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    OwnBlocksX - (OwnBlocks eXtended)
    Version: v0.2.3

    OwnBlocksX is a branch off the original OwnBlocks plugin. OwnBlocksX is intended to add support for many features which may not be suitable for the original plugin. Such features include MySQL support (completed), iConomy 5 support (completed), and group project support (in progress).

    See original plugin thread for more information

    • Blocks you place cannot be broken by others
    • Ability to exclude certain blocks from being protected
    • Support for Permissions AND non-Permissions servers
    • Add (pre-placed) blocks to the database manually
    Notable Changes:

    -MySQL is now required
    -If you are migrating from OwnBlocks, you will need to convert your database unless you are starting fresh. Here is a helpful link
    -Permissions nodes are now OwnBlocksX.* (note the X)
    -toggle command is now /obx or /ownblocksx
    -New configuration file name and path
    -If you are upgrading from the test builds (OwnBlocksMySQL) then you need to rename your database table from OwnBlocks to OwnBlocksX.If you are using MySQL, the command is:
    "RENAME TABLE OwnBlocks TO OwnBlocksX"

    Download OwnBlocksX v0.2.3
    Source Code
    OwnBlocks is released under the WTFPL License.

    Other Notes:
    If you are having problems, you may need to have the MySQL JDBC driver installed

    Config File Options:
    Please note that at any time you may move/rename/delete you config file, and restart your server to produce the example/default config file with these options pre-filled along with descriptions. Also remember that lines preceded by a '#' are comments, and are ignored.

    host - enter the MySQL database host. 'localhost' unless you are running the database on a separate server
    databaseName - name of the MySQL database you will use on the MySQL server
    username - the MySQL user with which OwnBlocksX will authenticate with the MySQL database
    password - password for the MySQL user
    exclude - enter comma separated integers of block-ids you wish to exclude from being protected and entered into the database. An example would be to enter the block-id for saplings, so planted trees do not have a single log at the bottom that is protected when a tree is harvested by another player.
    iConomy - enter an integer greater than '0' (zero) to enable. The number entered becomes the 'Basic Rate' at which players are charged to place protected blocks. Players will not be able to place blocks if they have insufficient funds.
    debug - If you are experiencing errors, and want to post them here to resolve them, or just want to spam your server log with information, set debug equal to 'true'
    status-message - Set this to 'disable' to not receive the message "[Username] - OwnBlocks is now activated for you....". Set this to 'simple' to receive a simple "OwnBlocks activated/deactivated" instead. Lastly, set this to 'disable' to disable messages entirely. Now that I think of it, disabling status-messages seems like a really bad idea......but the choice is yours.
    info-id - Enter the integer representing the ID of the material or tool you would like to use as your "information tool" which will display the Owner of a block you right click with specified tool. Default is 269, which is the wooden shovel.
    add-id - Enter the integer representing the ID of the material or tool you would like to use as your "add tool" which will add the block you left click with the tool to the database. Default is 268, which is the wooden sword.
    enabled-on-login - True means that OwnBlocks is automatically activated for every player as soon as they log in. False means that OwnBlocks must be activated manually by each player when they want to start building protected blocks.

    Permissions Nodes:
    You will need to add these nodes to your Permissions configurations if your server uses Permissions:
    'OwnBlocksX.ignoreOwnership' - Allows player to break blocks placed by others. This node is typically given to admins.
    'OwnBlocksX.use' - Allows a player to even use OwnBlocks. If you want everyone to be able to protect blocks with OwnBlocks, and assuming you have a "normal" Permissions configuration, then add this node to your "default" class.
    '' - Allows a player to use the info-tool to display who owns a protected block.
    'OwnBlocksX.add' - Allows a player to use the add-tool to add blocks to the database for protection.


