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    Reporting Errors the follow things have to be mentioned:
    • CB Version and AXR version
    • Whether you started the AXR version with a fresh ore file or not (doing /axr off before upgrade)
    • If not, since what version you've been using the same ore file.
    • If you get any errors in console, check the debug.log for "Error"s and "Warning"s. and post those.

    Upcoming features for 0.7:
    - AXR Chest chest hiding feature developed by MrSelfDestrukt
    - New advanced visibility test (almost done, only need to test it now and decide whether its going to replace or be an alternative to the original light based test) Details here and here


    AntiXRay hides ores from players by turning them into stone until they have been exposed, thus making it impossible for any client side hacks to detect them, as their location is not sent to the client.

    Backup your world(s) I cannot guarantee that ore doesn't disappear from them due to this plugin. Even if you did not backup, there is a foolproof solution here. If you decide to uninstall, type /axr off, and not delete the ore data file before your ore is restored unless your intention is to strip your worlds from ore.

    If you upgrade from 0.5.21 it is recommended that you do /axr off first flush out errors from the ore file. If you do not have enough RAM, you can do this in steps using 0.6.9 but you need to set lenient=true in the config file to allow the file to be loaded
    NSCommand <-- Required
    Source and old versions

    - Specify what ores to hide(works with non ore blocks too as long as they don't use data values or extra data such as chests and signs (use some chest locking plugin for keeping your chests from xrayers)
    - Multi world support
    - Permissions support
    - Stores ore data in binary files (one per world) and only keeps data about loaded chunks in physical memory. It is on average 400 bytes per chunk in and guesstimatedly around 450 in physical memory, so it is reasonably small, but some people might play on huge worlds and want to conserve memory.
    - Saves data about chunks immediately on any changes (they are assumed to be by far sufficciently rare that any performance is won by buffering is neglible. As such it also prevents potential ore duplication on server crashes)
    - chunk and world statistics
    - ingame map of loaded chunks
    - background processes that does not freeze the server
    - dump ore statistics into file and compare them to see the changes in ore content.
    - lots of configuration options

    Ores will become visible under any of these circumstances:
    - A surrounding block is lit by torch and player is within the chunk or adjacent chunk and within 16 blocks to player on Y axis.
    - A surrounding block is lit by a third block broken falling or removed by explosion and player is within the chunk or adjacent chunk and within 16 blocks to player on Y axis (occurs once every 2 seconds, but configurable).
    - A surrounding block is broken or falls or removed by explosion
    - A surrounding block is changed by another plugin (can be cpu intensive if you worldedit a big area for instance - might do a workaround for this)

    Current Limitations:
    - Ores at light level above pitch black on chunk generation will not be hidden e.g. near lava or surface cave entrances.
    - Ores will not be found exploring caves in pitch black (who does that anyway?) These two limitations was to allow a light based visibility test that relies on a test already built into the server, thus avoiding extra performance overhead as well as headache of coding it myself. Despite these limitations, AntiXRay should make it far beyond pointless to search for ores using XRay or transparent textures.
    - Gravel and sand dropping on chunk generation may expose ore. This is assumed to be rare enough to have neglible effect.
    - The data file will not repack itself. The ratio between generated ore and mined ore is assumed to be very high, and the file size is considerably small but nonetheless, should you want to "repack" it, just turn axr off and on and the new file will be smaller excluding the gaps between chunk entries. But again, do some basic math and count the amount of ore blocks mined in total, multiply that by 2 bytes. After a month of mining 10000 ore blocks, you shaved 20k off that 3M file.
    - If you place a torch there is a tiny delay as seen in the video due to client side prediction and lag between the time the info of the ore to get back to the client from the server. This can seem unnatural so I might make a better vision test later that doesn't rely on light. However it would be more expensive in terms of cpu cycles.
    - If you have a slow server or a lot of players, you might want to remove coal from the config list. It speeds it up at least 200%. There are some optimizations I can do that I might add later that will speed up things further.


