvp like that?

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    I tested the /f home when near an enemy faction members and it works and tells the playing try to use it that they cant within X amount of blocks.

    Also tried the warzone losing power and not losing power and it works like a charm.

    So with that both the features work and gives no console error or anything like that.
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    I still need to copy over, update, and expand most of the info available from the mcteam.org site so it's here in the first two posts. That would include a more detailed explanation of safe zones and war zones. That's on my to-do list.

    One that prevents everything from being built except for a short list of specific things (signs, in your case)? Eh, maybe.

    Basically, yes, though the "without fear of losing faction power" is optional and not switched over by default, so unless you change warZonePowerLoss to false, people will still lose power from dying in war zones.
    The main reason I added war zones was due to people wanting an alternate or addition to safe zones which had different properties (depending on who was asking). I'm open to adding more optional attributes for war zones if others come up with good ideas for them.

    I have no idea who's donated to Olof for the plugin in the past, and you're the only one who's given a donation to me for it. But sure, that's not a bad idea. :)
    I'll also add Zenexer to the contributor list.

    Change the warZonePowerLoss option to false in conf.json, but backup the file first since mistakes in the file which result in it not being formatted properly can result in it being overwritten.
    The warZoneDenyBuild option covers whether players are allowed to build and destroy blocks in war zones, though I'm not sure if that's what you're after. I don't know what spleef is.

    Have someone with the factions.worldOptions permission use the command /f worldnoclaim in each of your worlds. Presto bingo shazam. That will prevent any faction claims, but allow safe zones and war zones to be placed by those who have the appropriate permissions.

    Anyone with the appropriate Permissions can create factions. See the first post. You can set it up so only those you want can create new factions.

    Cool, thanks for testing that out.
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    I see that everyone is really helpful here, but ya forgot about me. I'd really like to understand how to do this so I can get stuck into this mod as it sounds fantastic.
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    I had nothing particularly useful to tell you, so I didn't. However, so you don't feel left out:

    One problem is that both plugins set the same priority for chat formatting, so you never know which will be the first to try to format it. The results are different, depending. The results are also different based on settings and the provided formatting strings in both plugins. Also, neither plugin particularly plays nice with others in regards to how they change the chat output.
    It's a bit of a mess, and it would be nice to have someone come up with a better method, but I don't really have time for it or the desire to try to come up with a better solution.

    Factions doesn't "add" any brackets AFAIK, that's the default chat layout. As above, you get different results depending on the plugin load order (which can't be predicted or chosen currently in Bukkit, barring some extra code in one plugin to look for and try loading another first if it exists).

    This probably is not useful in your case, but you might try playing around with the "chatTagInsertIndex" option in the conf.json file.
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    Okay thanks for your reply :). I suppose what I can do is just create a simple, inheritance only permissions group per faction or something. Until it's possible.


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