Inactive [SEC/Admn]IpLock -- passwordprotect or mark playernames, linked to an ip, as safe[V 0.5][1.3.2]

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    Hello! Sorry for my english...

    This plug is very cool but when I quit or reload the server i have error message.
    I think that it is due has the version of my server (craftbukkit-1.2.4-R0.1-20120326.220450-22.jar):

    02:55:47 [INFO] [IpLock] Disabling IpLock v0.4
    02:55:47 [SEVERE] Error occurred while disabling IpLock v0.4 (Is it up to date?)
            at iplock.iplock.onDisable(
            at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.disablePlugin(SimplePluginManag
            at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.disablePlugins(SimplePluginMana
            at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.disablePlugins(
            at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.stop(
    and impossible has to put on the command: /lockip
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    I would like to make some suggestions.

    1. If you are not registered and try to use commands or talk it should tell you that you need to register with the /setpassword command instead of telling you that you need to login.

    2. If possible make it so that default chat is froze until you register. Because sometimes when a player first joins my server the chat spam is just so much that they miss the message about registering and they cant read the signs with a login guide in front of them because of all the chat in the way.
  3. I will look into that.
    it is not because of your version of bukkit. It is a little bug in my code. It is no real harm, but it will be fixed in next update.

    The only thing required is a working brain:p

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  4. Hi friend, I congratulate you on your work, it's really nice. But I have a question. Why when my new users try logging of it is not possible? This is the message: An Internal error ocurred while attempting to perform this command.
    Thanks by all.

    And excuse my bad english. I'm waiting a new update.
  5. The new people need to use /setpassword first then they can log in.
    This version has (as far as I know) no problems with 1.2.4
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    I have a problem normal user haven't the permisson for /lockip but there are no permissons right? waht can i do? or what i do wrong?
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    Is this still being worked on?
  8. I try to find the cause of the problem.
    I am still working on this. However I was developing a new plugin this week. It is called ModReq. I will post it on bukkit tomorrow. It is over 500 lines of code so I could not spend a lot of time on IpLock.
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    Can you add this to Bukkit dev? I use CButD (CraftBukkit up to date) and in order to auto update the file needs to be on Bukkit dev.
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    Hi, great plugin. Thnx for making it. Two things: I also get the error when stopping my server (1.2.4) and I have some users that logged on with credentials of other people, so any idea when the /clearpassword option is activated (now: down server, manualy change the yml, up server... my users get a bit irritated with that.)
  11. You don't have to down the server, you can edit the file, then reload the server. I will update in the near future
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    Eh reloads cause issues on some servers. I get alot of problems when I do a reload so I also do the shut down method.

    So please update :(
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    It worked fine for me, but now I got some errors in my console.
    I'm using version 0.4, and the RB of Craftbukkit (Don't know the build number).
    This is the error (Read from the last sentence upwards, this is from the Multicraft Control Panel):

  14. You first need to set a password before you can login
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    Hey I love this, but i was wondering if you could tell me an encripton key used. besides it is my server, i should be able to know the passwords
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    Lol before I just wanted to make sure it didn't need MySql or H2 something like that. (BTW what is H2 is that Hamachi2?)
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    Bro, the plugin is lovely. However it doesnt work with Industrialcraft mod. For some reason Industrialcraft machines dont work when the plugin is running. please can you check it out...thanks
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    Can you add a feature the prompts them to use /setpassword to register?
    Can you also prompt them about /login and /safeip after registering
  19. I don't know how mods work D:
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    are there permissions for this plugin
    i'd like to use them
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    Hmm... I appear to have found a minor issue. It throws an NPE upon server shutdown:

    2012-04-11 15:00:31 [INFO] [IpLock] Disabling IpLock v0.4
    2012-04-11 15:00:31 [SEVERE] Error occurred while disabling IpLock v0.4 (Is it up to date?)
        at iplock.iplock.onDisable(
        at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.disablePlugin(
        at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.disablePlugins(
        at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.disablePlugins(
        at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.stop(
    Running the last RB: Build 2149
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    I have the same error.
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    I've got a translation for you! It's in german.

    Bug report:
    When I'm reloading the server (/reload) the console shows a error. Can you fix this, please? Here's the error: ONLY if I reload the server. Not if I start it.

    It's possible to use /setpassword xx even when you already got a password. Can you add that you have to enter your current password if you want to change it? For example "player1" got password "cool32" and want a new password "cool329". If he want to change it he have to enter so nobody can change your password:

    /setpassword cool32 cool329

    or ( clearly )

    /changepassword cool32 cool329

    If the current password is wrong -> kick


    BugReport - Looks like more then me got this error.

    Suggestion - Fail! If you aren't loged in you can't even use those commands.
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    Update please. Also would it be possible for you to post your source because I have a staff member working for me that can do plugins.
  25. I am working on a BIG update. It will include most of the functions you all requested.
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    Nice plugin dude ;)
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    i have a problem with all the login plugins, when i make a password then try to login its says /login password all the time and i'm typing in the right password. could anyone help me?
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    HI, I LOVE <3 this plugin! but it needs a config file and a way to have CUSTOM colores (&1, &2, Ect.)

    I love THIN SO MUCH! On my server the password is your username (i like that in a config, being default)

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    How do you make this so only certain players have to login like just admins?
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    I have this problem to also if the server is restarted, shutdown, or reloaded with "/reload" the plugin ignores the fact that a player has safeip set.

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