    /axr on - hides all unlit ore
    /axr off - reveals all hidden ore (and deletes the data file!)
    /axr on <world> - hides all unlit ore in specified world
    /axr off <world> - restores ore in specified world
    /axr worlds - world statistics
    /axr chunk - chunk statistics at chunk player is on
    /axr chunk <x> <z> - chunk statistics at specified chunk
    /axr map -shows map of loaded chunks in current world
    /axr map <world> -shows map of loaded chunks in specific world
    /axr map <zoom>
    /axr map <world> <zoom>
    /axr map <x> <z>
    /axr map <world> <x> <z>
    /axr map <zoom> <x> <z>
    /axr map <world> <zoom> <x> <z>
    /axr show
    /axr show <world>
    /axr hide
    /axr hide <world>
    /axr dump <world> <file>
    /axr diff <filein1> <filein2> <fileout>
    /axr gen <world> <x1> <z1> <x2> <z2> command for generating a rectangular area of chunks
    /axr gen copy <world1> <world2> command for generating all the chunks in world2 that are registered in world1
    /axr pack <world> - removes dead space in ore file (not that there is much from just mining but the axr chest will create significant amount of dead space.
    Auto-backup, that will backup your ore file on startup
    /axr backup <world> - backs up the ore file of the world if and only if the file passes the corruption test
    /axr test <world> - test the ore file and memory for errors for a specific world
    /axr test - test the ore file and memory for errors for all worlds
    /axr mirrorworld <world1> <world2> - creates a world world2 with the same seed as world1.
    These functions are not recommended for use unless you know what you're doing: (they can be destructive of tile entites)
    /axr chunk regen - regenerate chunk (to as it was when world was initially generated)
    /axr chunk regen <x> <z> - same but for specified chunk
    /axr chunk regen <x1> <z1> <x2> <z2> - same but for axis aligned rectangular area
    /axr chunk regen ore - only regenerate ores in chunk at player position
    /axr chunk regen ore <x> <z> - same but for specified chunk
    /axr chunk regen ore <x1> <z1> <x2> <z2> - same but for axis aligned rectangular area

    Note about regeneration: ores, trees, flowers and mushrooms are random each time and not tied to world seed (bukkit/mc issue)



    timerms - the time between light check by broken third block in milliseconds.
    maxdep - buffer size for number of ores that can occur in a chunk - don't change unless you have another plugin that adds tons of ore.
    maxheight - is the number of Y-levels in your map.
    ChunkFileBuffer - sets how much is buffered for new chunks to be stored until the index is rewritten (at the end of the file.)
    Materials - what ores you want to hide. (has to have same number of elements as maxys)
    maxys - the first Y level from bottom they cannot occur at. (has to have same number of elements as Materials)
    worlds - what worlds are loaded at startup (comma separated)
    autostart=all (normal) worlds are loaded at startup (unless CFGworlds is set)
    nounload = keeps all ore data in physical memory
    debug - turning on writes to a debug file keeping track of important info that may be needed to solve bugs or figure out why lag occurs
    fileindexdebug - turning on debug file needed as a quick check of the consistency of your ore file
    mapcol - the chatcode colour of each type of block in ascending order, shown in /axr map
    mapwidth - the width of the map shown in /axr map
    mapheight - the height of the map shown in /axr map
    schedulerload - 0-100 percentage of time going to execute any background process.
    schedulerstatustimer - time in millisecs between each status report of a background process
    filterorenotinstone - filters ore upon exposition that is not in stone (can be used to restore ore from a backupped ore file or ore file generated from a fresh world with same seed)
    autorepack - pack ore files automatically at startup - on by default
    autobackup - backup ore files automatically at startup(requires autorepack) - on by default
    maxfaces - specify max amount of exposed faces per chunk before error occurs
    lenient - ignore lindex errors when loading file (useful if you have them from before and want to filter them out)
    All CMD_... options are for redefining the commands so you can type something else.

