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    OwnBlocksX - (OwnBlocks eXtended)
    Version: v0.2.3

    OwnBlocksX is a branch off the original OwnBlocks plugin. OwnBlocksX is intended to add support for many features which may not be suitable for the original plugin. Such features include MySQL support (completed), iConomy 5 support (completed), and group project support (in progress).

    See original plugin thread for more information

    • Blocks you place cannot be broken by others
    • Ability to exclude certain blocks from being protected
    • Support for Permissions AND non-Permissions servers
    • Add (pre-placed) blocks to the database manually
    Notable Changes:

    -MySQL is now required
    -If you are migrating from OwnBlocks, you will need to convert your database unless you are starting fresh. Here is a helpful link
    -Permissions nodes are now OwnBlocksX.* (note the X)
    -toggle command is now /obx or /ownblocksx
    -New configuration file name and path
    -If you are upgrading from the test builds (OwnBlocksMySQL) then you need to rename your database table from OwnBlocks to OwnBlocksX.If you are using MySQL, the command is:
    "RENAME TABLE OwnBlocks TO OwnBlocksX"

    Download OwnBlocksX v0.2.3
    Source Code
    OwnBlocks is released under the WTFPL License.

    Other Notes:
    If you are having problems, you may need to have the MySQL JDBC driver installed

    Config File Options:
    Please note that at any time you may move/rename/delete you config file, and restart your server to produce the example/default config file with these options pre-filled along with descriptions. Also remember that lines preceded by a '#' are comments, and are ignored.

    host - enter the MySQL database host. 'localhost' unless you are running the database on a separate server
    databaseName - name of the MySQL database you will use on the MySQL server
    username - the MySQL user with which OwnBlocksX will authenticate with the MySQL database
    password - password for the MySQL user
    exclude - enter comma separated integers of block-ids you wish to exclude from being protected and entered into the database. An example would be to enter the block-id for saplings, so planted trees do not have a single log at the bottom that is protected when a tree is harvested by another player.
    iConomy - enter an integer greater than '0' (zero) to enable. The number entered becomes the 'Basic Rate' at which players are charged to place protected blocks. Players will not be able to place blocks if they have insufficient funds.
    debug - If you are experiencing errors, and want to post them here to resolve them, or just want to spam your server log with information, set debug equal to 'true'
    status-message - Set this to 'disable' to not receive the message "[Username] - OwnBlocks is now activated for you....". Set this to 'simple' to receive a simple "OwnBlocks activated/deactivated" instead. Lastly, set this to 'disable' to disable messages entirely. Now that I think of it, disabling status-messages seems like a really bad idea......but the choice is yours.
    info-id - Enter the integer representing the ID of the material or tool you would like to use as your "information tool" which will display the Owner of a block you right click with specified tool. Default is 269, which is the wooden shovel.
    add-id - Enter the integer representing the ID of the material or tool you would like to use as your "add tool" which will add the block you left click with the tool to the database. Default is 268, which is the wooden sword.
    enabled-on-login - True means that OwnBlocks is automatically activated for every player as soon as they log in. False means that OwnBlocks must be activated manually by each player when they want to start building protected blocks.

    Permissions Nodes:
    You will need to add these nodes to your Permissions configurations if your server uses Permissions:
    'OwnBlocksX.ignoreOwnership' - Allows player to break blocks placed by others. This node is typically given to admins.
    'OwnBlocksX.use' - Allows a player to even use OwnBlocks. If you want everyone to be able to protect blocks with OwnBlocks, and assuming you have a "normal" Permissions configuration, then add this node to your "default" class.
    '' - Allows a player to use the info-tool to display who owns a protected block.
    'OwnBlocksX.add' - Allows a player to use the add-tool to add blocks to the database for protection.


    • Version 0.2.3 (8-7-2011)
      • Fixed another permissions bug (OwnBlocksX.ignoreOwnership) [Thanks MineJob!]
    • Version 0.2.2 (8-7-2011)
      • Fixed permissions bug (OwnBlocksX.use) [Thanks Worlther!]
    • Version 0.2.1 (8-3-2011)
      • Fixed bug where enable-on-login did not function
    • Version 0.2 (7-15-2011)
      • Implemented MySQL connection timeout workaround [Thanks ghost15!]
      • Moved tracking of enabled/disabled players to MySQL
    • Version 0.1.1 (7-11-2011)
      • Added message when player tries to break block not owned by them
    • Version 0.1 (7-10-2011)
      • Initial release
      • Added MySQL support
      • Added iConomy 5 support
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    dont working with #1337. someone knows some alternate plugin?
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    please update iconomy6
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    will this carry over everything from the original plugin? because that honestly worked just fine for me, but i would like to keep my plugins up to date for smoother running server...

