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    Are you saying your server only has 1GB of memory and you have Minecraft set to use up to 1.5GB, or do you mean something else? And yes, it's an issue with your server running out of memory - probably because both Dynmap and CoreProtect use memory (all plugins do) in addition to your base Bukkit server.
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    No my Minecraft is set to 1GB and my server is set to 1.5GB. CoreProtect is the only I had problems with because all of my other plugins work fine. I want to use this plugin but not have this problem. Can Core be set to use less memory?
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    According to your previous post, Minecraft is set to use 1.5GB (-Xmx1.5GB)
    How much memory does your computer have? Are you renting from somewhere, or running from your home computer?

    CoreProtect doesn't use that much memory - it's just more active, and therefore the first plugin that'll report memory issues when all your memory is being used up.

    Try changing "-Xmx1.5GB" to "-Xmx1G" and see if that fixes it.
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    No I said minecraft is using 1GB! Not 1.5GB!!! My server is using 1.5GB! Is dynmap taking up all the memory too? Because its live data?
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    Possible Ideas for the future:

    Web interface
    Make it so that all history is displayed by default left and right click.
    Make flat files use less data with ie: #water.
    Bind '/co i' to the tool you are holding when the command is typed.
    Put this on BukkitDev!
    Make it compatible with more plugins.

    Just some things I'd like to see, hope you read!
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    Hello. Everytime I try to do a rollback, i get this "error" --> "another Rollback or Restore is currently in progress".
    How can I fix this? Please help!
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    CoreProtect v1.42
    • Fixed it so global rollbacks are once again functional.
    • Made it so "noisy-default" is by default set to "true" for newly generated configuration files.

    In addition, if I could get some feedback regarding noisy-default, that would be great. Do you guys prefer having noisy-default enabled or disabled?
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    Off topic: No body will be your "coder" if you ask like that.

    On topic: Good joob Intelli! It seems that the three great logging plugins have come and gone, and left us with Guardian. Since Guardian sucks a load of donk and was abandoned by all three authors... We have new logging plugins emerging from the depths. It's a great sight to see after so many months of LB/HE dominating the logging world. I will probably port to this after my LB breaks :(. See you on the dark side Intelli >:-D
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    Is running MySQL the best bet for servers with a lot of changes (10k+ changes across 5 worlds)? I dunno what the flat file format is, I'm just going from LogBlock experience.

    I'm not sure if it's related either, but I seem to be getting a lot of out of memory issues with Core Protect, though I update my own core plugins with new features, so that could be doing it as well.
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    Faster servers tend to do better with flat file (CoreProtect uses a low-level DB), slower servers seem to do better with MySQL.

    For out of memory errors, assign less memory to Minecraft in the java startup variables - you need to leave enough memory for your computer to function properly.
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    It's hosted, I don't really have control over that. Again, I'm just shooting in the dark right now, apparently something I recently updated has a massive issue with holding too much memory (it's causing the garbage collector to error out).
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    hmm... so, lets say i wanted to rollback the entire events of a hunger games arena. yeah, one just as big as Machinima's. would this plugin be able to handle it? or rather, would my server with this plugin be able to handle it? (in general.) and yes, my server is a pretty damn stong, non-laggy-in-the-slightest kind of server​
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    Sure, it should work fine.
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    This is amazing!!!!!

    Every server should have this the fact that MYsql is optional is the best thing ever I have been waiting ages for this thanks! GET THIS NOW!!!! (Im not using Mysql and it works fine!)

    Thank you So Much!!!!:D
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    This has helped me in so many cases of griefing..Thanks so much!! :)
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    Well I tested this out as a possible replacment for LogBlock, but sadly it isn't not compatible with tekkit (industrialcraft) like the information states. It does not roll back pipes like it should and creates the null error pipe which is item 166 when replacing them just like logblock does. Also this plugin doesn't seem to have any way to ignore blocks I don't want rolled back.
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    Hey can you view what people took from a chest? if u cant then canu add it!
  18. Hey Intelli, I got the MySQL Database working fully. but I have been getting errors in the console. This is what I get.

    I have the Databse on my server here is hosted, So It's a local host. Anything wrong the plugin or it's a actual connection error. Please let me/us know.
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    What version of CoreProtect are you using?
  20. 1.42
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    Is it possible to give just the command /co rollback #creeper (w.e they want) to players without access to the other commands?
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    could you possibly add logging my IP? Great plugin :] I like it a lot better over LogBlock and this along with Grief Alert is a good combo.
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    Awesome! Just what my server needs!​
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    Little suggestion:
    Let's say someone (PlayerA) built a house, and someone is griefing it (PlayerX), maybe a feature where a message will be broadcast to admins saying "PlayerX has broken a high number of blocks owned by PlayerA, are they griefing?"
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    I used this. It is either messed up, or not good...Its perfect, I mean PERFECT when i am rolling back a person that hasn't done much. But when i get attacked by a group of griefers, it messes up and skips a lot of the grief. I try to rollback the rest, but it doesn't do anything. Even if i try a global rollback it does nothing. Water is the biggest issue. Sometimes it will remove water, but it usually leaves water there. I have tried rolling back the person who placed it, and rolling back globally. Sometimes it won't tell me who placed water/lava. Is it because im not using mysql?
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    Hey, this plugin has royally screwed up my world, here is a picture of just one section, [​IMG]

    A player who i had trusted for a while who built and removed stuff for a period, who recently was found to not be trusted, had done a lot of work around the server, i rolled him back after banning him, and these are the results.

    Could you please, please please, add a /rollback undo command? Rolling back the world globally does nothing, so i'm completely screwed now, and i've also discovered from reading some of the comments that this plugin is also the cause of nearly every crash that happens.

    This has not just screwed up my world, it has broken it, and has shut-down my server, i do not recommend this plugin to anyone, it does not include any undo's. if you screw up at all, there is no fix.
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    Is it possible to check who stole items from a chest with this plugin?
    For i.e.
    12:12 - Player Jhwx took 5 Diamond
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    Okay... first of all, make backups of your worlds DAILY. Secondly, that's the first time I hear about any issues with this plugin. I can't say that I know much about how this works, but you might wanna check whether you have full access to the database you're accessing for CoreProtect. I had this issue with a different logging plugin.
    Breaking a world means that you cannot load it anymore. If that really happened, there is a tool called chunkster that saved my life several times.
    There IS an undo function which also saved me several times now and worked just fine for me.
    And finally, I guess your goal with not recommending the plugins was not to support it. However, what you did is boosting its popularity by adding more content to the thread that can be indexed by Google and other search engines.

    How to improve your situation and prevent stuff like that from happening:
    - make backups
    - in case your world is broken, look for chunkster
    - read about the undo function
    - and maybe wait for someone who knows more than me about this plugin to try and recreate the error and possibly fix it.

    .:/\:. Yord
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    /co restore
    Please look in to all the commands before you go crazy.
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    lol at the above >.<

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