    • Fixed Array index out of bounds in listindex accessing materials that has not been loaded yet.
    • Added /axr mirrorworld <world> <mirrorworld> command
    • Fixed NPE when trying to expose ores in world hole.
    • checking whether wrong file exist during repack.
    • fixed NPEs in some commands that can occur if you use it and the world is off.
    • fixed open file pointers during repack.
    • fixed NPE during repack when load fails.
    • fixed NPE when running test on all worlds and not all worlds are on
    • added various memory checks and chunk data entry overwrite checks
    • fixed NPE when trying to flush the debug file when debug file is turned off.
    • added lenient config option to ignore lindex errors when loading file (useful if you have them from before and want to filter them out)
    • added more information on error when loading from file
    • added config option maxfaces to specify max amount of exposed faces per chunk before error occurs
    • /axr off now gradually unregisters chunks - as a workaround to what appears to be a problem with chunks not getting fully removed from memory despite trying both unloadchunk calls through bukkit. This allows one to shut down the server and continue restoration after a restart if one does not have enough RAM
    • /axr pack <world> - removes dead space in ore file (not that there is much from just mining but the axr chest will create significant amount of dead space.
    • /axr backup <world> - backs up the ore file of the world if and only if the file passes the corruption test, also packs the new file.
    • /axr test <world> - test the ore file and memory for errors for a specific world
    • /axr test - test the ore file and memory for errors for all worlds
    • autorepack config option - pack ore files automatically at startup (if and only if the file passes the corruption test) - on by default
    • autobackup config option - backup ore files automatically at startup(if and only if the file passes the corruption test, and also requires autorepack) - on by default
    • new .ore extension for ore files (rename your old files)
    • removed glowing redstone ore from default ore list (never occurs naturally anyway)
    • fixed faulty scanning issue
    • fixed hopefully last exposed ore face index error
    • fixed false positive in memory check
    • debug.log flushed when error occurs (it is otherwise flushed once in a period of time)
    • more details in debug log when error occurs
    • removed lindex spam in debug log until lindex error occurs
    • Fixed /axr gen not triggering scan anymore
    • Fixed /axr gen not unloading chunks
    • Fixed (workaround) huge memory leak during /axr off /axr show /axr hide and /axr gen caused by bukkit's unloadchunk function
    • Additional file corruption checks that will make noise as soon as something goes wrong
    • Fixed another potential index derangement bug.
    • Fixed array out of bounds exception during previous fix
    • Fixed a couple of bugs offsetting exposed ore face indicies when mining adjacent block potentially causing array out of bounds exceptions at a later stage and the revealing of wrong ores when exposed to light.
    • Added debug logging of exposed ore face indices when found, as well as fault intolerant check that will warn you about any corruption of the indices after the event.
    • fixed half of ore not being hidden when a chunk is generated on load.
    • removed various unnecessary details to be logged in debug.log
    • fixed bug restoring ore, hiding and showing in wrong world
    • revert hack to set block material of a chunk to physical updates due to lacking javadocs to figure out what function to call
    • Switched to non physics updating block material setting hack
    • Updated to #733
    • Added detailed debug logging of background processes.
    • removed logging of filepointer
    • fixed failed scan after /axr gen unloading chunks that were originally not loaded, consequently also /axr gen causing server to freeze and timeouts on clients.
    • fixed /axr gen not unloading chunks that were originally not loaded
    • /axr gen and /axr gen copy now actually usable
    • ore in stone filter now also applies to /axr off and /axr show (not just when it is found by light detection)
    • added /axr gen command for generating a rectangular area of chunks
    • added /axr gen copy command for generating all chunks that are registered in another world
    • Configuration option CFGfilterorenotinstone implemented, that allows filtering of ores not in stone (can be useful in recovering lost ore from a world with the same seed)
    • fixed ore regen not working when axr is off in that world
    • removed physics lock spam
    • fixed more concurrency errors during background processes (hopefully for the last time)
    • fixed more concurrency errors during background processes
    • fixed concurrency errors during background processes
    • fixed debug off in config file causing unable to start (again! although different place now)
    • ore stats dump - listing all chunks ore counts into a text file
    • ore stats diff - showing difference between two ore stats dump files (these two tools are useful if you are worried that your ores might disappear)