    the original own blocks worked just fine for me on #1337

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    Errors up the wazoo! Explanation please?
    [SEVERE] [OwnBlocksX] Failed to get block.  Probably SQL error
    22:19:22 [SEVERE] java.lang.NullPointerException
    22:19:22 [SEVERE]     at me.cvenomz.OwnBlocks.MysqlDatabase.getBlock(
    22:19:22 [SEVERE]     at me.cvenomz.OwnBlocks.MysqlBlockListener.onBlockBreak(
    22:19:22 [SEVERE]     at$40.execute(
    22:19:22 [SEVERE]     at org.bukkit.plugin.RegisteredListener.callEvent(
    22:19:22 [SEVERE]     at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.callEvent(
    22:19:22 [SEVERE]     at net.minecraft.server.ItemInWorldManager.c(
    22:19:22 [SEVERE]     at net.minecraft.server.ItemInWorldManager.dig(
    22:19:22 [SEVERE]     at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(
    22:19:22 [SEVERE]     at net.minecraft.server.Packet14BlockDig.a(SourceFile:43)
    22:19:22 [SEVERE]     at net.minecraft.server.NetworkManager.b(
    22:19:22 [SEVERE]     at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(
    22:19:22 [SEVERE]     at net.minecraft.server.NetworkListenThread.a(SourceFile:108)
    22:19:22 [SEVERE]     at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h(
    22:19:22 [SEVERE]     at
    22:19:22 [SEVERE]     at
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    Excluding doesnt work? :confused:

    Saplings and Dirt are not exluded from being protectet!
    Although they are registered.

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    As I can fix the lag on my server?

    mysql is operated and performs over 600 queries in 1 seconds causing the lag.

    How do I fix this?

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    Please update this plugin and please make MySQL not required!
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    Check that your MySQL config is right.
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    How do you use it? Or am I missing something?
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    Why does'nt it work? I have multiverse on my server and when i placed a block a non-op could destroy it(in one of the new worlds i created)how do i prevent this?
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    This should be marked as inactive now.
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    Can you pleace edit / add this ..:
    I have OwnBlocksX but I was wondering if anyone could change a little plug.

    - Entering owned blocks of worldedit.
    1. - / Protect [the player who will protect the selection]
    When will protect, I will that you should be able to put things out .. but air can not be owned. Goes great that everyone has up to do this but the way it is possible I would have permissions. Would like like to get AutoProtect when I use worldedit. :)

    - Does not have to turn off the auto protect. (/ OBX / ownblocksx)

    - Groups in OwnBlocksX
    - / Team team [group name]
    - / Team invite [player] - When a player is invited so for his post-game about it.
    - / Team no [group name] - When a new join a group is sent a message to everyone in the group: [player] joined the group.
    - / Team yes [group name]
    - / Team list - Announced they are members of a group can see this also brings up a list of those who are members of the group.
    - / Team - List of commandos and what commandos do.
    Everyone in the group can invite others to the group. I will not have any permissions on any of this, everyone has permission to the commander. When everyone in a group left, the group is deleted. This Waypoint will I need when someone cooperate with creating projects etc so it is much easier to destroy the blocks to each other.

    This may look like a big task, but may we can donate for the excellent work:) All the 3 changes I wanted to not get through successfully, but the more the better!

    You need not add this in the recommed verson, send me download link if you made it!

    In post here-.- I can not post on unrecommed plugins questions ..
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    I just have a question
    I wanna to automatically protects the following blocks:
    Wooden planks, the Stone brick and the Cobblestone
    But i don't know how to configure it :(
    Can anyone help me?
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    hey,dude,update it to 1597 i cant use it if its not updated,it keeps saying error in the cmd console thingy whenever someone places a block
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    I have a problem. After I import the flat file it asks me for a world name. I type in my level name (world) and then it crashes with this message:
    Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException
    at me.cvenomz.OwnBlocksDatabaseConverter.OBDBConvert.addToDatabase(
    at me.cvenomz.OwnBlocksDatabaseConverter.OBDBConvert.main(
    I need some help...
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    This plugin is outdated. . . Try out PreciousStones
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    Ownblocks is running perfectly fine on our 1.1 R1 server just updated today to the latest versions of bukkit.
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    I was just stating that this plugin would very lowly have a chance of being updated anytime soon and he was getting an error. . . So I recommended an alternative.
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    this plugin will go nuts and slow down your server after few months.
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    Not sure why you mention or you are having issues with this plugin having any general performance issues on your server. We have been running ( still are) this for about 5 months on our server with zero issues of performance decrease. What is your server specs and how are you using the mysql version of it? Seems you could be limiting yourself there.
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    idk whats going on but when ever i place blocks down i get alot of errors from this? is that normal ?
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    Post the errors maybe? :p
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    I will use this plugin if you add command that allow players to allow their friend to destroy their blocks, and remove then of course.
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    Sooo, will this plugin be updated for R5 or what?? They say big changes
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    Hey, could you update the plugin? ;)
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    $25 paypal to anyone that will fix this!!! PM ME!
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    UPDATE I BEG YOU!!!!:(
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    Please launch the version for 1.2.3! Thanks
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    Please please update! I really need this plugin.
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    I second the $25 donation. If I knew more about java I'd do it myself. How much of the code actually needs changing?

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