[SEC/FIX/MECH] Locker v1.6.0 - Lock your blocks [1.3.2-R1.0]

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    Locker - Lock your blocks
    Version: 1.6.0 - Download
    Source: Github

    Tired of getting your stuff snatched by other players?
    Tired of hiding your chests to prevent that?
    Then this plugin if for you.
    There is simply no way to view a locked chest if it is locked (If the player isnt allowed to).
    The player isnt even able to place a chest beside a locked chest (If the player isnt owner) to make it a doublechest.
    If a player unlocks a block with a password, it will be unlocked for that player until he logs out.

    Locker is exremely fail-proof. If you locked a block it will be safe. No exceptions.
    It keeps track of every locked block, making it impossible to have an invalid locked block in the database.
    If you suspect that any blocks are invalid, against all odds, there is "/locker validate".
    A player cannot destroy the block under a door if he/she doesnt own the door.
    A player cannot place a chest beside a locked chest if he/she doesnt own the chest.
    An explosion cannot destroy a locked block.
    A block is unlocked if it gets destroyed by its owner.
    A chest is locked if its placed beside another locked chest that the player owns.
    A door cannot be opened by redstone and a dispenser cannot be dispensed by redstone(if its not the owner placing it).
    A door cannot be locked on gravel or sand.

    Remember that a door and a doublechest count as two blocks!


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    Sure. :)
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    Great! :D
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    EDIT *Deleted*

    Sorry, I realized that you already acknowledged the infinite password-protection glitch in an earlier post. My bad.
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    I still want cakes to b able to be locked, and of course TRAP DOORS :D :p
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    Will you be updating this to incorporate trap doors? People keep stealing from my mine so I changed it to a normal door for now but I don't want to keep it there because it looks stupid. Please do update it, some of my friends are quite untrustworthy and without this plugin none of us would have any money or items (other than those stealing of course). With that aside I would just like to say thank you for this amazing plugin, beats lockette any day of the week.
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    Nice plugin! but cant you make so you can lock every block?
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    PLEASEEEEE.....make this compatible for signs and more blocks
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    We could need more blocks and also can u not use MySQL with this? I haven't been able to figure out any way to do it.
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    I have problems with the plugin, did it works on Beta 1.6.6 ?
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    I need more info than that.

    Yeah, Im adding a config file for new blocks.
    No MySQL, maybe in the future but SQLite is better for this kind of stuff. Besides, its built into craftbukkit. :)
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    Yea because it's built into craftbukkit i can't use DataLog. No worries though, he'll stop using bukkit persistence [or w/e] in the next update. Anyway are we going to have cuboid/area logging yet? [ex. i want to lock a wall of glowstone]
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    the plugin does not work on my server :(
    I put the file Locker.jar in the folder plugin
    I put all the permissions in the admin group
    I turn on the server and not working
    or the command / lock works
    it seems that this is not turned on the plugin.
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    I see what you did there.
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    Error messages, CB build.
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    Hi there,
    firstly I'm wondering, is there a download link for [860]?
    As in your first post, right at the top it has a download link. But next to it, it says 1.5

    Secondly, I do run this on my server at the moment, but I have came across a problem, and just wondered if it was due to me running the 1.5 build of this plugin on an [860] CB build server.

    The problem is simple really. When a player has 2 doors to his house (or whatever it is) and locks them both, nobody can open them (except me and anyone else he listed). But if they place a redstone torch right infront of the double doors... they will both open, and almost instantly the torch will be removed and the left door will close again. However the right door will stay open. Thus allowing anybody to walk freely in and out. If they try to close the door, it won't work... It says "This door is locked".

    I'm just wondering if this is a known bug, or if its fixed with a [860] build.

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    1.5.1 works with CB 860.
    It sais 1.5.1, not 1.5. xD

    It is a bug in bukkit, its probably fixed in a later build of it. I think I saw that somewhere in the changelog. :)
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    I couldn't remember if it was 1.5.1 or something else... so I just put 1.5 :)

    And okay-doke, that's fine. Muchas gracias
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    I'm admin(OP) on my server, but I can't destroy blocks/passthrough doors/open chest etc. which blocked by my players! :mad:
    How can I fix that?
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    Add 'locker.unlock.other' to your permissions. :)
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    But I have '*' permission, which allow everything :(
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    Hmm, thats wierd. Did you reload after adding the node?
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    Oh, no! I guess, that not because of your plugin. I'm sorry...
    "[Warning!] You din't place that block!"
    Anyway, isn't this message from your plugin?
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    Thats not from Locker.
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    does it work for 935?
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    how does this thing work? and how do you set a password..
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    i got a problem, people can open anything i lock...
    Help Please.
    CB: 953
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    Should support all blocks
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    Wondering if this plug-in is still being developed?

    If not, is there any other (better?) plug-in?

    If yes, I'd like to see 'floor grate' added to the lockable items list.

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    @vildaberper is this plugin still being developed? Is there a way to convert an LWC database to locker?

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