    • show command - reveals the ore but does not unregister them or delete the file
    • hide command - hides again ore that was revealed with show.
    • show, hide and ore stat dump are background processes that does not freeze the server.
    • axr off is now a background process
    • load percentage of background processes can be configured
    • specify map zoom and center
    • Fixed file index debug listing not showing
    • file index debug listing can be turned off in config.txt (fileindexdebug)
    • area regeneration functions now tolerate any two coorner in rectangle in any order.
    • fixed debug off in config file causing unable to start
    • added axr map command for showing map of loaded chunks
    • fixed light expose unmapped material (probably why you got grass/smooth stones)
    • fixed light expose restored block being block at exposed face
    • fixed light expose no chunk location offset (why you got it at spawn)
    • fixed exposed face location wrong axis (probably floating blocks)
    • removed unnecessary cacheing of chunks at startup by not using chunks as keys for file index(probably solve memory problems for large worlds)
    • bypassing unnecessary cacheing of blocks using minecraft hackery.
    • revised scan algorithm, bypassing bukkit wrapcode resulting in at 5-10 times faster scanning.
    • fixed queries on unloaded sidechunks during scan resulting in loading and even generation of chunks that on top of it due to eventlock get ignored by onChunkLoad, thus leaving chunks of unhidden ore.
    • fixed light expose filling 0s after removed index
    • probably more bug fixes, can't remember them all
    • world statistics: type axr world - shows also what worlds are on/off
    • chunk statistics when axr is off no longer causes world to be registered without any chunks being loaded
    • axr on doesn't show NaN when there is nothing to hide
    • proper colouring
    • empty chunks are no longer ignored.
    • Fixed potential ore type shift bug
    • Moved listindex before file is loaded so debug info can be displayed even if it crashes while loading.
    • added rectangular area regen functions
    • Fixed silly nullpointer exceptions
    • Specify what worlds to turn on and off
    • Specify what worlds to load at startup
    • option to keep all ore data in memory
    • chunk statistics (useful for checking that your ore doesn't disappear or duplicate)
    • chunk regenertaion (restore a chunk to state at world generation)
    • chunk ore regenertaion (restore only ore)
    • Fixed some other bugs related to exposed-face-to-ore index
    • Index debug file working again (it was still expecting 0.1.5 files)
    • Added potential ore file corruption warnings to debug file output
    • Fixed bug locating exposed-face-to-ore index elements having no array bounds check.
    • Fixed bug exposed-face-to-ore index elements not being removed
    • Fixed bug exposed-face-to-ore index not being updated when ores are recovered and removed from hidden ore list (new bug in 0.2)
    • Fixed bug at y levels above 128-16 looking for ores above the map
    • Uses NSCommand now (it did right from the start but its now a separate plugin)
    • auto-creation of config files
    • defaults to ops only when permissions is not present
    • Light detection optimization based on a separate list of faces exposed to nonsolid materials (this might not work with all materials yet such as stairs and singlesteps, but its not like the world generator puts them in the caves anyway) resulting in at least 10 times faster execution of light checks. This should reduce all lag that's not due to scanning new chunks for ore.
    • Once again more detailed debug log
    • Fixed bug in ore restoring function causing large veins of ore to be generated out of nothing
    • More detailed debug log
    • Removed file corruption check that's hogging up some cpu cycles during file load and write events (the latter occured during scan event) - so this should speed up scan events.
    • pseudo error "load error 1" moved to debug log.
    • Added 1 tick delay of scan in onload event since it appears bukkit fires it before the chunk is populated with ore. This fixed the bug of ore appearing if you teleport or walk far away from initially scanned chunks.
    • removed physics event logging since it appears to always be neglible.
    • Added message at startup informing you about the waiting time of scanning all loaded chunks may take a while.
    • Fixed bug starting server without plugin data folder causing it unable to write debug file
    • Added more debug file details (when its scanning, loading from file, or just loading from memory when neither is shown)
    • Those who who don't hide coal, should experience faster chunk scanning now
    • Fixed bug due to player location being null for some weird reason
    • Added debug logging of time spent on the main time consuming procedures.
    • Fixed config file not loading properly
    • Removed wtfexception spam
    • Initial Release
    Donate (Not necessary but appreciated)
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    Then its probably due to leftover corruptions from 3.x.
    Which version specifically? Are you using an old ore file or did you do /axr off before running it?

