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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by ShockEpic, Mar 28, 2013.

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    - As of about a month ago, my journey began learning Java. It started out with the reading of a 820 page, "Java for Dummies" tutorial book, and continued with the finishing of thenewboston's video tutorials. Having had an interest in Minecraft, my interest sparked in Bukkit plugin developing, but there was no where for me to start. Trust me, I have roamed YouTube for reliable tutorials, and searched the web for understandable entries, but have found none. The reason I created this post was to see if anyone out there would be either to; A) Teach me personally how to develop Minecraft plugins - or - B) Provide me with a sufficient link/tutorial on how to learn how to do so.

    Any, and all help is appreciated, so please do not be afraid to post below! :)

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    Search thebcbroz on youtube.
  3. the internet my friend, the internet.....

    edit: also take a look at betterphp's channel on youtube (thats the channel of jacek < bukkit staff, who makes tuts)
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    I think the best way to learn to develop plugins (with Java knowledge) is trying out.
    I started with the basic tutorial of bukkit to get the basics (onEnable, onDisable etc..) and then I took a look (or more ;) ) to the Javadocs.
    You can take a look to the useable methods for example of a Player object in Eclipse or in the Javadocs.
    The basics aren't very hard when you know the Java basics (or more).

    Another good way is to take a look to the sourcecode of small open source plugins. That could be very helpful when you need some tricks or tipps. For example for commands like /plugin commanda, /plugin commandb instead of /commanda and commandb.

    When you need help or have a problem write me a Skype message.
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