    • Version 0.2.3 (8-7-2011)
      • Fixed another permissions bug (OwnBlocksX.ignoreOwnership) [Thanks MineJob!]
    • Version 0.2.2 (8-7-2011)
      • Fixed permissions bug (OwnBlocksX.use) [Thanks Worlther!]
    • Version 0.2.1 (8-3-2011)
      • Fixed bug where enable-on-login did not function
    • Version 0.2 (7-15-2011)
      • Implemented MySQL connection timeout workaround [Thanks ghost15!]
      • Moved tracking of enabled/disabled players to MySQL
    • Version 0.1.1 (7-11-2011)
      • Added message when player tries to break block not owned by them
    • Version 0.1 (7-10-2011)
      • Initial release
      • Added MySQL support
      • Added iConomy 5 support
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    Oh, lol, by using the asterisks I meant that you were supposed to *insert your info here*. But I guess I could have been more clear about that. Thanks for clearing that up
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    I tried using MySQL but failed... regular ownblocks is better! Plus I'd rather type /ob than /obx(cause I'm lazy).
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    I get this error while im reloading plugins. It's nothing serious, but i'm dont like SEVERE errors :)
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    some players can still destroy my blocks even if i use /obx.. i didn't put any permissions ignore..
  7. i got a question , i dont know anything about the permission and that stuff , my permission file is even empty (permissions.yml) , :confused: , and i only us the op.txt file , but sins my friends cant seem to place block everywhere but i can as op i would like to disable the ignore for OPs so i can make us all OP , how do i do it easily ? , ( remove "OwnBlocksX.ignoreOwnership" from OP )
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    Umm Does it Have To Be Mysql? Or can it be McMyAdmin Or Regular Bukkit/Permissions?
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    can you add a command that lets others destroy your blocks that you place so you can build together???
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    hey I got a question, if I used the pluggion on a map, and the I don't want to use the plugin anymore, do i have to erase the map and the plugin, or just removing the plugin will deasble its function on the map?

    srry for the bad english btw :oops:
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    hey ,I get a error when i try to use this plugin i get a error
    if you can see on the picture. i dont know how to use MySQL
    (the idea looks very nice )
    srry for my bad english i'm from holland :p

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    MySQL is for the database backend
    When you disable the plugin, nothing bad will happen to the world. Disabling the plugin just removes the protection on each block, the map will remain untouched
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    thx for answering my questiong, but I actually made a mistake posting it here, I'm using the ownblocks v.10(the old one) and I don't know why but even thoug I already deleted the plugin it looks like is still working on the map and deleting the whole map and starta a new not an option, does the old ownblocks had this bug or am I the only one with this problem?
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    King Pyro

    no idea if you still work on this plugin but i have a suggestion for a future feature. What if have a selection tool and be able to protect a cuboid (neglecting air ofc) just a thought because i have big buildings....and its kinda a pain to have to hit each block with a woodensword. Anyway just a suggestions let me know what you think about it
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    I appear to have a successful install of OwnBlocksX. When I add a block using the add-tool, I get a message stating it was added. If I use the info-tool on the same block, it says "Block Not Owned." Any idea what is causing this and what I can do to correct it?

    Thank you in advance.
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    i cant get work ownblockx, i put perrmision but always get internal error, but ownblock i can get it work ...
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    Our DB is around 35 megs now and its still working great. Hopefully we won't be getting the mean block lag like the flatfile version got around 30megs. Keep up the good work.
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    Okay! I finally upgraded to OBX from regular OB cause I had no clue how to do MySQL. Well if anyone has no freaking clue and is a complete noob like me lol. This video REALLY, REALLY, REALLY helped me!! Enjoy! Also love the plugin! Favorite anti grief plugin :)
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    On my server, OwnblocksX saves dirt too, and i have excluded them: exclude=03,12,18,6
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    realy needs the ability to add freinds to build with you like /ob playername
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    I will donate the 20 bucks soon, can you fix that the plugins does upload every 120 secounds or somthing to the db?

    It lags massiv :/
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    u need to make i tut on how to set this up now i have no clue what mysql or the other thing is i liked it when it was a localdateabase
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    Can anybody help me?
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    King Pyro

    just reposting my question....
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    Can admin and mod destry block?
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    IOn Vash

    Can you try to fix the lag issue? Every time someone places or breaks a block the whole server laggs. And its getting to the point that its making the server unplayable.
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    great job this slows down most of the griefers on my server, thnx!
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    Could you add like a /obx addfriend <playername> so people can build together :D
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    how are the commando ??
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    Have you considered using prepared statements in the plugin? Might make the queries perform faster, which means less lag.
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    pleas update :rolleyes:

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