    Have you done /axr off before upgrading to 0.4.x? That type of problem used to be in 0.3, but if it still occurs when starting from fresh in 0.4 then I most likely have a bug to fix.

    I could make it regen all chunk ore in all registered chunks. Unless you have been all over your map using axr, you might generate ore in chunks where there is already ore using NBToolkit (depending on how it works exactly though.)

    you can type /axr chunk to show how many ores there are physically in the chunk you are standing in (in white) and hidden (in green). Also you can type /axr dump file.txt then open the file and see how much ore you have in each chunk in that world.

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    i didnt axr off, i didnt think i needed to. Also how is this for larger maps? I seem to have quite noticable lag on my server, the maps 6000x6000, and we average 25-30 players, 40 in peak time.
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    Send me your debug.log so I can see what's causing it, if its my plugin.
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    This is really amazing, and I think I speak for all the hard working admins out there when I say it's REALLY needed. I've had at least one (and probably at least two others I don't know about) use these mods, and it absolutely ruins our economy to have these punk-ass players doing this. Thank you so much for your efforts, and I really hope I can slide this onto my server after the 1.5 update (assuming it will be updated!)
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    Thanks for this prompt response. I have a few area where it's only surface ore, but after bribing my users to search for ore(and putting a hit on the guy who uses xray hacks/textures) several people found ore. So I just had terrible luck(or just an area was foobar'd. Will be a lot more careful when I reactivate this.
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    can you help me restore the ores? i remeber downloading a older verison than i couldnt axr off so i upgraded and now it gets half way like 25000/50000 chunks and it makes everyone timed out and never completes
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    You can use the ore dump command to see that your ore is actually there. If you worry about ore disappearing, you can do this and don't have to keep a long chain of backups, only one backup at a time you have verified that the ore is there.

    It can be problematic. If axr off doesn't restore them or creates floating ones then its probably because your ore file was corrupted back then. If so then you cannot restore it but you can regen it. My ore regen function is not very good, and can bust open the contents of your chests and stuff (I haven't tested yet but this is very likely going to be the case) and erase signs, drop torches and such. But RazMaTaz suggseted a tool NBToolkit that you could try. Or you could try experimenting with my function and see how well it deals with chests and torches and stuff. Anything that has additional data.

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    is there any way i can fix this? i tried NBToolkit and it sucks it is too confusing and it doesnt really regen the ores, and if i lose the chests other people would be angry, we have like 20 people on, on avg and 60 peak times, so you see what my problem is, i cant just do this and be like woops. is there any way i can like downgrade and do this?
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    NBToolkit allows replacement of blocks, and it will only replace stone when generating ore, so areas that have been mined etc will not regenerate, (its air). The bat file goes through and replaces all ore with stone, and then generates ore based on some rules, and only in stone. I would rather have an original like world(seed).. but I don't see that happening.. :) With just the ore. And not in already mined areas.

    What would be interesting is to regen the entire world (delete the region folder) and then save all the ore, import the ore into the old messed up world, not including areas already mined, open space etc. :)
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    With a server that big, you should have backups. Grab the world from a time before AntiXRay and run a temp server. Recreate the ore file and use that one to replace the server one. It may not be 100% but better than nothing.
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    No it does not really regen the ore in the terms of how regen works, but it does populate the world with ore.

