[SEC/ADMN] CoreProtect v2.0 - Fast Block Logging / Rollbacks / Now With Chest Rollbacks [BukkitDev]

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    I lOooove this plugin sooo much!!! Ty for making this!

    I think this plugin out beats all other plugins like this.
    Ex: LogBlock

    U deserve a big COOKIE
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    1. I recommend using the default file-based storage.
    2. Maybe. I'll look into the possibility. To note, you can type just "/co i".
    3. The BukkitDev link is http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/coreprotect/
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    get the dev build of bukkit, it's fully working :)

    or make it like worldguard's //wand or logblock and hawkeye's tool command, /lb tool, /he tool.. it gives u the tool (and selects it, by moving your stuff in your inventory, putting the tool in slot 1, if inventory isn't full)

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    No MySQL requirement.. awesome :)
    Is there no command to search through the log, or am I missing something?
    Also, a teleporting command would be great ;)
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    often when a player finds a griefed area, they're at the spot so you can use /tp <playername> as OP
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    How to find out who placed the block? I know how to find out who removed by typing "/co i" but how to find out who placed?????
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    When with version 1.31, My console gets spammed with all these errors after like 5 minutes in-game! it also blocks commands! is there some way if you can update to version 1.32, and can you fix this bug?! it will be greatly gelpful as i really like this plugin!
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    With "/co i" enabled, left click on the side of a block.

    What errors? I'm using 1.31 actively on a public server and it works fine.
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    My console gets spammed for some reason, i don't know why?! might be because of rollback, and then my comtuper freezes,but then when i remove the plugin is works fine. maybe the config or something.
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    Hey i was just wondering about something that is wrong and, CAN ANYONE HELP ME, the essentials plugin doesnt let u spawn items with too many items, how can u fix that? i have a problem becuase i like to just play minecraft, but i hate typing, and UGH IM TYPING ALOT
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    Im having a problem with this plugin. As soon as a single player joins the server i get 100% CPU usage. The issue is sorted by removing this plugin

    Im using plugins: Backup, DispNameChange, Essentials, Excavate, WorldEdit.

    Is there anything to do that will make this easier to replicate?
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    The CPU usage goes up to 100% and stays at 100%?

    Edit: Can you try setting "pistons: false" in the configuration file and seeing if it makes a difference?
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    Intelli that appears to sort out the problem :) By the way do you have an IRC or IM chat i can talk to you in?
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    my console is getting spammed with this error,
    Got an exception when breaking a block!
    Can you please fix this, or is it a plugin interaction with it?
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    Skype is "".

    Is there any other information with the error?
    Are you using the latest RB of CraftBukkit? What version of CoreProtect are you using?
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    Im using the lastest Recomand build, and im using 1.31 core
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    i have been looking for one of these rollback plugins for ages but all of the updated ones seem to use mySQL (i dont have one :() but this doesnt need it and i love you for that :D also i like how its updated cant seem to find any errors but i have 1 Question (little error i think) When i rollback one of my users and if they have destroyed a Chest all the items and the chest itself dont get put back :( it would be awesome (well "more" awesome) if you could make it so it does replace it but i do have LWC so no one can get to the chests :rolleyes: but it still would be awesome thanks anyway for the plugin :)

    p.s I still love you :p

    EDIT: this is sooooo good i want to make a vid on youtube for a tut and everything so ill give you a link for that when i upload it :D
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    CoreProtect Version 1.32

    • Changed cache to include data for all blocks, not just liquid flow.
    • Made it so block placement updates the cache immediately.
    • Made it so data pulled during block lookups is cached.
    • Made it so doing block placement lookups always attempts to pull from the cache first.
    • Added a separate cache for piston tracking.
    • Made it so duplicate data within a 30 second period for piston tracking is not logged.
    This update addresses a performance issue that was present with Piston tracking. Previously, if redstone was set in a loop to move pistons around, it would constantly log data, impacting server performance. This update resolves that issue.

    CoreProtect Version 1.32b (Still shows as v1.32)
    • Minor tweaks with cache disposal. Should prevent errors displaying during rollbacks.
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    Hi, just wanted to say that your plugin is so freaking awesome and lightweight and very easy to understand :D keep up the good work.

    Madminer12, just a member :)
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    Great plugin but one problem: My players redstone doesn't completely rollback.
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    Great. This works great, and as promised, does not slow performance at all. I love how this plugin is easy to use (doesn't have 9000+ commands that no one uses). Thank you so much for making this!
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    CoreProtect Version 1.33
    • Fixed an issue with caching where it could go into an infinite loop and use 100% of your CPU.
    • Added it so blocks restored during rollbacks are immediately cached.
    • Fixed MySQL injection vulnerability when logging sign text.
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    omg i am using it now, lightweight and fast rollbacking, amazing !
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    Excellent plugin man, keep it up!
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    [SEVERE] Got an exception when breaking a block!

    After updating craftbukkit to the latest recommended build and coreprotect to latest version, this error pops up when playing. I do not know what it means but it goes away when i remove core protect from plugin list.

    Also, is there anyway to track and rollback worldedit changes? i had to scrap a map because one of the admins misplaced a point when using //set, so now the entire town is destroyed. Normally we could do //undo, but the lag caused the server to crash and we lost the ability to //undo...
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    Does your console get spammed with that error? What is the full error / does it provide any other information?

    In regards to WorldEdit, we won't be adding support for third party plugins until we switch over to the new mcAPI.
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    I dont understand how to rollback someting
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    Exact console output while server is running:

    11:33:27 [SEVERE] Got an exception when breaking a block!
    11:33:27 [SEVERE] null
    11:33:51 [SEVERE] Got an exception when breaking a block!
    11:33:51 [SEVERE] null
    11:33:52 [SEVERE] Got an exception when breaking a block!
    11:33:52 [SEVERE] null
    11:34:05 [SEVERE] Got an exception when breaking a block!
    11:34:05 [SEVERE] null
    11:34:09 [SEVERE] Got an exception when breaking a block!
    11:34:09 [SEVERE] null
    11:34:16 [SEVERE] Got an exception when breaking a block!
    11:34:16 [SEVERE] null
    11:34:16 [SEVERE] Got an exception when breaking a block!
    11:34:16 [SEVERE] null

    keeps on repeating... idk if its because of the new version of coreprotect or if its because of the new version of craftbukkit not being compatible with coreprotect...

    I am going to do more testing later, but i know if goes away when removing coreprotect from the plugin directory.

    Ok now, I upgraded craftbukkit to the highest dev release available and made sure i had the latest coreprotect and it took a few minutes but i finally got some more:

    11:45:51 [SEVERE] Got an exception when breaking a block!
    11:45:51 [SEVERE] null
    11:45:55 [SEVERE] Got an exception when breaking a block!
    11:45:55 [SEVERE] null
    11:46:11 [SEVERE] Got an exception when breaking a block!
    11:46:11 [SEVERE] null
    11:46:39 [SEVERE] Got an exception when breaking a block!
    11:46:39 [SEVERE] null
    11:46:45 [SEVERE] Got an exception when breaking a block!
    11:46:45 [SEVERE] null

    I think it has to do with something in the area where i am flying around... maybe redstone/waterflow/lava or some other block that's changing.

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    Please try using this version - it should output more data with the error message.

    If you could post the error that you get with this version, it would be appreciated.
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    I get this (not a big deal) error alot.

    (insert random number) [SERVERE] null

    all the time xD any fix :)?

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