    Here is a direct copy of my bat file, I copied it from the forum and made one change after my first test run because it put redstone ore above its limits according to wiki.

    Show Spoiler
    nbtoolkit replace -w C:\MC-670\MysticForest -b 16 -a 1 -v
    nbtoolkit replace -w C:\MC-670\MysticForest -b 15 -a 1 -v
    nbtoolkit replace -w C:\MC-670\MysticForest -b 14 -a 1 -v
    nbtoolkit replace -w C:\MC-670\MysticForest -b 73 -a 1 -v
    nbtoolkit replace -w C:\MC-670\MysticForest -b 21 -a 1 -v
    nbtoolkit replace -w C:\MC-670\MysticForest -b 56 -a 1 -v
    nbtoolkit oregen -w C:\MC-670\MysticForest -b 16 -v
    nbtoolkit oregen -w C:\MC-670\MysticForest -b 15 -v
    nbtoolkit oregen -w C:\MC-670\MysticForest -b 14 -v
    nbtoolkit oregen -w C:\MC-670\MysticForest -b 73 -v --max 15
    nbtoolkit oregen -w C:\MC-670\MysticForest -b 21 -v
    nbtoolkit oregen -w C:\MC-670\MysticForest -b 56 -v

    I used the version from the forum.

    Look at your map with mine x-ray and i think it should be sufficient. Not original positions of ore but not sure if that really matters.

    I see that NBTookkit can dump block data, be interesting if something would import it...

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    Alright, ill get that to you tonight, (away travelling right now)
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    That's a brilliant idea. Bukkit doesn't do it, but you can use the same seed to create the world on vanilla putting the seed in Then I can code a little snippet that recovers all the ore exactly as it was, except with a filter that only puts in ore where there is stone. Only question though is how you get the seed...

    Edit: nvm, I think I get what you are saying here.. You delete the region folder and it will generate the same world. So basically, we just copy the world folder, then delete the region folder from one of them. Then import both worlds, then for each chunk in the original world, generate the corresponding chunk in the second world, then copy ore with filter. Piece of cake.

    This is another brilliant solution. Even if you have no backups, make a copy of the world. Delete the region folder from the copy, start with it using latest AntiXRay then have it generate all the chunks (perhaps by tping around with worldedit's compass) Then you have an ore file with all the ores in the right places that you can use for the original copy to regen your ore, although its still going to place floating ore blocks where they have been mined, but I could make a simple filter for that.

    Edit: Filter now available in 0.5.7

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    Only bad thing about regenerating the world when deleting the region folder, is you have to walk around to get the rest of the chunks to regenerate, and thats kinda tough, wish there was a command to export a chunk list, and then regenerate based on that chunk list. Not everyones map is like a map, I've seen plenty of them that look all spiny and such. To reproduce that would be a nightmare unless some export/import/regen could be achieved.
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    Yes, that's true. I could add a command to generate all chunks in a world, that's registered by axr in another, so if you have the index intact (you can check world.index.txt) then it can be done.
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    whats the command?
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    Without actually installing and testing this, I'm guessing that after first run and generation of the config file there will be an option called CFGfilterorenotinstone=true ??? again, I'm guessing. And that maybe either /axr off or /axr chunk regen ore will only affect where stone is. As mentioned if trying to recover ore by regenerating the world chunks(deleted region folder, and walking the lands) then getting the ore file, and transferring it to the current world.

    Edit: Not sure where the world index file comes in, I thought the ore was stored in the binary file.

    I really hope I'm helping. !:)
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    There is no command, its a config option, and its on by default, so it will automatically filter hidden ore that's not in stone.
    Not exactly, but it filters out ore when it is found - it just gets removed from the list like normal but it does not change the air of whatever or ore, oly stone. The debug log file will also report such occurrences with a warning, as it is not suppose to happen normally.
    Yes, it is stored in the binary file, but the index file shows the index of the binary file, as well as the ore counts which are refered to from the index in various locations of the file. If the index is intact, the ore counts should be reasonable (not big numbers >1000 or negative numbers) The index lists all registered chunks, so all chunks that axr has scanned and modified are listed there. If it is intact, then I could make the walking around the map to generate the chunks step superfluous.
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    Does this index only get written at server shutdown? I don't remember seeing one on first run. What would happen if server crashed and it was never written..?
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    It is currently only written at startup/reload. It was perhaps not the best place, as in some cases people have uploaded empty index files as a result, but it is my own fault for not asking them to do a reload before doing it, or implementing a command or have it done some other way automatically. Not sure what would be best. I don't want to have the file written all the time.
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    Hmm is there any way to load all the chunks in a certian radius to catch all the ores? I used a script to generate a 4000x4000 world and walking the entire map to catch all the ores would be a pain.
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    how do i restore??? i tried everything notting works.... axr crashes my server(axr off and the restore one), nbtoolkit doesnt work and takes way too long is there any way i can do this manually?
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    Instructions for restoring ore without backups:
    1. Create a world, lets call it w2 with the same seed as the world you want to restore ore, we can call it w1 using the command /axr mirrorworld w1 w2
    2. If your the index in your ore file is still intact you run /axr gen copy w1 w2. Otherwise you need to use a map utility that shows all chunks in w1 so you can figure out what rectangular area(s) to generate and then type /axr gen w2 x1 z1 x2 z2 for the area(s) where x1,z1 and x2,z2 are two diametric corners in a rectangular area.
    3. Type /axr on w2 and repeat previous step.
    4. Shut down the server
    5. replace the ore file w1 with w2 (you might want to make a backup of w1 just in case) They are located in AntiXRay folder in your plugins folder.
    6. Delete w2
    7. do: /axr off w1 to filter out ore thats already been digged out. Then you can turn it back on with /axr on w1

    Edit: A big thanks to RazMaTaz for coming up with this idea, testing the method and help shaping it in detail.

    Edit: Instructions changed since I added a command, to make it easier. The old instructions were:

    1. Copy the world you want to restore ore in, lets call it w1 , to a new folder w2
    2. Delete the region folder in w2
    3. Start the server
    4. Import w2 using whatever multi-world plugin you have that can do it
    5. If your the index in your ore file is still intact you run /axr gen copy w1 w2. Otherwise you need to use a map utility that shows all chunks in w1 so you can figure out what rectangular area(s) to generate and then type /axr gen w2 x1 z1 x2 z2 for the area(s) where x1,z1 and x2,z2 are two diametric corners in a rectangular area.
    6. Type /axr on w2 and repeat step 5
    7. Shut down the server
    8. replace the ore file w1 with w2 (you might want to make a backup of w1 just in case) They are located in AntiXRay folder in your plugins folder.
    9. Delete w2 (after removing/unregister it with the multi-world plugin so it doesn't get created again, if your multi-world plugin does that at startup)
    10. do: /axr off w1 to filter out ore thats already been digged out. Then you can turn it back on with /axr on w1
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    Mind posting a link to your script.

    Would be interesting if it was possible to export a current chunk list and only generate those chunks. And then do as asdaarg suggested.

    I don't have a multi-world plugin myself, but I could just rename some world folders and copy the level.dat to the new folder etc.
  26. Offline


    You can now do
    /axr gen world -125 -125 125 125
  27. Offline


    Sweet. Going to look into that. When restoring how is ore that's possibly going to a non existent chunk handled?
  28. Offline


    That might be a problem. You will probably have to do /axr off once to make it scan those chunks that are loaded. since otherwise it will filter due to existing ore not being stone, and then leave that existing ore unscanned. I changed the instructions now to take into account this.
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    It is not reconizing "/axr gen world x z x z" as a command even deleted the config
  30. Offline


    Type the world name after gen.
  31. Offline


    I did :). It doesn't show the command in the config file? So maybe is that why it says unknown command? I am putting "/axr gen PvP 250 250 -250 -250" but it is not recognizing it as any command.

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